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Mar 2019 · 340
Lois Jairam Mar 2019
I am facing a screen,
Typing my thoughts,
Inside my room,
With the moon,

I am facing a screen,
at 11:15,
with an awkward face,
cuz' one can't find the moon,

I am facing a screen,
with nothing to give,
and nothing to do,
but just to sleep under the moon.
Mar 2019 · 237
Lois Jairam Mar 2019
The Capital of the Pearl of the Orient Seas,
Owned by hypocrisies,
of every Rich Family,
Where most are Slave of Poverty,

Oh! The Pearl in the Pacific,
Once Magnific,
But its history became Horrific,
Now filled with Wild Traffic,

Ye! The Orient Sea!
Shall also belong to Thee,
For Everybody,
For Tension to flee,
Mar 2019 · 144
Lois Jairam Mar 2019
They are all having a drink,
   With their new group of friends,
                               They are all forming a sea of thoughts,
              Bonding, Cheering, and Talking,

           Time after Time,
                 Their roots grew stronger,
                        and ours grew apart,
                              and time after time we'll part,

They laugh and swim,
Sway and Feel the warmth of their throat,      
They drive themselves,              
Away from the road of what I hoped,                  

But as a Friend,          
Be happy of what they choose,                    
Be happy of where they be,                                  
Be happy of what it shall become;
It's nice meeting them
Mar 2019 · 188
Lois Jairam Mar 2019
The Fear of being forgotten,
The Fear of being replaced,
The Fear of being ignored,
It ***** having it.
Feb 2019 · 107
Lois Jairam Feb 2019
Slave of the Education System,
   Slave of the Authorities,
       Slave of the Blind Beliefs,
          Slave of the false wisdom.
Feb 2019 · 122
Lois Jairam Feb 2019
Every letter is the same,
They don't make sense alone or bare,
Word is too but more attuned,
They could stand alone but had some wound,

But all of them is not one without the other,
or else it would look like — I would stutter,
Use the gift wisely to convey all things neatly,
then words would bring life pretty precisely,

But then comes Responsibility,
That Words and Letters are like a swords that shares hostility,
when used to some directly incorrectly,
could pose threat upon whom — then comes liability.
Feb 2019 · 152
I am me
Lois Jairam Feb 2019
I am me,
no matter what,
no matter who I face,
no matter how they see me,

I am me,
In the ways you could never imagine,
In the ways anyone could prob'ly hate,
In the ways I can see,

I am me,
and that's what it is,
and that's what it should be,
and that's what I should live.
We should never forget who we are.
Feb 2019 · 260
Lois Jairam Feb 2019
I was walking in a path,
Strange looking one,
I smile and laugh,
Then cry inside my soul
Feb 2019 · 256
Final blow
Lois Jairam Feb 2019
2 Months before School year end,
And 2 days before our possible end,
The Pressure is high,
And the Hope is low,

How can one survive the one final blow?
Two last?
No Three last,
The Four Humps on the Road,

Either we jump towards the challenges of life,
Or fail to do so as anxiety runs with us,
And Hope is, flickering in the air,
But hopes only that flicker would be enough to light the road,
To see the hurdles quickly,
To guide ourselves,
For us to live our life fully in the future,
How can one survive the final blow?
Feb 2019 · 78
Lois Jairam Feb 2019
The Darkest of Blue,
Darkest of Red,
And Darkest of Me,
Slowly creeping at the back of me,
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Purpose, life, and death,
On repeat,
Purpose, life, and death,
Creeping inside of me,
Eating my brain and soul,
Hiding inside my bones,
Crashing me between the walls,
Help me, I whispered,
Or Did I? Am I? Should I?
Lost between the light and, no,
I won’t say it,
I’ll leave it, in me, on me,
‘Get off me’ I’m Screaming,
I’m crawling through this pain,
While it runs to my brain,
Help me, Believe me,
Stay with me, my friend,
Purpose, Life, and Death,
Creeping inside of me,
On Repeat.

— The End —