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I ****** in the bitter smoke
and I realized
this is not what I want
I’m becoming
so hurt
so cold
but I will not become it
the sun is still shining
and there is still the smallest amount of hope
Haven’t been on here in forever! Trying to get back into it I forgot how much I missed poetry :)
I lit my cigarette with a candle
And I kept on smoking
Didn’t mean to
I was thinking to much
Just thinking
What to do? What to say?
Same headlines, different day
but I'm having a lot of trouble
reading the teleprompter today.
Give me the cue, now.
What should I say next?
Ignore what's going on
and forget who did it.
Tell me how to feel,
charge me for pills to heal.
Just drown my face in the screen
and meet my daily dose of caffeine.
Everybody's got a dream,
but I wonder why
it's always called a "dream".

I cannot hear cries of whistle-blowers
because these earplugs are all the rage.
The contents of this sentence mean nothing
because we've all moved on to the next page.
Sell me a pretty new idea
like a ******* sells their body.
I think I allowed you to seal my fate
when I gave you the keys to my safe.
Enjoy the high, grip the moment
and face consequence at a later date.
Still I wonder why they
always call it a "dream".
I'm having a lot of trouble
reading the teleprompter today.
Give me the cue, now.
Tell me what I should say next.
Just ignore what's going on
and forget who did it.
It's not real.
suddenly gravity isn't just a theory or a force,
but a friend that keeps me company,
keeps me grounded,
while i watch you, weightless


and prone to leaving me
the love i pray is mine.
on october the 26, your lips on mine tasted like malibu
that's about the only thing i know for sure about us
A Redtail Hawk
Perches the high tree
A barren branch
So she can see
I wonder what
She thinks of me...
Does she know
I'm also free?

She lets loose cries
So sharp & clear
She has no
Melody to hear
Just urgent need
For meat to tear
She has young
To feed & rear.

She's not prone
To ponder. Think.
She acts upon
Pure instinct
To swoop down
Upon her prey
So her young
Will eat today.

Human beings are
Burdened. Bound.
We are tethered
To the ground
Though flight machines
Are built... abound
We still have to
Fly in steel
To the hawk
There's no appeal.

We won't spread
Our wings & fly
From the earth
We view the sky
On this earth
For now we'll be
Only hawks
Perch in high trees.
Friends, we may not live
in the same street,  
the same postcode or estate,
time may eventually pass us by.

But I know that even though we
don't see much of each other.
I still see you as the friend,
that I saw all those yesterday's.

Ye you may be older, you hiding grey?
You may have tails to tell,
but in the end you've friend

and that'll never end.

Ps you still owe me a fiver from 1998
If anything,
I’m thankful for
the opportunity.
Happy Thanksgiving for anyone who celebrates it.
I clipped and prodded
Gazing in the mirror
I chiseled and I cracked
Twisting into the wanted woman
I painted and scratched
Thinking only of perfection
I snipped and I whacked
Until there was nothing left
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