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miniyollo Apr 2021
She walked down the aisle,
In a beautiful white gown just like her smile,
Her hair in a bun
with a crown just like Eve,
Her lips without a smudge,
Her cheeks rosed pink
And her eyes in tears.
She made her vows with the one in her eyes,
But her throbbing heart
Knew she lied.
Since childhood, the angel thought
This day was the best.
Only to realize,
It wasn't the day,
But the man she would spend her rest.
The princess did not have her prince charming riding the white horse,
But he sat on the wooden bench like a silenda,
Reliving the moments of their star crossed saga.
Who knew there was an obscure string,
That would never let them apart,
The flowers,
The mass,
The rings,
Thy charm,
Was all just a show,
When the heart wasn't ready to vow.....
miniyollo Apr 2021
Every day I try running away from you,

but that pulls me to the fake promises u made days back.

Every day I try to find a reason to hate you,

But you make me fall more.

Every night when the silence wails,

I miss your voice.

Every night when the cold creeps in,

I miss the warmth you were to me.

Not a day goes by

When I didn’t search for you.

Not a day goes by

When I didn’t want you to go.

The clock stops

Brings me back to you

The heart races

I just miss the me I was with you.

You said you left me and goodbye,

But I never accepted it,

I tell the others that I want answers

But all I want is your arms.

I didn’t know I was in love,

But now that there’s no you,

It gets harder to bleed for a void.

I was ready to cross the ocean,

but u saw me drown in it,

you didn't have to say it back,

because I knew you would never love me.

but you lied,

and let me choke in the Lala land I was building for us.

— The End —