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 Nov 2015 mûre
K Balachandran
Foaming sunlight makes love
                 with the tender purple leaves of mango trees,
light crafts a crust of luminescence,
                  over the profusion of yellow and blue blooms,
avenue trees vie with each other to  hold forth
                  their  flowers on sun's water fall of light to bath.

Evening doesn't show any sign of waning
                   the ebullience  the day had sowed in the world,
"ANANDA" though unspoken as a word, aloud
                    is heard by  inner being, making everyone rejoice,
living and nonliving seamlessly join in,
                    and swim in the swelling  waters of force of life.
past invisible floats gently to the present
                  flows towards a sea of tranquility crossing nights.
*According to Vedas, the ancient texts of India, "Ananda"(Happiness) is the true state of humanity.Pain and suffering is due to habits developed over time by mind."Satchitananda"(Eternalconsciousness bliss) is the experience of the absolute or "cosmic consciousness".
 Oct 2015 mûre
SG Holter
Angel wings around me.
Feathers in my face.
Pillow the size of Jupiter.
Sheets of silken seas on surfaces of
Worlds yet undiscovered.
I sleep loved.
 Oct 2015 mûre
K Balachandran
I feel the lubricious eloquence of fingers of love,all over
through  wind and waters, moonbeams from far heavens,
that alleviate my pain of separation, when I am left alone
in those caresses an unmistakable message I get,I sigh.

But you never acknowledge my presence not even once
do not even care to imply  that you've seen me by chance.

day and night for me makes no difference, blinded by love
I am shameless, want to hear your voice sonorous, everywhere
you play hide and seek with finesse,remain alien to my ears.

The sanctity of my love is there for all to see,a sparkling diamond,
but every sign indicates that you don't melt in my temperature
colts let loose, my words are buoyant,eager to come to you, touch

But confused by your signals they run helter-skelter
not knowing how to seek you, where to search for,
how would I phrase my love to you,that sears me every minute,
for eons, never fulfilled as you refuse to walk by me, with a smile

But you remain  my only love,pursue you, sure I would
the scent distinctive and the flower are one, no denying it.
 Jul 2015 mûre
 Jul 2015 mûre
"I cant even write"
she whispered.
"Don't", I said,
"You've already written
It all behind
sleeping lashes.
Come closer,
so I may read
from your eyes".
 Jul 2015 mûre
K Balachandran
A wish like a wild fire,
kept burning inside her heart,
she couldn't contain it any more,
so  whispered it to the heart of night,
fearing it would be forgotten easily
as the night advances to a destination unknown.

But the first golden ray of morning light, she gathered
was the sweet fulfillment she didn't know she sought all these days.
 Jul 2015 mûre
K Balachandran
Aren't you a flicker of light
I love to imagine, as real?
Yet another dream
in a midsummer night
not easy to distinguish,
for my mind that
refuses to accept any limit.
What is real? What is imagined?
More and more it is revealed as one and the same!
There are galaxies in your eyes.
On sleepless nights, I want to stare
Into the constellations in your iris,
And watch as the galaxies spin endlessly
With every breath, every smile, every heartbeat.
I can see, in your eyes
Every ocean, every sea, every body of water.
When you’re calm, they’re lazy rivers,
Gently flowing along.
But as you become passionate, the rivers
Turn into seas, the waves rocking me.

I wouldn’t mind being in space alone
Or being lost at sea,
If it meant I had a little part of you with me.
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