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do you sleep on your back

with your heart to the

sky, and your face to the


last night, i wondered

as the moon peeked through my window

and the night awoke,

i wondered with my heart to the

floor, and my

face pressed to the pillow.

when i was a baby,

my mother lied to the doctor,

yes, she's sleeping on her back,

but i would only sleep on my stomach.

but i turned out fine,


sometimes i lay out on my back,

and i can see my heart beating

in my stomach,

through the fabric of my shirt,

but i can't sleep.

is this what you feel like?

can you watch your chest rise

and fall?

when you cry,

do your tears make two tracks

from your eyes to your ears?

maybe you don't sleep on your back at all

maybe you turned out fine,

like me,

sleeping with your heart to the

floor, and your

face pressed to the pillow.

maybe you don't watch your heart beating,

or your chest rise and fall,

maybe you don't cry —

but i'd like to think you do.
My love for you came in on little cat feet
That is, to say, crashing in at top speed
Landing with no warning in the pit of my stomach
And leaving me gasping for breath
Even long after you have left
If the sun was dipped in ice for a moment,
It would not burn, but sing of the difference of self,
The disparate extreme, the broken yelp of a solar flare,
Muted by the soothing sojourn of iced light in layers.

Cover love in ice and it burns,
Voluptuous in its piercings,
In shocking bloom through the universe.
you are my guide towards the light
and I guess I'm yours too
 1d Molly
You hate me
Love is long forgotten now
Always and forever
Will you let me live?
I must move on and let you go

I can't escape the sound
Will it consume me?
Always ringing, so loud
Love is silenced
You won't hear me calling your name

You want to erase me
Love can be no more
Always, chase me away
Will you see that I can't return?
I must sit and watch while I burn

I am fading
Will I find my colors in the shade?
Always, my life is bleeding away
Love can't make things right
You can't find peace if you only know how to fight

You will make your way out
Love will find you
Always, I trust He will guide you
Will you let him?
I pray with all that I am, you do
(a song lyric)

i looked long upon the forest
and i beheld a tree
i handed it a smile
and it gave one back to me
it's the simple things in life i love
and me darlin'
so does she

i watched a herd of birds in dance
so expert in their glee
i bowed to them in wonder
and they curtsied back to me
it's the simple things in life i love
and me darlin'
so does she

she keeps my winters warm
and my summers always cool
autumn takes her blessed form
spring took me for her fool

i saw a tiny dog do handstands
and sing on bended knee
i clapped so joyous for him
that he sang a song for me
it's the simple things in life i love
and me darlin'
so does she

i felt a yearning heart so lovely
that struggled cross the sea
i whispered words of hope to it
as it beat inside of me
it's the simple things in life i love
and me darlin'
so does she
it seems so lonely
sitting up there
in the evening sky

as if it was
searching the heavens
for the other half
parting the mist

an oak tree
showing the way
is that the boy
i once was
standing on the lawn
waving as i drive
past the house

or just a shadow
from the wind
in the trees

the part of me
left behind
there is still
some time left
to spend in
our garden

we can tend the flowers
and plants together
in the dwindling sunlight
make them grow
well beyond our own time

so the earth
will not forget us
when we've gone
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