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yuki Jul 2019
you praise
the vastness of the oceans
the cerulean, indigo,
and how fishes dance

how the sea whispers melodies
to keep you entranced
and you cannot help
but steal a glance

yet i think
of how deep the oceans go
i wonder why
all the boats away they row

what secrets the waves
try to crash and hide
and how many tears
will cause a high tide ?
i wish to
tell the truth
yuki Jul 2018
it breaks my heart to read
your broken poetry
the words you write they bleed
with sentimentality

sometimes you confuse me
with your duality
because you sing with glee
but write with agony

i know you cannot forget
for you love with intensity
yet remember i'll be here
to peruse your heart's ambiguity
yuki Nov 2017
oh the boy in yellow
little fragile fellow
dancing on top of the seats
of an empty music theater

he yearns to twirl on stage
and destroy the bars of his cage
voice so loud of joy today
he sang his heart away.
This is for the dreamers.
yuki Feb 2017
there are some days
when the absence of stars
turns the horizon into
a beautiful void

there are some days
when my ears deafen
not from brilliant supernovas
but the beating of my heart.
just a footnote,
i don't want to write about love. don't get me wrong, i love writing about it, i just don't 'want' to, maybe some time to time but  i realized i've been making metaphors, rhymes, and alike for the sake of writing about it. there are other things i'm interested in but i guess i'm just scared for the transition? i don't really know. i try to please my readers, i forget to please myself.
yuki Dec 2016
i hope one day
i could stop
staring at the stars
in your eyes

to look away
to finally look up
and see the whole universe
beyond my sight.
focusing on something too much may cause us to neglect and not see what else is out there.
yuki Dec 2016
i fall in a way
day to day
to the words
i fail to say

you are silent
but my dear
in heart, the words you say
i can vividly hear
all these quiet moments between us, i treasure so.
yuki Dec 2016
like a meteor
that falls to the earth
she fell

like a meteor
and it's small pieces
that scatter when it crashes

like the broken pieces
that lay on the ground
she was lost
she was broken
but the feeling of falling was all worth it.
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