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27.2k · May 2015
agnes May 2015
she smiled like a fine actress
she laughed like she had nothing to worry about
she smelled like cigarettes and cheap perfume
she sang a sad song to end the night
she smiled one last time
she closed her eyes
1.1k · May 2015
agnes May 2015
she was his home
but she was homeless
823 · Oct 2015
dear my unknown love
agnes Oct 2015
dear my unknown love,
the one who witnesses me wilt before anyone else does
the one who blooms before i do
the one who gives but never takes
the one who everyone yearns
the one who regards God every day
the one who fills my heart with joy
the one who tortures my heart
the one who loves another one.
791 · Oct 2015
letter to myself
agnes Oct 2015
shall i ever leave this place?
shall i ever learn to run?
shall i ever climb the window?
shall i ever cross a lake?
shall i ever dig the ground?
shall i ever drive them away?
shall i ever give up?
782 · Mar 2017
three lies
agnes Mar 2017
for there were three times
i had spoken lies to you
first, when i crashed in to your window at night
second, when i jumped away from you
and the last one, when i created the galaxy with you
687 · Sep 2015
agnes Sep 2015
he was more of an angel than lucifer
he was more of a thorn than a rose
he was more of a sky than a pair of wings
he was more of a fool than a gold
he was more of a liar than a sinner,

631 · Dec 2015
a poem to make you love me
596 · May 2016
the healer
agnes May 2016
take me to the fountain of blessings
the one you have in your tiny heart
wash all my sins with the water
then take me by hand
and heal my heart with your touch
but don't leave me behind
in the forest of lies
cause you're all i've ever had
592 · Jan 2017
there was a time
agnes Jan 2017
there was a time

where you held me
the way you'd hold the world

there was a time

where you gave me a sweet prayer
so sweet it burned my lips

there was a time

where the universe was in our hands
as we relied on it so dearly

there was a time

before you decided
i couldn't hold the world for you
438 · May 2015
agnes May 2015
the woman in the white dress has called out his name,
she called him darling.
"don't fret child, i'm right here."
he was bleeding.
he told her he was ready.
then she took him away.
403 · Jul 2015
agnes Jul 2015
he promised to stay
from every ups
to every downs
from every laughter
to every cries

he promised to listen
to every stories
to every heartbeats

but he didn't last
not even for a night

— The End —