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Lua May 2018
Not sure why
This rejection leaves behind
Feelings that consume my time and attention.
It torments my heart by design,
Your lies and intentions,
Leaving me torn apart inside
With blinded recollection.

Why do i have faulted selection?
My picker is broken and wants imperfection:
To sabotage me
in the future so fast
And give pleasure to both my present and soon to be past.
I know these moments are not meant to last
But my frustration is relevant and beyond gassed.
I want to scream till these ******
feelings finally begin to pass.
Why do i never listen to my gut
when it says, "Don't do it, you like it so it eventually will leave you in a rut"?
It is time to turn the other way before it ends with you in a fuss.
Now strut away before you loose more than what you have already lost
And remember that minds are the only things that should be crossed.
Lua Sep 2014
Am I a vessel
Equipped with a womb?
Or a mind that buries
All underneath its tomb?
Lua Apr 2014
All would try,
From country to town,
Lands both far and wide,
Just to hear her sound.
Creatures would cry,
From hawk to hound,
Grateful where they reside
Because her reign is unbound.
Worlds near-by,
Not yet renowned,
Will always confide
In her word or account.
Even the heavens up high,
Nor hell underground
Has ever denied
Her to speak aloud.
Every wise guy,
She would astound.
Even those claimed divine
Her words were agreed as profound.
On her side, they will ally
Because they are abound
To what she may decide
Is to be allowed.
The stars comply
Because they are endowed
With light she provides
That was once lost but now found.
Shy is my
Queen but goddess all-around.
Serenely modest while
She styles her crown.
  Apr 2014 Lua
Jonathan Lundberg
The oceans are seas of fire
The land is a charred dough
That crackles and breaks
Into tiny flakes
That mingle with burning rain
As waves crash and rise
In fiery tides

And singe the shore
As they have never done before

I stand on the hilltop
In a cloak of embers
Wearing boots of coal
And watch in wonder
As the world burns slow
Wearing clothing caked
With ashy snow

And the northern bombs fall
And troops march in
Civil unrest
Age-old fight to be king
An aged old bomber
With no heart to put in
To this hell of war
To this clash of man
To this devil plan

To this horror

When we awake in our beds
And we open our eyes
And read countless
And countless
Uncountable lines
About burning
And crying
In far off lands

That we pronounce with hesitance
And we act out our penitence
With button clicks and haughty words
And ideals upon ideals
That crumble like cookies
When we miss our own meals

And we watch the world burn
From our fluorescent screens
We smell the decay
But cover it with a spray
Concocted with lies
And “Its-All-Okay”

We are separated by glass
From the poisonous gas
That at others eats away

We trust what we hear
When the suits calm us down
With promises empty
And soothing sound
Their masks have become
A heritage
That we accept
As our parents did
And we let them go on
Spinning their webs of Teflon
Until we are in comfort
And no longer strong

As our brothers and sisters
Of different skin
Burn in the ovens
We stay linked in
And choke on the *****
That we are given
And believe that our kin
Has anything at all
To do with skin
Or what books we read
And lives that we lead
When we eat our dinners
Or go to sleep
Or fast for our gods
That we have created
Our outlets for our convictions
(They satisfy our hunger
To make meaning)

And if they meant anything at all
When they made our world
It wasn’t this.

They did not mean for us to bleed
For their names, as if they need
Our suffering to feel pleasure
-A fatally human measure
They did not mean for us to hate
But to love, and with love make
A world that is a place of light
Not one burning through the night
Like gasoline
This was not the dream

Now is the time to make a fuss
The oceans are burning
Because of us.
Lua Apr 2014
Wish there were proper ways
Or methods to explain
What I'm trying to say.
It makes me insane,
I cannot convey,
Let alone find phrase.
It leaves me amazed,
Even entertained,
It makes me exclaim:
"It's here I do proclaim
That my heart has a face
And he's too far away."
The power to persuade
With a magnetic gaze,
He is able to state:
"She is the link to my chain,
Without her I'm not the same;
My other half and soulmate."
Love feels... keeps it real...
Lua Apr 2014
As we take route
Down the path we choose,
Towards something new
Finding what properly suits,
Needs tend to ensue
Leaving us confused
And we endlessly pursue
What is so easy to loose.
You got me and I got you
To have transgression to go through
What fate had intend us to execute
And still we continue,
Infinitely doomed,
Because our love is true,
Bonded, and fused.
Got them feels... Love things...
Lua Mar 2014
Feelin' manic depressive
Because love is the worst life lesson
That gets you toyed and messed with
Because you thought it was medicine
But it was really a choice weapon
That made you both get stepping
Towards this funk you both are now left in.
All because someone couldn't pay attention
And count the other as a blessing
That would be worth every second
Neither of you could question
What had happened in the past because you both got the present;
Being a gift to each other through the transgression
And guide each other in a positive direction
That the future two will be able to mention
What you both had to do to get to that ascension.
Seeking from each other some kind of protection
Through being honest and constantly confessing,
Rather than we resort to this mind guessing
That makes us both all kinds of stressing
Because I won't speak and you won't listen
And we keep coming back to some sort of reflection,
Since we both must dissect where lies this error or in-correction.
There is something, however, that needs addressing,
Which is why do we have this profound connection
That is openly discussed with heart-felt affection--
Leaving us subliminal impressions
And alters perspective of what leads us both to perfection?
Heart-strings feels.. Diggin' deeper.. Unfinished.
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