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sarah May 2018
late nights
of numb thoughts,
feeling the silence
with dry eyes
and a
sore heart.
sarah May 2018
but not in love,
the idea of love
a sweet syrup
that i crave
but never have.
sarah May 2018
the words float
through the air,
into my ear
and down to my stomach.
they glow
and make a
warm feeling inside;
my lips turning up,
my back sitting strong.
sarah Mar 2018
gleaming in my life,
giving me
hope and happiness,
when none can be found.
my life revolves
around these,
like the sun
and it's planets
and moons,
keeping life on earth
not my best work, but i still thought i'd share it
sarah Mar 2018
i must plaster on
chemicals and colors,
to be beautiful.
i am required
to be plastic,
prim and proper,
servants in my
own lives,
always being
and thinking,
and doing,
what i'm told.
i am a doll,
a tool,
only there for
the joy and service
of others,
just because i was
born as i am,
something in which
i have no control.
sarah Mar 2018
oh rain,
pounding on the roof,
glossing over the world
like icing on a cake.
most people do not
like you,
fear of getting splashed
by your icy breath.
but i
love you.
the purple-grey skies
you bring,
and the sound of thunder
banging at my door.
not my best work, it was for an english assignment, but i still thought i'd post it here
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