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Luka Love Mar 2015
The rhythm of the cosmos
Is a waltz
In three steps

A movement
To which all of life
And so art conforms
From literature
With it's beginning

To the great civilizations of the Earth
That rise
Just as chest draw breath
As she sleeps

Or the theologians speak
Of their holy trinity
The metaphysical systems of old Indus Valley

Making way for the new notes
We play
As the old fade
Into silence
One step
Two step

Come and dance with me
As the stars inhale
And hold their breath
As we find our feet gracefully
And move in the moment we have
One step
Two step
Luka Love Feb 2015
Find the flow


Let go

Let the music get inside you

Take control

And the cares of the world

On a roll

Down and out



Hidden from the conscious mind

A state divine and silent

As the body twists

In bliss and peace

And smiles wreath the faces

Of the maelstrom

Clattering beats

Descending from the bass bins

No beginning

And no ending

In the ever present now
Luka Love Jan 2015
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Another morning gently weep
The price I pay when I awake
Luka Love Jan 2015
I sit in stillness


The slow beat of my heart

Tuning in to the spectrum

Where intuition speaks

For the first time in weeks

I hear her
With that infinite wisdom

She delivers in silence

Be patient

Be quiet

Be alive and be present

The best is right now

Enjoy it

What the future holds

Is for future you to behold

So let yourself enjoy it when you get there

Don’t mind me

When I get a little ahead of myself

Time is infinite

When you know how to stop it

Catch a breath in the eternal moment

There is no need to hurry

Or say anything at all

Everything in its right place
Luka Love Jan 2015
They say the only certainties in life

Are death and taxes

I say the only certainty is change

The vehicle by which

The old becomes new again

The only thing that prevents

The same day being every day

Sometimes we fear change

As we fear death

The ultimate change

Yet how easily we sleep at night

Our daily preparation for the Long One

And every morning we wake up again

What is change but a movement

A flow

The same way energy traverses the Universe

A dance with many steps

Left, right, and left again

Move to the rhythm

Keep time to the sound

Change brings new life

New places to explore

These paths we haven’t walked before

Shifting patterns

Coalescing and transforming

Every one breathtaking

In it’s own right

We seek out new ways to speak

Without speaking

In a moment looking up at the same stars

Knowing that even though they are so far away

Their light still reaches us

Part of it enters us

Right through the windows to the soul

And bounces on the retina

At rest after millennia

In a place made of the same stuff that it is

Stardust to stardust

Light to the soul
Luka Love Oct 2013
Suspended in time they lie
Beholden to memory
Stealing moments from the present
These little points in the minds eye
Of pasts and futures not
Like painting a picture of the girl of your dreams
Only to realise you've met her before
And it wasn't to be
These little shifts in the make up of the cosmos
Echoes of the butterfly effect
Many poets who have come before I
Have spoken of the road less travelled by
That very essence of a point
Where everything changes
Almost imperceptibly
Until looking back you see the hurricane
Luka Love Oct 2013
Been writing haiku
Much better than this one though
This isn't that good
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