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Molly Mar 2020
A love-lit bolt has run us through --
now less can never suffice.
So we wander in vain
through mist, through rain
for chance that it might strike twice.
Does anyone remember when this site had that little lightning bolt that would turn yellow when you had new notifications? I miss that thing.
Molly Mar 2020
Uncertainty wears combat boots
for what might lie ahead,
dressed to **** the coming thrill
and opt for something sure instead.

Ready to face the feasible,
the imaginable fall,
uncertainty wears combat boots
while elation wears nothing at all.
Molly Mar 2020
An existence quantified
in lowered eyes and
upside down pirouettes,
sighing with the stars
and dreaming of the hours
when gravity was forgiving
and the universe was
firmly right-side up.
Molly Feb 2020
Thunder falls silent, and none too soon,
before an empty throne --
a once-great beast
ere final feast
now sovereign of vapor and bone.
For the conquerors. Chin up -- this too shall pass.
Molly Feb 2020
The earth packs tight between the treads
as needles break beneath,
while arches wander
ever fonder
of the rush their steps bequeath.
To a friend who's got a soft spot for rhyme schemes and morning hikes.
Molly Oct 2019
We remember what it sounds like --
euphoria hot off the wire,
a whisper down a twisted spine,
a barrage of internal cannon fire.
An epidermal power surge,
a taste of commotion worth living for.
We remember what it sounds like --
we just don't hear it anymore.
Ever wish you could erase a song from your brain so you could hear it again for the first time?
Molly Oct 2019
Remind me to look at you
when my Mary Janes have been worn through
and your Levi's don't fit quite like they used to.
When time and proximity have distorted our view
and our irises are a little less hued
and it seems we've exhausted every angle
of an eternity built for two,
remind me to look at you
like I did when your Levi's were new.
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