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 Nov 2015 agnes
of strained bones and cracked skin
bleeding lips and hued eyes
i stand here by you
hoping that
even after the hurricanes
you would still love me
and i would still
be loved

let the stars speak you said
and i weep
and thrash
and painfully
because you are gone
by my broken self
whom you tried
to save
from no other
 Oct 2015 agnes
Dear Friend
 Oct 2015 agnes
My dear friend,
Let not your sorrow streak the sky with tears.
Nor nourish the cruel tempests of the sea
I am not blind
To the storm you endure

Dear friend,
Metallic shadow, smeared falsely ‘cross swollen lids
Cannot shield from Zeus’ unjust spears
Alas, steely exteriors but summon
Lightning’s cruel fate.

Sweet friend,
Your silence is not reassuring
For it echoes violently across blackened seas
As dewy drops of despair
Cascade into drowning waters

My dearest friend,
Retreat beneath my umbrella.
Let me shelter you from this storm.

Let not your memories burden you with
A heaviness that's gone

#friendship #tempest #sorrow
 Oct 2015 agnes
Counting Sheep
 Oct 2015 agnes
One, kiss we shared upon that fateful night
Your taste still lingers on my bleeding lips
That crack and chip like ice that climbers smite
As they ascend the hostile jagged cliffs
Two, veins of flowers wilting on your grave
Seeping into the earth that claims your name
Upon my barren knees I toil and slave
Nails scratch the frozen earth for you in vain
Three, whisky bottles downed, I weep for you
Delirious, glass shatters on the stone
I dance with naked feet to feel anew
The flesh that seeks devoutly to leave bone
Four, five, six, seven nights I cannot sleep
Grief cannot be erased by counting sheep
 Oct 2015 agnes
rained-on parade
I didn't know
the 'I love you's you gave me
were borrowed.
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