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agnes Sep 2015
he was more of an angel than lucifer
he was more of a thorn than a rose
he was more of a sky than a pair of wings
he was more of a fool than a gold
he was more of a liar than a sinner,

agnes Jul 2015
he promised to stay
from every ups
to every downs
from every laughter
to every cries

he promised to listen
to every stories
to every heartbeats

but he didn't last
not even for a night
  Jul 2015 agnes
Rachael Judd
I took your soul and you burned a hole in mine
You stole my heart and placed it to the side
I threw away all the memories you left behind
It's all just racing through my mind
All those memories wasted nothing but time
There was never a reason to stay and watch the sun die
We just wasted our life trying to see the moon shine
Only to lighten whatever hope we held in hands intertwined

You couldn't even hold me while I cried
Only gave me a look saying I'm sorry that I lied
You tore apart every inch of my insides
My body was begging to just lay down a die
A stranger at the bar bought me a drink and said baby don't worry all you have to do is try

So I gave you another piece of my heart, a second time
You said that life was just a lie and all you could think about was my dark grey eyes
This time your cried

And I was the one who watched you die,
Maybe in satisfaction or maybe in pride.
  Jul 2015 agnes
Julia Elise
selfish boy
took what wasn't his

young girl
more than a stolen kiss

deceitful boy
somehow gets his way

naive girl
wants him to stay

convincing boy
says all the right things

innocent girl
to the words she clings

irresistible boy
fills her head with lies

rebellious girl
morals she defies

detestable boy
destroys her heart

hopeful girl
love was short

thoughtless boy
drops her, he's gone

poor girl
still holds on
agnes May 2015
she was his home
but she was homeless
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