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Mari-Elle Mar 2015
She takes pictures
From roof top gardens
That over look a sea of wonder

He takes pictures of his brown skin
Of the fortune he inherited
From his ancestors

Somehow they are both classified as
Mari-Elle Mar 2015
Why is it strange?

Well it's the feeling of happy hopelessness
It's acceptance of the end of all ends
And the beginning of goodbye

They told you not to wear it
Your mascara runs like free children
In abundance
It tells them all how much you dread the leaving

Walking away
Is easier when you're convinced
You're walking towards something better

But darling how could you not see
That you just walked away
From the best.
Mari-Elle Feb 2015
For the boy who sleeps
In the early hours
Of the sun-soaked Earth
I'm sorry your mind kept you from dreaming

For the girl who cries
At the very sight
Of herself
I'm sorry your mind kept you from self love

For the child who wishes
For something more
Than a poverty striken
Sense of imagination
I'm sorry your mind kept you from reaching more

For you
The one who waits
For life to be more
To be better
I'm sorry your mind kept you from creating it
Mari-Elle Jan 2015
Stay a little while with me
And let your lips redraw my contours
Like the greatest cartographer
Working at his craft

Stay a little while with me
And let my hands retrace your bruises
As if to wish away the wrong done
To your beautiful skin

Stay a little while with me
And swear on stars alone
That when daybreaks comes
You won't disappear with the transitory moon

Stay a little while with me
And stay a little while longer?
Mari-Elle Dec 2014
Will no longer
Play victim to my own life
I am the owner of my soul
It's time to act like it
  Dec 2014 Mari-Elle
another name added
to the list,
another life taken
by hands that
forget to look
before they forget
to stop.

"he was a monster"
you say.
"he was a ****"
you say,
as if you've
known him
for years and years
instead of seconds,
as if you've spent
more moments with him
than the time between
you aiming the blow
and his heart stopping.

everyone knows
you can take away a life
with a gun and your hands
but no one talks about
how you've already
killed a human being
when you treat them
less than human.
i wish i could join the protests. kudos to each and every one of you guys who are out there tonight.
Mari-Elle Dec 2014
And when you feel
Out of place and out of touch
I will push and pull
My way to you

Backward bound
Down a rain soaked road
I know I need to make my way
Straight to you

Even if you smile only once today  
I will know that I fought my hardest to fight your darkness away
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