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Nadia Gonzalez Aug 2016
You feel like you're drowning,
Somewhere along fainting and dying,
Like you're trying to scream and nothing but air comes out,
You can't focus on anyone or everything,
Feels like you're crawling out of your skin,
Just trying to find a way out.

They might confuse it for simply zoning out,
And it might just seem like a simple "zone out" sometimes
but you know deep inside what it is,
Its your dearest friend: anxiety
Its beng rude and simply attacking you,
but please say to yourself "it will pass, it will pass"
And usually, it does
Edited it because I wrote this because I was actually having a REALLY bad panic attack and I feltot was missing something
Nadia Gonzalez Aug 2016
I'm not okay
but I'm not broken either
I'm caught somewhere in between
Caught in the middle of the fall
just waiting for my ribs to shatter
all at once
and only
once at all.
Nadia Gonzalez Aug 2016
I'm trying to get in
because I think I might help
I know what you're going through
I've been there too
But if you don't open the doors
To let me in,
All I can do is stare
From the window
Watching you in so much pain,
Not doing a thing at all.

— The End —