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Nene Moiw Jul 2014
my tear may be your smile,
my adventure may be your everyday mile

Over a teddy bear is for what she cried
But there is a war going on, on the other side

I am living life yet wearing black
feeling sorry for them countries under attack

My heart is a big as I can open it
And I will never forget how much your limits had made me grown from it

my loves and lights,
I keep you inside
for when its my time to get through the day,
I remember the time you tried.

Jul 2014 · 243
Nene Moiw Jul 2014
I look at them
I look at how his eyes concentrate on her lips,
to kiss

I look at her
I look at how her mouth opens for her last exhale
before they kiss

I look at love
I look at their innocence being taken away,
after a kiss

It opened my eyes
I open my eyes regretting how beautiful it can be,
a kiss

Jun 2014 · 199
give life a kiss
Nene Moiw Jun 2014
give life a kiss
and it will feel that you are alive
give life a kiss
maybe its your reason to be alive
give life a kiss
when its your time to say goodbye

Jun 2014 · 410
Nene Moiw Jun 2014
The urge to know
Is the urge to see
What will may
But mostly what will never be.

The urge of yesterday
Is afraid to see
What will be different today
But mostly how life will be.

Jun 2014 · 119
Nene Moiw Jun 2014
I have a heart
        & I have a soul, you know...

       If you think I am not good for you
               Don't even bother messing around with my life
       'cause you are making sure that
                There is going to be one less heart in the world.
for all times a suicide is being commit by bullying
for all the times we say & breath hatred to make the self rise..
#stop bullying# hurting others#
Jun 2014 · 354
He left me
Nene Moiw Jun 2014
He left me unkissed,
broken on the stairs,
running away,
this time no touching of my hair,

He left me unkissed,
dying from the inside,
now he found another,
the beginning of a new fight

ours was true, and meant be connected
but still you had the courage the left me uninfected...

Jun 2014 · 162
Nene Moiw Jun 2014
I am no wrong
I am no right
I just want you to understand my side

I am no different
I am no saint
I just handle things different ways

I am not Perfect
But I am HUMAN
So understand that we may have footprints in the past
that may lead us hand to hand

— The End —