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Lady Wolf Nov 2018
Make me write you a poem
make me take off my shoes
The age of this stage
doesn't quite relate
but I feel thoroughly
all of your capability.
I could be all in my head
or maybe all the old feelings fled
with the scattered thoughts
like how could I have sinned
and go against myself
only to keep you close.
How can I not think,
How can I not want this?
The risks and pains
I'm terribly scared of
til the next things happen
So darling I'm writing you a poem
I'm taking off my shoes
For in this life where we take chances
Maybe, I'll be taking my chance on you.
Lady Wolf Oct 2016
Hopeful of life's graces
at the same time withered
and stuck at bay.
So I danced with the shadows;
played with cold snow.
Reached for the heavens
to rain patience into this tired heart.
For one sparkle, one smile or maybe one purpose;
but for now I go the mile.
Going on thinking
that maybe now isn't just the right time.
Though time was nothing but spiteful
always landing to something that isn't right.
out of desperation
of maybe's and might's
still hopeless and still lost
In the coldness of night.
Done this around 2014, when I tended to encounter a lot of jerks after a terrible relationship. I was kind of hopeless then. Hence the sad poem.
Lady Wolf Apr 2015
Through a loophole
you caught me searching
Looking all alone,
Through the cups
Of empty trust
lingering and yearning
with a jaded heart.

As I wonder when
Should the parachute open
convince me;
****** me;
to jump in it again.
With you on the other
from the faraway corner.
Consuming the gap
as if originally there;
yet inaptly belonged.

my piece,
my spark.
But to move
is only way further
drawn to you.

The risks of this
recounting feelings
I can only stay as I am
with this crooked teeth
'til it's all true or
when it's right.

Lady Wolf Mar 2015
People leave a lot
Without care
Pretend like we are not
The person that we were

Time and distance
Never compare
to whatever hindrance
wanting to overwhelm

Stare closely.
I feel what to feel.
you lie so deeply
regardless, you conceal.

Hit the ground
and break into pieces
But you stick around
without hugs and kisses

cold maybe
sadness to disagree
that this right here
Is wrong for me

An inaudible lie
obscure but still wanting
There until you turn
to whatever is your calling.
Lady Wolf Mar 2015
I'm not that tall
to keep my feet underwater
without drowning.
Cause I'm flying
not to keep away
but to catch my will.

But you my little secret,
wherever you go without even hiding,
You're painstakingly stifling
seeing with the joy right now
of souls shrouded upon the other story.

Between age and chances,
I'll keep myself out of the ideally insane.
So dont you say I feel not or I'm too weak
for i'd rather not tell or talk of this risk.

What you're scared of what i'm scared of
When weary and when gone.
Because losing grip isn't rather easy
When you choose what to choose
and who to loose
In secrecy.
Lady Wolf Jan 2014
A single thread
of hope versus disaster.
breaks and withers
and shadows all that gloom.
a doubled emotion
like an ecstatic current;
so no, please don't...

fading along with thoughts
and the waves of time;
add it up with this and that,
hands intertwined.

wishes and dreams
of pink and purple,
of yellows & greens;
a wide-opened eye
and a closed fist.
how can you ever embrace
that fate you've missed?

to stand underneath all that seeds
and speak of what may be;
who can tell my path
or the road's wrath?

prickly and improper;
it is what they say.
barefoot naked hereafter,
until then daresay,
no more.
Lady Wolf Jan 2014
The easy way was to go frantic
& with this I can be found.
The man never knew
how he turned me upside down.

I got too tired of all the blame
looking as if I was the one insane.
For fear and sad,
things gone wrong.
Nothing like a battle
where someone might've won.

I'm not so hateful,
I think.
But gone is it
when the time was for trying.

Work as we may but we were weary
of our own faces that we conceal aside.

So we've got to know
how much we tried.
But to understand
that we'll never know
what we try to hide.

Watch me now
as I say my despise
and my energy
to try to stay wise.

My regrets to my lover,
my regrets for life;
I can never resemble
the pride
falling through my eyes.

I might have died
for it for all it's worth.
I might've believed all of it
and gone with my mind.

Far too considerate
to what you also might,
I still tried to fight,
to remember,
to feel
and then relinquish slowly
away from hurt.
From the man who's scared
to feel,
to fight
and remember
the best feeling in the world.
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