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 May 5 Mims
Juul Thief
When strip clubs open back up, tipping a gal to take her mask off might cost more than 30 minutes in the VIP section.

Seeing a chick's nostrils in 2020 would be hotter than seeing her nips.

Masks are like yoga pants for the face. You can see the outline of the nose so clearly. It doesn't give the imagination anything left to work with. You might as well walk around with your nose hanging out.
 Mar 31 Mims
 Mar 31 Mims
a cage

to keep
you out,

to keep
you in.
It’s time to stop
Pressing my face against mirrors
And judging each and every pore.

It’s time to stop
******* in my pulpy cheeks
Like I did when I was a young teen
To see what my round face would look like
If they shrank.

It’s time to stop
Doing exercises I find
On the Internet
That falsely promise to make
My ******* the same size.

It’s time to stop
Holding my stomach fat
In my hands
And picturing my body without it.

It’s time to stop
Sitting on the edge of my bed
And looking down at my thighs,
And moving them
To watch the disappointing jiggle.

It’s time to stop
Wearing men’s clothes
In order to hide as many curves
In my body
As I can.

It’s time to stop
Trying to change
Because I want to earn love.

It’s time to stop
Hurting myself
Trying to become beautiful,
Because I’m the only person
Who I can count on
To be truly kind to my body.

It’s time to stop
Doing things
I know are bad for me.
 Feb 29 Mims
Situated between the stars
A room filled with stardust  
Fingertips caressing stars
Hands gripping constellations
You’re a galaxy inside a vessel
Im still wishing I could learn everything about your universe
Saudade: feeling of longing for something that you love and which is lost.
the first girl i kissed
i first broke her heart
as a friend, i stopped
talking to her after being
besties for years after she
got her first boyfriend, which
sounds awfully possessive, but
then again, which relationships
aren't, really? it was the day she
got dumped, when this guy
had started some stupid
school-yard chant that
was designed and very
effective at humiliating
her, on the last day
of school, 1980, i didn't
defend her, i stayed silent
not out of cowardice, but
worse out of petty spite.

she was quick
to forgive me though
maybe it was the urgency
of her departure, at an age
where we'd learned that
those things meant
the end of all things
related to each other,
by that time we'd all
seen even the closest
of friends disappear off
into the aether, tim gone
to houston, ronan back
home to belfast, etc.,
we knew what
forever meant
in this context.

she was moving
away to BC, might as
well have been to Pluto,
and sitting on her front
steps more like young
children than we were turning
out to be, and from a mechanical
and purely sterile, objective viewpoint
the kiss was an absolutely horrendous
mess, and still yet it held such an incredible
sweetness in it, a first clumsy searching
and stretching, a yearning and
succeeding, at being closer to a
person in a brand-new way
than ever before somehow.

i never kissed her again,
i never saw her again
after that last day, and
thinking of that fact still
after all these long years
makes me a wee bit sad,
but much, much more
filled with a sort of
remote & far-off
kind of joy.
13 - big star
 Feb 26 Mims
i loved you
from the bottom
of my hollow

i loved you
from the bottom
of my ice cold

i loved you
from the bottom
of my ravished with trauma

i loved you
with every
fiber of my beating

i do not love you anymore

how could i?
 Feb 20 Mims
Anonymous Freak
His mouth opens slightly
Releasing smoke
From the big cigar
To float away
Silhouetted by the small town lights.
Windows rolled down
We shiver against the winter air
Blasting into the car,
Puffing cigars
And holding hands.
From series Phone Files
 Feb 20 Mims
Midnight Rain
I hear voices singing in the name i left behind for you to wear,

sickly sweet voices stuck in throats so rotten, come running after you, dragging your feet into the ocean.

i would join in the depths but i’m running out of breath, i’ve seen so much of death, i’m afraid i might be next.

i swear, i swear my love, I am no traitor, but since my very birth they’ve doomed me for something greater.
and i’ve learned to run from everything that trembles these bones —i swear, i swear my love, i’ve never known the feeling of coming home.

—sirens are singing the song of my prophecy, i don’t dare turn around this time, forgive me.
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