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Molly 2d
Remind me to look at you
when my Mary Janes have been worn through
and your Levi's don't fit quite like they used to.
When time and proximity have distorted our view
and our irises are a little less hued
and it seems we've exhausted every angle
of an eternity built for two,
remind me to look at you
like I did when your Levi's were new.
Molly Oct 8
Some aspire to
breeze-bent meadowgrass
and cattail lullabies,
but are destined for
gravel under tires
and snow on the
All things considered,
I don't mind the cold.
Not every plan works out.
Thank goodness :)
Molly Sep 27
Stratus melts into the dunes
like they've never been apart --
a sugarcoated monochrome,
a love awash in early morning haze.
Molly Sep 24
All systems froze
on the final inhale,
and frost filled in the gaps,
seeping, noiseless,
through the cracks
of a body now coursing
with the frigid inertia
of another November
come and gone,
leaving behind little more
than a spire of
crumbling birch bark
and a trail of frozen sap.
Randomly generated words:
system, inhale, crack, course, sap
Molly Sep 23
Dying embers send the last
of their flares up into the black
while we sit alongside and pray
that rescue never comes.
Molly Sep 23
Linger long enough
and I'll join you under
the sagging porch roof,
beneath a night that
whispers softly
to fill the hours before
daylight wanders in
for the morning shift.
I'll rock myself to sleep
in the old bentwood,
and you'll drift off, too,
before Orion has a chance
to say hello
or goodnight,
but he won't hold it against you.
And I'll be gone when you wake up,
but linger long enough
and I may just come back again
to sit for a spell
beneath the universe,
on top of the world,
in the old bentwood.
Not entirely sure who or what "I" is. I guess I'll leave that up to you.
Molly Sep 20
The sky is falling
head over heels
for a world that doesn't
bother looking up.
Meant for this to be longer, but I'm not sure it really needs to be...
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