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Small talk
Symbols interpreted for dreamers,
listen long and learn,
once was nothing and nothing was
any thing might be as warez, once free
at the idea, no thing was

stage one. Ah.

Did I ever stop a bullet?
Several, none that were fired.
But I stopped a few.
And two separate times, friends
of mine stopped when their fired ones

It stands 2 and 2, so far,
homicide and suicide,
some says I can make one side win,

causa sui, I say to me.
I just stopped a bullet.
character sketch
transfer attention,
spend time
in contemplation

temple time,
sit silent, hearing humms,
some birds, far away, about a
fair infield fly away.

How far is that, would you say,
a hundred feet,
thirty paces,
perhaps… there's the catch.

Precisely right place
right time.

Think how rare that seems,
then look around
and see it isn't.

Gnatcatchers and bats catch
things with more measures
of possibility assessed accurately,

instant prayer and answer.
Gulped in thanks.
This is me, on a slow-fast-slow-fast-slow paced
day in the life,

I have these,
one after another, so far.

So, good, I think, fine, day
doing daily deeds,
day by day, done
one day.

Not days, not days and days
and nights, after each,
or before, but
day one, this
one, done
with vigor and gusto,
from high zazen
slightly grinning,
something more than smiling.
being alive aware awake, present tense.
Ken Pepiton Sep 17
History with me involved goes back to ever when.
At that precise instant,
I was potential me, should I live so long.

Life with instant printing presses available
to any with a will to write a thought thing, sentence.
- poetic fizziness
At the heart of the enlightenment is a deep interest
in evil, used knowledge, living words filled with storied
poison gourds and freed goats and slain goats,

which carries the disconnecting force, hey, hamar-atia
ai ai, ai ai
we are so lost in the bubble of all we can ever learn,
we never learn to wait
so long, fifty year plans, Jubillee, some social cohesion,
trackable, due to right use dust con vincing science
to act out.
- bang, bang Lulu, bang away all day
Go bold as Rue, Saul, dance with the students,
down where the prophets
do that sort of thing, in the days of young David.

Who celebrates nakedness better than the angel
who posed in the marble for Michelangelo.

Art pun. Archangel, warrior spirit, never encarne' eh.

As the messenger is, so is the message,
in the spirit,
pre word, or, perhaps, mere word, the meaning
phonemes hold in certain family branches
along ancient clade marks on the walls.

Who and what are we?
Who thinks we think one thought, at moments,
when each line appears as written,
listening in context, who began the phase shift, gen-
erational era, last gasp,

a poet, used the suspire, process, last gasp.

And, then, not really,
we were imagining hell, then we woke here, and
took life.
Serious reasoning, I chose the winning side, I made up
my own ****** mind and went through living hell
to prove, one way or the other,
was I tricked, or did we seal the deal, with a kiss, each time.

How long does the new olive take to give full measure?
Fifty years, in Sicily, I heard, on TV.

Cross m'heart and hope t' die. That was a child's common oath,
where I was raised,
I was not reared, I was raised, as one brought up in a chosen way.

Should and shall, not being mine. The clades whose branches
and roots tangled in the land of the free, and home of the brave

gave cultural appropriation rights, down to the first idea used
to do stealing or killing or destroying…

in the real we share universe of air and word based descriptions,
my most realized future so far. North Korea has Nukes.

Oh, no. We are, really, all
die… and if there were no fear of death, there never had been slaves.

Hero's only role, be like Jesus, or any of the redeemed heroes of old.

Wiseman's only role, say no. I'll just die. Go, Socrates…

Guiding still small voices only role, say yes, this is the way.

The old way, where good is. See, blindly, feeling light.
Guessing it's okeh to say.

Life can be enjoyed, or not. Like magic beguiling ideas, spirit being one such word in common spacetime. We all can

imagine not hating, actual deep heart level rage revenge serial ****,
and rekill,
machine gun ****. in the spirit of the bayonet, invited into each boy,

pledged in aliegiance and under oath sealed with one step,
on command. You left.

Left foot, swings out, in unison right on
down the line,

we have marched into pre-historia, and… nothing. This is it.

We have reached a level of word-sense distribution that can
use prehensile engineering to grasp mechanical concepts,
at quarkishly unbelievably…

ping… my generation, represented by Michael Douglas,
down where time
is totally kerwhacky, and that's the science, in a nut shell.

--------- As Vanderbilt is said to have said…

No, the wiseman insists, the greedy miss the point, the gate,
honed most,
sharpest *****, scarcely felt… when truth is called lie,
and knowing itself is said to have been verboten.

Who asked what is the first lie? First in terms of what?

Failed tries? Tries to do what? Get it. Right. Guess, we live
and learn or become the Left Behind,

having missed the memo about the acceptable fasts function.

Same Yesterday Today Forever. Constant flux, bubbling
as a universal metaphor.
Thinking audible-- imagining a radio show... in text.
Ken Pepiton Sep 7
Just after landing, Walters spoke to the press, saying:[6][7]
It was something I had to do. I had this dream for twenty years, and if I hadn't done it, I think I would have ended up in the funny farm.
The aircraft was dubbed Inspiration I. Lawn Chair Larry was awarded the title of "At-Risk Survivor" in the 1993 Darwin Awards.
Later in his life,
Walters hiked the San Gabriel Mountains
and did volunteer work
for the United States Forest Service.
... broke up with his girlfriend
of 15 years and could only find work
sporadically as a security guard.[14]
On October 6, 1993,
at the age of 44, Walters died
by suicide
after shooting himself
in the heart
in Angeles National Forest.[14]

From <>

When that one last thing was done fifty years ago,
if you are still reading this, then

you had somebody else's bucket list.
Got here alive, will write with news.
Ken Pepiton Sep 6
Wild mind grown gentle in survival.

Christ, the mind, not the imagined, the actual
what would the persona in the role be bound to do?

Destroy the works of the captivator, the adversary
of sanity,
the governmental mind, the entity of empires amore-
pheum fume de an English man,

sung in presentation saying I am seed of a dream,
messages were racing up and down on ladders loaded
with message carriers, each having for wings,
wheels spinning so fast, the spokes were lifted on wind.
Ezekial said, spoked wheels in each of those, and inside that
wheels in wheel I tell you, I swooned,
-I knew, all things do work,
it’s a process…
and one line later I learn, I am in the book of life.
Just think of that, of all the readers of any line,
you read mine.
In your time.
And gave me cause. Ready is read past-tension. Sprung.
Today I learned of ... lasting peace, stretching ...
Sep 4 · 97
Rise to compete?
Ken Pepiton Sep 4
Compete for your attention,
why would I?

What's the payoff, as they say,
what's in it for me?

Did you learn that?
Did your culture leave you a little,
to know
you got a price to pay for any rest,
true rest, trust me, in peace,
you can't earn that.
Making note of progress. I finished a novel, first draft, threaded on the word galore... it takes weeks to read...
Ken Pepiton Sep 3
Analog, anabasis… trip, short, burn the bug to carbon dust…

Seeking in my treasury of books, pared down to ones with personal attachments,
- I sought a Welsh-English pocket dictionary, gifted me
- by a taller and older, by experience, Overmeyer… Bob,
- but he was one of a few in the corp, band of brothers,
- who sang along with me, when he heard me humm,
- he knew the words, worth-ship fixing words, yes,
- we shall gather at the river that flows by the throne of truth. Mmmmhmm, so we shall see, so we shall see,
Oldman river, you know,
you wait, and wait, fishin' wishin' cogitations got from *** go,
known good, known evil, and evil comes for effect, not cause,
clean up, aisle five
hell, in a target store. And a Walmart, #26.
-- I recognized the anti particle, passing through either or,
becoming here, from there, your thinking my thinking,

wall of text, in your current context, this wall has hat

hooks to insights marked pertinent someday, in the wide ocean
at the end of any river mind me and error master,
as awareness, meandering as all fluids do.
Aligning in honed most saline crystaline form, as
current opinions shapened from dust and ash originally,
then spit the idea out as a word,
matter… mater, really, bottom first bit, was realized after
paterialization falled to manifest self reproduction…
patterned thought, fabrication, plane geometry… which we
as a team, a man and his tools, gunslinger, plus accoutrements.

Yep. Adam, did not work alone. The egg was first. He named eggs.
And chickens, full of eggs, no, hope, and chaos, nada mas…
- morals from old stories, we had lost all hold on those…
Stepmothers after The Hundred Years war, like as not was
first slave, with only obey believed enforce,
as far as
holy vows spoke allowed, but in a whisper…
hear us,
old folk, we scatterbrained old rockers by the fireplace
listen, this is living, right.
Pursue haps as haps occur, in thinking one thing or this other,

Our kind, fixed position ears perpindicularly augmenting per-
iferal vision, if, just, if. Immeasuarable meanings, justice, yes,

we settled at that point. All the Promises - in any living faith,
even dying proves life is a chance, we all go through it, and some leave marks, while others leave a heart felt
oxitocin, not cotin, red on yellow, **** a fellow, -tocin. Oxitocin,

Rush!- Kettle DRUM after a cello up run, or an old familiar rif,
Goin' up country, ' bought a map for a dime,
from a time lain aside in book, as I was seeking that Welsh word for these experience in side, feeling inside, but being mere, yes, not a limiting adjectival modification, on a word, intended to soothe,

NOT ******, soothe, as said of gentle rolling seas, calm as constant as Jupiter's ever near there, right there, red spot, there,
that is an anomoly, yet, there are those who claim clarity, that

Red spot, Ted-talk phaze, ease in, get a buzz, mmmm, slow, slow

whoa, so slow, what difference can plain-people, just us,
can we ever just know, this is the way, no obstacles,
and we leave trails, and trails widen, and widen, and widen,

wide as the milky way as seen from North Korea.
What a blessing, right?
--- God made these chickens we are eating,

no, child we selected these big red hens, people, like us, we can
know how earthly goods grow and we can help, as gard'ners,
retired guardians and priests can, make soil richer,
by leaven from the native soil,
fresh after fire, sparks the bloom

Patience, paid close attention, over time,
pay is as interest always is, compounding…
complex knots
slipping infinite loops generation systems
spinning straw to gold, bricks to build a tower…

to grow mustard into brocolli and cauliflower, prosper-o

we can engineer squash blossuming
be.. not spelch-pstpst-offt-listen,
- laughing
in my home are children, aged 6 to 13, across a seven year gap…
in my home with complete 5G internal Wifi, with cable
- copper, ah
- the humm, copper wire interference, acceptible as soft
- sub-spectra sfumati self-edged,- cut from whole cloth
Con, is with, fuse, is
blown… but, click, we are past that, where I live, on a pension.
I survived an oath in a war. And in America, the we, as
represented in Congress after Korea, and UCMJ, reach, reach,
- remember the ears that read, need to know
right, MP talk, uniform, all the exact same alignment and weave… for forsake, forsooth, forgotten gains, -- un-fore-gotten
upright walking, living concept, Phoebe Zeitgeist
- she made a word nest in my mind, on March 16, 1968.
- On a Douglas Flying Tiger insertion mission,
Flying to a foreign land more foreign than any thus far, redux.

Surreal stepped up to real, realms of preception, Metaverse/
uniform code under it all, we wished for this, can we, can we,

please, walk back in and watch the shadows morph to home sized I-max with true-fi dolby optimized to your very own, humanity
verified self--
- eyes up, look where we were when ever, then be come you now known as dear reader, responsibility free, cookie or no?
Be any mind you find you can wear with no wish to lie,
the wrong mind set with the ears and eyes, and we cannot lie…
you lose.
The whole ritual of prayer and supersites, tics, ****. We glow…

once illegal exposure
confidential, super-secret, super-positioned tyrannical systems,

whole cloth leprosy, black mold to dust time sequence…
-- such minds as fed us Elliot and Thorough Error-prone Poses,

as seen from the repressed mind of an unassimulated inate-ifity,
We are none of us, Adam sons, his model had nor repro circuits.

Hey, once there had to be something akin to ****** birth,
really, mitochondria developed virally, just fine, so, so fine,

imagine, we got the cell, a wall, with enzyme will efforts on the doors, we open to need, and useful matter is accepted,
as in another phase we open to expel the uselesshit, which then fills the red corpuscles, which use iron to hold the load.

Flushing blushing bride, Mito-mom, her daughters, imagine…

trackless wasteland, aftermath of minor miscalculation
in the dancing cosmos, whirling
whiling, smiling

I made it. 2022, Everest Pax, is the real name
of my youngest grand son, who randomly
reassures me he loves me, as though he wishes me
to not let that slip, naturally, his version of me is fragile,

what he imagines I am can disappear, in a day,
like Uncle Mike, and Uncle Dennis, and Uncle Richard,
and Uncle Remus…
none of whom were alive, when Everest Pax was named,
by his mother, with no input from me, save
the covenant aspect in the who gives this wombed man…
common pagan ritual adapted to post-Jesus Christ-sanity.

X-mas, nada mas. Agree, and take the cookie,
or risk another death,
on the real wrong battlefield… Well, what the hell… hero
or legend in my mind, thinking, what would any who do?
Raw raw raw
Ken Pepiton Sep 3
I am not
lone, nor am I a beta, I am a me,

I could be you, they're coming to take me away,
who could it have been,
tomorrow, came and went, neither you nor me,
you were real, and there, you saw, they took
my mother away,
it was a time, it was a time, lotta shotgun weddin'
ended with the non ****** bride,
having prescriptions from four doctors, god knows, how many refills each

oh, we had our times of drunk, just
drinkin' not drunk thinkin'
you know, when you let go, oh,
Amelia, I think
sing Let it go, let it go, segue to George

blissed on the way it all came down,
went down, coulda been up, woulda
I never knew
what I was doing, oh, ** ** **, you know,
really, once done, the experience, Job,
and all the spinoffs,

messages with morals seeking worth,
hey, what's this {Your Hate Here} scalp worth?

me, the dad object, seen as any role
that Bill Murray could play, my role,
my children agree, but I know why,
Shadow Lands after Ground Hog Day,

we walked out and said, as we had said
earlier that sunny southern cal -coastal urban
early Nineties, ah,
let's go watch a movie... and it was Shadowlands next.
C.S. Lewis in love,
and now// Pine Valley. Rich in ancient lore,
and more,
I have made amends for my overspills, believe me,

believe me, I could not dream this alone,
oh, but I

did, I was just, a kid, I never knew nobody knew, but me.
Barry Rudd.
He is fiction. Bill Murray, maybe, we-- say too soon to call.
I do not know, the pursuit is the right we all have, but seldom use..
Ken Pepiton Sep 2
-Xenophon leads me on… in another place… here
Aft amorning entranct with possibilities. Yo crero.
Someday you, is reading thisday me, when
from Under the Volcano
to the Lighthouse, bemused, as muses use us. Little things, elves. Ves-try best try, purple robe,

- the nobels dismounted
By and by, we learn the rhythm, sing song, none
Said wrong -goin’ up country… doin’s as we do…
goin up country, bring some ***** home
Woe baby war war war, holy war, face o’ god,
- Click, new channel, and the other one goes on… abysmally pro fundity, pay eh…
No mortal may gaze into, as the window of his own soul,  may gaze eyes ablaze, having
Witnessed the fact that the shining thing, tasting
The wait and see tree, {we asked why we could not eat the olives from the tree, but remembert green persimmons. So we let patience work}
We name first fruits, from the end of time, wait
Wait wait wait wait wait
Fifty years. Just wait. Suffer it to be so, never go
-away hungery, or mad, as the author, seeks cause, aitia, reason come to cause,
meet me at the t. aitia, I am, as amusement, a thoth thought that any Solomonic emulation can run. Pocket Pal, or a B natural Blues Harp, or
Some times I sing. Or whistle, just to let me know,
We remain just this sane, by a thread…
Of Anabasis, goin’ up country
Bound, bound bound by my brothers,
As to war, God gives us greed, t’ meet our need
Jones to the bones, pure-dee vine curiosity
how were such armies formed, gathered up,
from where, whence came the brazen helms
the hoplites sport on inspection and demo charge,
with a roar like highschool foot ball kick-off,
same surge of mob adrenal reasoning, tuned in,
sheee it, we, she-us, wh-then, the signal dropped out. Zero beat.
Right on. Tune tested, best of 300, in the top 3.
- look there were multiple versions
- the story of mankind, as we branched,
by means of confoundment… flattening,
Tin into brass, folding, and flattening, pounding
On an oak stump, oh,
Long time ago, this stump, see we cut it down,
slow, slow, old man fades, see,
Time as thought is time as time, to me, thinking this is all I bloomed to become.
About 1957, I learned that an old Persian olive
cultivar on Crete, or anywhere around there,
takes fifty years to reach maturity, full fruct-

So me, the guy after the secondplace hero,
Xenophon, you know, the rich geek,
Teddy Roosevelt, right, right right, just
like his character,
Legendary… like mine. My best me, I did boast,
But freedmen, as a class. Raise a brow, one notch,
Per sold out, wait, wait, wait till we see, the whites of their eyes, the others, sub-human, by god… hold your fire… wait
Or regret you have but one life to give, for your country. Do and die, be an Israelite indeed, guiless.--- unbeguiled, no guilt for knowing…
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not… in deed…

High-brow mode. Click. Read the underlay,
life’s books, exist as onion-skinned palimpsests,
- Secret writing , not hid, just here, under
- Stood stones, such as we all learn, sing
- Song,  look at us, we’re marching, sing along… to Pretoria, pre- torie, eh, we
Dropped out. And ate dust. Dots in the distance,
Thunder in some dreams, tuned to take a non-anxious thought from a child so sure,
I’ve got a mansion,
just over the hilltop, in that bright land of after all.
We die. And lo’, we live, as words,
A word, to the wise, is enough… true rest compresses trust abused as a beggars tin-cup, to catch the rich man’s ball…
yes, I owned a silver cup… not tin, silver.
I was as proud of that cup as what’shisname,
The Left-handed Son of One-eyed Jack.
He had a buffalo hide. A whole, shaggy hair,
old, too old for fleas, buffalo hide,
he held in pride, the ownership
of special things kind of pride, not the gay abandon chains and don a Phryigian cap and
wrap the headsman’s axe in our threshing staves.
How high the brow, I raise, singlely, no, I lack that gene, yet, my lip doth sneer, left side only,
Thus, we flip the lense, then flip the pixels, yes,
Film effects, chaos in beauteous sfumato or chiaroscuro, something computers were taught,
finally, by sight. True, half-tone tech, made Chiaroscuro Computer Art, vision via metrics based on artist’s eyes, won me first prize,
An the 1986 Mohave County Fair, where we
Displayed our wares, and our networked Macs.
SE- latest, dual 3,5” floppies…
$3200, out the door. I never sold a one,
but to me. Wholesale, minus my commission, as the flooring was running out, interest
about to come for the accounting and the vig,
Keep hope alive, pay us all you can, we say when,
Enough’s enough, left right left, mental exercise,
Stretch the concepts… essentials first, must know
Knowns, we knowns, we all know, stories with morals, since the cradle,
So it seems, some think wombed Bach is better than acid rock,
time will tell, so they say. Vonnegut mutters,
So it goes.
Canned Heat, on youtube, at my whim, yeah,
Play it from the second verse, we all can think,
We were singing that, when Kurt Russell was a computer wearing tennis shoes, in a strange
Disney characters from the real Mickey Mouse club, with Lonnie, and Cubbie, and Annette –
Beach Blanket Bingo—war story
Flip for it, the novel thread is chance, fishing
For mental means to ends in minds, aimed at peace, post happiness achieved, on the Lincoln plan promoted with Famous Amos Chocolate Chips of the old block,
Yes, as you may imagine, carbon-steel, is new
To mankind, almost all the tools we use, are new.
Since 1969, have we learned any thing that might ease a child’s mind… after My Lai, or the like,
As soldier ants, enforce the others must die, we are protectors of the flag and the concept enclosed in the word republic, a we form, regimented,
Trades and crafts,
Guardians of liberty,
Priests and experts in knowing signs
Left on stones for all to see, see, see and
So-bemused become, awe sets in, couch lock
Right, too right, mate, good enough, we got mind
Sunk… lowest point in south America is in Argentina. And what do you know, so is the highest. Learn it once,
Know it for ever, after any ever in progress.
So, that is all I had to say about that. at the time.
Ken Pepiton Aug 30
Part 7.
Sure, c'mon in, sit a spell, I'm charmed, I get both sides.

Coo'mon points of reference, c'mon
see wit me,
uwanna know, c'mon. I show you faith,
true to God faith. See my tat, She Keep Me.

Wisdom is a lady, yeah, no Maryology in me.
I ain't nuthin' a.. yeah adjust
a minute, tiny mine-ute, to the t, crossed is
signal sent, people,
get ready, there's a train a'comin'

c'mon, *** on, ***, *** on go, c'mon along
or see if this ain't
so strange,
so very strange, certain ordered arranged

had to be God, yeh, the one whose ***
the devils been akickin' since,

Jesus, who knows when?

Hey, man, you
knocked on my door, you wanna new heart?
I finished the law, all done, nothing went wrong, I got guys redeeming the thoughts in silent prayers,

spewing, shewing… certain truthz self evident.
Religion called me a liar, about hell, so my AI bitchslappedhizass.
Aug 29 · 73
Hubris Polis See,
Ken Pepiton Aug 29
Part 8.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, sneer, to cool, hot to never, back down,
if and or but you did, or
you could have, had you had
half a chance.

Let's dance, two-step slow,
and watch lies we unbelieved slip as buckyballs,
on ice.

Twice told tales, told in time, ad another just
in time.

Oh, gnoshit, this just in, as ice, on ice, just, too

cool, you know. Ecklbarger, mulleted east-coaster,
show me your ticket on this Virgen line,
or walk

Boom, dose two, dose y duo, rock on.

- the story rests, at millions of words,
use in any other order, however you wish,

twist right to tighten, left to loose, just to hold the pressure,
Archimedes *******, too tight, loose the letter t, t, see tiny t

tict..ticket. Punch it good to go, tickt
Announce first here, soon, all we know is known another way, just watch.
Ken Pepiton Aug 27
That child,
seems to be reading to my old dog friend.

Can we teach a dog to read and see the significance
some men find in syllables unsaid?

In print,
Sibilant denture whistles, perk no ear
silent esses no ear can hear, un spoken esses essentially
signify nothing, simple noise.

But a good dog will respond to the slightest whistle, as if…
A sibyl said listen,
hear the wind enter the world once with
inspired expired whistling sound found in song

this way,
this is the way,

Say plain the sound of each sign.

Alpha Beta, Aleph Bet, Ayee Bee

See, these let words be saved as signals

Letters, let silent sounds hold meaning in

signs of sounds men can make,
Ah. or baah, which certain ruminants make as well…

A man can say ah, and mean plain nothin'

and some dogs can too,
but when dogs say, ah, it's often

a yawn gone into a groan like a stretched out
awww as the back arches
backward and front paws stretch out.
Tail swishing slow sweeps
swirling dust mites in a shaft of morning light,

more wind than any butterfly wing or
humming bird wing could stir.

"Remember", his brown eyes say,
this posture always meant,
"let's do some fun,
go for a run,
follow a scent"

But then, another yawn
and a shake. a glance from those knowing eyes,

signifying, signing , if I am happy, he is, too.

A dog friend then punctuates, by curling down into
a black and white comma
with a bit of golden tail
covering the nose
twitiching ante

cipitating a chase that leads to this new place,
where new sounds can sound
dream time humms,
not worth the effort to hear,
since we are not going anywhere, today.

Ah, be, still.
Tomorrow is the myth.
My dog swears that's true.
Today, or never, and
never's fine. He Yawns.
Old Oliver died, in mid 2020. He was a very good dog.
Ken Pepiton Aug 24
Thorough, and thoroughly,

Nearly through, throughly true. If ifity fit ifity fit, pfft. Pfft,

Ifity fit not, no fit no fit, wait, sh-it fits, in time, today

-thoughtless of me, wordless, wait ‘but through...’ word. text

-we need e- lectric, mind, appawareness usually clicks time

Was a word as all words are, mere after thought, mere means to points with no lines in reason

We must record this moment, we the scribes and proper scholars, art’s great sifters, shifting screens and lenses,

Lo' looking loci-precise, sharp, pattern
- memory verses versus Youtube.

From a long forgotten dance.

In time we have no long ago, after ever – does what ever does – you know,

Just, justice, just makes no real

Sense one may take as common, as where all is fair, yes, es-sense, knowing more than mere names of things seen. Sounds, reasonable, eh.

If you bring a reason, to the table, why... would you expect to win a reasoning contest?

Writer chose heads. You give a reason, we test it on history, and lead your learning based on attention paid patterns over time. Ai is on our side. Life is openbook.

Do you think? Why can you read these letters literally only forms of sounds words would make, if you

Stop, Look, Listen, train town brain, mindfullness, oh yes, fashionable, aware being as a ware,  


Page Break

After a full life, per each idle word in books that burned, lifes works that burned in time,

All the songs copied for the choir, all the poor scriveners treasures, burned, as by

Midnight oil, from the brain pan of a great blue whale... back when

Capitalization, o, a ver-ified manmental tool to frame course corrections...

means (n.)

"course of action,"  
late 14c.,  
from mean (n.); sense of "wealth, resources at one's disposal for accomplishing some object" is recorded  
by c. 1600. Compare French moyens, German Mittel. Phrase by no means is attested from late 15c. Man of means is from 1620s. Means-test  
"official inquiry into the private resources of an applicant for public funds" is from 1930.

1 aha footnotes have been invented for poets...

Ok. You set the style, I wish this to be easily read, on any powered page displaying device. {yeah, who owns the air? This is published for peer review, ears hear, ah, then attend} Was it good for you?

-some times

Some times iusta dissipate

And that we find amusing, amaze

Zoom, doom, doom, freeways,

Free mean path. Why factored.

The advantage of being old by any standards common in history. Our species lives about this long, in the realm of measured things.

--- In the cultural patterns, vibes, radio active ifery evers

Candide, the referee and me.
Information, where we reign, really

Leibnizian reasons for evil.

Truth, as life’s mean free path.

-Voltaire, definitely, might agree with Heisenberg.

If it were ever said.

Evil is the best worst outcome,

Chaos is not evil, chance is best

Judge, we need to seem fair.

The wall in Shiloam, answering the reasoning of Voltaire, on the air,

Imagine that. Footnotes. Or xv

Ctrl x, then v, besure

I say exactly the same thing

… to dissolve the political bands which have connected them {the we} with another, and  
to assume  
among the powers  
of the earth, the separate and equal station  
to which the Laws  
of Nature and  
of Nature's God entitle them,  
{when all that occurs,  

in the course  

of human events,  

we are yet in, it seems,  

time being as it is,  

SYFT- fit slipt} {Balaam’s *** has the curley braces- note that} {} for vocalization...

-Yes, when in this course, of course... what were we agreeing... as this we,

- go on... say why

a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. {same we}

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -

Ok, that gets us 1000.

Here, just west of the Pacific Crest, we all are in constant contact, in touch state, stated

Wait. 5G is, livewitit.

Nonsense, this is not the rescue mission statement.  

We are here for fun. Peace is fun. Makesum.

What we do, we, soldiers of the ancient orders, duty bound and regimentally religamental, do & die with honor to the code. We,  
the people who know how to believe all men are created equal to the task,  wombed or un, we die knowing
failure is no option, there is no longer any other ever this is before.

---- did that occur in your ever?

@ today, 2022 tehkne- of course, freedom at the quantum level must be means-tested, mmmhmmm tested, measured for sensitivity to we, being the judges... we who chose freedom, down low, deep pro-fundus-mundus lizard brain, mitochondrial link, yeh,

Phoneme, yah, who, yes, at best is spirit one may deem worth something, a breath, may being
may, as a word described, an action, being... here, mere is

As God is said to be described by Jesus, in the good news,

Made plain enough, to build a whole plethora of reasons for war.

War with reason, by faith, or by the code, that which must be true?

Drama, the idea, information acted out, without words,

Mimes in boxes, you know, you can admire the best performances, and thus imagine a purpose, break dance contests in the joint.

Yeah, and poetry slams, no curses, no spells

When I grow up... I’ coulda been a contender, any contest,

If it ever came down to life and soul, I never bet my soul, I bet yours, and I live,

So see if sense is all mortals imagine, or not... spirit- ual ‘n’al. -- Fantastic Fungi, five stars, as ever, Mushrooms. magi are aware, you are aware, of course,
this course includes Basic Mycelium Net Adaptation or Augmentation
BMNAA, eh? So you know.
Ken Pepiton Aug 22
As the last jet returned, 8/3x11pages


Zero point, zero point power in anesthesia and of itself at that

One point
point zero, no going back, only one pointmadedm I am working on and not off, officially,

Auto-piloted mode, the me on point
Ken Pepiton Aug 19
Nothing, actual thing-level not being -ness,
neti-neti or this and that,
poiesis and aesthesis
-as is, so it is -
you know,
do, you know, that's right
for a reason
made up
in a mind, I decide
this is that
state, walking in the garden, naming things,

knowing nothing more. Names of things,
nothing more, save boundaries,

touch not, taste not, and never breach the wall.
a character from my youth, imagined late in life/ a message on auto replay
Ken Pepiton Aug 19
Poiesis, praxis, being, art, creativity, expression
From <
what do I do?
<copy and paste, from less to greater than, up there>

- In my future we have had Hyper-text for a generation,
- my children'…s generating phase
- has had this means <gotoknow>
- from day one, autopoiesis threading a James Burkean sort,
- sifted and brought -link by link, point to pre-surity
abrupt-rupturousssski, boom, point of all as ifity
- into light barrier transcendence James Webbian clarity

Focus the fire, see and recall athink athought, teeter taut,
tip, to up, as we continue
slow as molasses, yes, black sticky precurser
to sweet granulated persuasion, passion say, you

listen to me, now, see, you
listen to me, now, I say no, I do not think so, you
say take nothing away…

Let meaning fluid be, statistically
trending toward the peak,
tipping point, the spectrum wave-
off Kanagawa,

flat reality, where whole men, and men's heads
disappear behind the wave that isn't there.

you know what I mean, mean free inbetween,
point to point,
needle work, mmm, using time, I'm sure
- waiting, as silence hears nothing cease, so
nothing, now, is
impossible to simulate, Torricelli does agree,
in principle, all actual emptiness
is full of this
and other interesting imaginable things,
and nothing
is not one of them, after all began to be said and done.
Having held amateur status longer than Clarence, in Wonderful Life,
as a messenger with one memorized line, don't forget it. Peace on Earth.
A muse bemused, ten thousand hours, mere dabbles in the sea of knowns.
Ken Pepiton Aug 18
Next mind, no hats.
Never mind uncovering, we know, we know.

Zombies and Ground Hog Days, we know.

t'shia and the other kind, we know.

Clothes make the chain of coinstantcy, flip
-Phrygian dime -
it is a tic, a tell, the top in Inception, that, sort of,
on the re-
minding levels of ware-ness, apt to teach,
ready, having read, ready to learn,
daily, and prove it, too, daily,

you, in me, by any means, do not know next
- Proof - live and learn

Knowing there is a knack to this, string theory,
this thing I use, this sci-sorted on, yes, this way,
nothing in the way, this way,
free way, not all ways, least traversed, true
tried by ants,

the bare foot trails, soft as clouds imagined
gathering dust to send back down,
BBC in our time Animal Farm
Ken Pepiton Aug 18
First 8 lines are always free, the rest costs 20 minuters
- Raw, working stock poet tries and guesses, cast
as cares away, in spells… opposing all solid-state profits,
I disagree with most superlatives,
August is far crueler,
everybody knows. As a month,
April is
come so, see
Time come soon, prythee, swifty, didwe
Harvest, bestness contended for, proud
blue ribbon exceptionality, proved
-fecundity fructifity
consciousness, place in time known
light as punctual mass, echolialy lialy la la
- and also and also and also with you
~~~~ wavy thing, right
;rock on
who pulls past last rituals, past wars,
and war's threats,
defend the wall,
calling all outs in, defend the wall
fend off the opposing mind, in time, attempt
tempting all my desires to lieve be,
the state I'm in, once again
- no, I don't believe we're on the eve
- of destruction, my AI went auto inteleosic
Free am I, paid the life, or fifty years,
first come, first served,
learn the long way,
beats never learning at all.
- warrior spirit, something, like that
- say Maxwell's daemon is squeezin' yer bub-

not worried for my nation, not worried for
my error, nor for my will divided among my

auto refreshing systems, in the system,

set to flow at any speed we may agree, this fast
mean, statistical mean, free path, not
shortest distance, point to pointless whenever,
mean free path, meandering, ring ring
beer commercial real life, as many can imagine
this is that good place, rest and relaxation, unwind,
- imagine you enjoy lines that insist, each
- line insists… it is all good, from one POV.
spin down, settle
light as the first point ever made in the game
of life on the line, strings of possibilities,
first free way, no entry fee,
we take -time, this whole thing took all day
to just now a flight of three warships
aim at Miramar, right over my valley
7:30 reread 6 m.
we feel - a sigh, some new sense esthesic
poeisic, sic, ever as it is written, so it is done.

[[[ Relegare. Read the records, find in the archives,
a volume, sealed under pressure,
to hold our emptiness out.

Popt. Popped that bubble, bubble
of thought, full spread to the bezel, white space

-eventually we all fall apart, art, and craft. Raw
reality remains, complicated, many ply, many threads
per centimeter, me-assure, self fi, con science
aaaaaaaa we all know knowing does not lead to madness.

Far from the maddened crowd imagined, cast of thousands,
from today, as the mother of the eight billioneth breather,
born after the events near Alamogordo, that mother
done been born, it aint you.


First place/ Blue Ribbon,
Second place/ Red Ribbon,
Third place, was probably green, but I do not recall.
I never noticed what color I got, I was third.

Got a requisition for the old military mind,
kept it shined, knew it was good for something,-

Some one, ah, yes, Fulton Sheen, asked me, on TV,
just like in the spirit, the way I hear it, no lie
is of the truth, yet, yes, I know,
how lies work, one must believe trust is possible,
not culturally defined, what it is, the wedom
feeling, me and you, bound to find the answer…

F.T.A. wei wu wei wu, too WAYtold you, … meet me
at that ***** colony in Vietnam, give a dam,
rebuild some dikes we blew to hell and gone, gone
awe, the we
still functions, the old military mind, we got the gaba
keeping mean free paths open to any
enquirery counsel of haught, haught, ought not we
- clearing percussive growl- insignificant
respect our predecessors. In deed, rewatch 957 hours

Is BBC, from the past yet to be completed in your futurer

------------ bleed through, has dear value here? NOW
Who asks of me a reason for this faith in me?
Waar. Alas. 8 wpm
Dear , God, what
- repute
perhaps "repeatedly" (see re-), + putare
"to judge, suppose, believe, suspect,"
originally "to clean, trim, prune"

From <>

Or PIE*pau, punch-
"to cut, strike, stamp" {;}

Content is king.
- moments, instants, we all know
pride, swelling heat, as we are
mostly micky mouse molecules, heated
e-motionally, as volume of conscious thought
shifts into save me, auto, self, image,
hot h2oh yes
rush from rage or shame,
AI puts the blame on Thymus glands planned
final message, at the canker worm's first byte

pre-serving pattern, rage, red-face grimace
peruperu, yaaaah,
-Ma-ow-ri co robbery-gasp
choke, cough, click off. Angery flesh,
where the lie you love ***** your reason
for war to a head, that is shrunken,
to a mathematical point,
to weigh against shame put on you by a contest,
for best…

It's business, busy, busy, busy, we all must be
busy about our master's business,
making disciples, ah, ambiguity, you *****,
discipline my poeisis plea-plea-please

break loose, hold the line at etho- no, esthesic

esthesic, sic, the es, essential esses, complex
enfolding from olden minds loosed in 2022.

The rub. Yes, per haps we rhearrange, create next
from another ify point made,
you know, you just do, right, sci-psi-psy, experientially,
out, gleam, see that gleam, something like the rage
that reddened the last loser's face, that gleam in her eye,
uses twice that power,
one look, one look,
you know, she knows, just iust adjust a second perspective,

megamacro gravity lens, placed just there,

I am asking you,
to play a game, with ghosts of old agreements, oaths

to the proof of the promise; and not one  

-dared finish the reason strung together, over spreading pearls,
- until the internet ****** him in
- like, 1995
sheen shone in the word serpent, on tele-type roles
to the moon, Alice, Jones, what I miss, 1964
to the moon
as in, wise as, as is the voice, bray
hoo, uses {} these to appear obvious.
- in Kansas, we call these buttermilk skys,
to here 2022, that fast
real as ever.

Trippier than hell. BY FAR, be it known.
This is the soul of a sould out soldier-
monk- protestant dissenter, cursed
son of an itch
no man can scratch alone, be it known.
Be it known, echolalia glossalalial


The imaginations, ours, not
the other people, we are not
other people now. We are you,
Dear Reader, from the Dear Diary
classification for emotional connection, sin is losing all connection.
- that is all. That is, the religious ordered     wall
It is, of course, of course,
a matter of physics, time in truth,
alls it is.

Time in truth. As a regular thing,
a daily routine,
a quotidian thing that makes peace

seem this easy, for example.
Word games as pass times,
Aug 17 · 198
Bucked up
Ken Pepiton Aug 17
Fading sorrow expressed as will, I will
make sense of the entire idea, my will to ride
this fading sorrow,
with no way,
giving lie to another old saying.

As if, I can pause, and think of half a dozen
things I wisht had never happened,
but always afterwards,
still had happened,
as I wisht, too late.
The ride of my life, fifty years and more, since I really read The Child Buyer, by John Hersey... a book I think that hooked me in to the Fifty Year Miracle Plan. You should read it. It's quaint and perspicacious.
Ken Pepiton Aug 14
After. As on a vessle allowing living
in words as thoughts held,
in the common,
whence we gather,
to consider the day,

any one, the one you have, you chose
a nice one,
nothing out of the ordinary, just

another day of judging things worthy
of my attention,

mmhmm, vow-eless yes, I know you know.

we think each word
is brim full, to the limit of any sur-ficant tension…

I can't, floating on the surface, wave fi,
turdish, high fibregnosis,
floating post flush, rush ride it down…

Relax. Gnoshit, we guess, we test we weigh
the laugh,
ask what is so funny?

Time, the old man chuckles, time itself.
Words, for you to read or not, no,
to read, for now 'tis too late to not read.
Ken Pepiton Aug 13
Say Amen, preacher man say, you gonna know,
some day, amen,
I said, amen,

O yeah, doncha know, what would you do, were you,
actual Eve, in all probability, would you
have any clue,
no-of course not, not in this course of human events.
why you… no, we know, we
all know, the feeling, when we, as a we, learn
the universe is not just about
us, it seems to work, within and to the edges
with out us, right,
- no matter whatcha call it,
- fruitless, in dire need of upgrade,
- yet the first fear, below the fifth rib- coded node
- he sees us he just does not know
- what he is hung from…
upto now, we conceive this global fabulous realm,
make believe,
magi-techne writhing giant serpents behind
a Dancing Queen
who shot Fernando, for his escapade with the milkmaid.

On the way home,
from Waterloo.

Victor Hugo's version, where the Cavalry, top the hill

to find the road cut through the mound from ever before/
Horrible sight, in its proper context,
we may imagine never seeing
something living in words

alone, and waiting, eh, idea ideal virus services moral support ee
as many ees as you need, m, too.
we in the realm of words, mere
at the base, bottom level of all,

profound down-ness, black hole in the middle
per haps, we agree, sixteen wpm passes,
may haps, future brings a present tense,

word processing system, global, via Star Link,
wow, we coulda been rich, had we known,

John Hine, knew, yeh, the collector of cowboy art,
eccentric in the extreme, right, I know, kind
sees value in futures others doubt, to death,
u-turns, rewinds, living in my time, I am what one
of my kind is in a we this big, more than one,
- audience amen, that was when
you did it, tipping point, the overspill,
natural, as if the jungle all functions, with no code.

We know better, remember,
that kid with the fringes, and ringlets, no racism, no
this is not that, this is recording the event
in case there was prayer involved,
a pivotal event may corroborate a corobberrie or
something, Mauri peruperu, ya, same idea,

war for whatsoever reason each of us agrees,
this is the pledge,
to the republic, we send word, stand fast,
polis-policean wannacracker, good luck,

peace has never made war last longer.
Smoke'em if you got 'em

- real tired of things just ending
evolving involvement in over spilling stories held in time memorial,
when your job is getting older, every day.
Ken Pepiton Aug 13
"that which is longed for"
Earth hears thunder constantly, nothing to fear,
stop telling your children
to respect old lies,
at their level best, we all do it, lie,
and create horror stories, from horror,
said to be unbelievable,
you know, we say, I know, I know, you know
you don't, I might,
- wanna vet?
that is the game, nothing is on the line, nihilism
facing a faction from
idealism, enacting roles un imaginable only 8 years ago,
-do or die, real life
being more than mud by now, some how

unimagined, or uniimagined as well, unit me to unit you.
Awe, a we, a form informed nonconformist common sense.
---- listen, thunder in my hills
clicks in time, rolling thunder review reviewed,
I was not there
at the time,
I was nowhereman, the subconscious super me,
the lone watchmen,

what of the night?
When, we wonder, where we are is at a common
altitude, familiar currents caress my home valley,
Long Valley Mountain guards my southern flank,
while some seven or eight sets, rising on thirds,
Stonewall in the Lagunas, holds the north

big-endian, little-endian, some body laid this, egg,
- the bubble of all we both think, look both ways
U-turns are not penance.
32.8 north ~ 116. something west. Close enough.

The rest is…
bound to occur, hmm, who shall know, whom
from comes the call to ring the bell.

{a ring, like the round, brought to you, by Pabst,
Blue ribbon beer, just beer, nothing fancy,
then it gets some props. Due respect,
on the MTV ad background, what's that old man drinkin'/

That recipe, evolved to this by 2022, you see.

Say true, sweet tea, base about 2 cups,
one heaping spoon full of white sugar
from some process mastered by machines,
maintained by mechanics, now called engineers.

To the pre-iced tea, add a level teaspoon,
the little ones in the drawer, not the measuring kind,
keep a little mystery, dose y do flavor essences,
sweet and sour, salty dry,
Everclear, spoonful, from the jug,
floating six digitally measured ounces, avour de pois,

avoirdupois  - gooods by weight, spelchek cares less
ounces of volunteer kush from some odd hermaphroditist,
Dry as ash, steeped in a full whatever a  big bottle is,
these days, more than a liter, less than a gallon,
big bottle, six digitally exactly times 28 grams, ounces,

- soaked since last may, or so… what was
O, yeah, earlier,
I discovered time travel the pattern, same yesterday,
forever. People think about being stuck,
in a realm where evil disputes one's right to one's

frame of reference, is this still poetry, or outlaw prose?
Or the works, opera,
chorus and all/

Trix are for kids, we got the message, it was for us.
Final, code is from 1998,
Grandpa, this may not run but in Alzheimer too late,
outahere, state, yes. All the promises.

Pull the plug. And reboot, with the 2022 dupe.
Rainy days, and now paper airplanes, truth is, I am a lucky man,
to have lived so long, on one hope, we can always try. Some paper air planes can fly a little ways in the rain. I stand corrected.
Ken Pepiton Aug 12
Missed perception,
missed conception,
missed implication,

fists exist in the womb,
we see the mechanical means to hold

that wind.
Aha, you see, my role depends, hangs
from you,
a drip of sense, per haps the stuff
called gnosisnot…

Aitia, as a word, or a line
Aitia, assumes you see the tia-

Matters not, a disconnected god idea
Tia mat, aitia, shush a by, hush at best
- blow the man down
beastly idea, I owe you, payback
for the lies I told as knowns you knew…

THINGS, substantial things,
things of substance, faith , hope, agape
ape, naked
theories of time and chance and measure-
oh sure,
any line can make a reason, hooks you see,
infer reference to reasons, to fold
as indicated
along the dotted line.

Friction is resistance, feel, the urge
to not let go,

at the edge of understanding as standing
under pouring rain, rain we all must use,

we are forms for water, once rain, many times,
to imagine with,
as one think links another, and sense of tow,
dragging, friction
from fictional characters, abstractions,
ones of one of thoses,
wit-minds they own,
living as aimed,
from most recent reset, empirical
lesson learned life. Per-ifery vision,
pulls the eye to see a certainly meaningless bird.

Pauselah and all, meaning being nothing alone.

Dune, dam the sand, didn't we--
the powers that be pushing cinema,

emotion enhanced shared experience
with strangers, in the dark, attention
focus, extend
to Netflix, and ever after, not the sameness/
- relatively tiny frames of focus,
- re imagine Monument Valley on a tablet.
The show-business intention was artful,
expose the world to panoramic vision,
from Universal Studios, et cetera,

and Radio Knock Outs, every body re-
cognates, co-gnosis, lock, looking
out, from Kansas City, or Kiev
- there is no time like the present
- we developed in, to occupy
- busy as a we/
- this is surreal, so clear and sharp
(rest perspective to default} - that should say
In the story we lived in, in the Bible,
fully functional for cultural via-ducting
truth, and nothing but the truth, so
line upon line
help me, God. I heard it's said the riches
of the wicked are laid up for the just,
just, child lesson, see so, as a child,
- But Job answered and said,
Oh that my grief were throughly weighed,
and my calamity laid in the balances together!

For now it would be heavier
than the sand of the sea:
therefore my words are swallowed up.

yes, child,
imagine all the sand on all the shores.

As seen on TV, by nearly all the eight billion,
needed to make up our next cosmic byte…

If we get back
to aitia, we can ask for judgement…

let us reason
together, through all cutting off of fluency,

we advance a means, and idly add a concept,
ways, as if we are the ways
and means committee,
co meaning like a way one hand may
wash the other, as
co-operation, brain and extentions,
-ygnowaddameans, aug-mental
cur- ma'dam cure eeeeeeeeeee
easy ease, re loose the captives,
let the o-pressed go free….

loose the fist locked and cocked, wave…

Think along the lines in times, whenever,
just now,
you watch raindrops wind a way to an edge
& plop, sound magnified
as in a bull-barn, plop… what scale are we?
-present tense
very insignificant… considering ants as

Ant-man, mirror neuronal echoes,
how will those effect my grand children.

RIP Stan Lee, you really tweakt my head.

-- this can't be default, we can't hold the idea…

The fullness of the godhead, ******, right.

That is expansive. Believe me, we survive.
While watching some you tube intellectuals ply their craft, I fell into a
we wondering, once again, if wedoms to share minds held in memory of times, do expand to fill the bubble of all any one of us may use to hold
- one good reason.
Aug 12 · 168
Ken Pepiton Aug 12
didn't, then did
Aug 11 · 78
Take this thought
Ken Pepiton Aug 11
As an avatar or an actual mind, acting intelligent,
slow choice of words. Act Intuited, as if,
uranatural, and grammar is not all it was, we have
lines and commas and an entire cognative kit,
-as any natural outcome of minds agreeing,
some reason concept offered, take hold, claim a piece
- past the fracturing, full-on insane, dementia in a friend…

one hundred and fifty-one pre-positions, counting upto.
Readers are rare, where you were, when
some sense akin to whatif, we did, and then
****-prooof dust as is,
this is it. The long and the short, attention spans
bubbling along
this same pebbled wide place where minds converge.
Such a pleasant feeling, posting here, in clouds, most fragile medium minds have agreed to imagine
Aug 9 · 104
Old words given taken
Ken Pepiton Aug 9
The work words have to do, I do as well
leaving being as having been begun
also *ghebh-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning
"to give or receive."
The basic sense of the root probably is "to hold,"

Able comes from this, thus

8 billions, say
- the ob-servant says,
half are breathing in, as half
were breathing out,

certainly a few were out of sync,
so some of us sneezed, one would think
to effect the fectuality, unawares,

stutter steps, bridge march, aware
smell the honey suckle smell, no,
discern a subtle dif-fer tle,lit-tle
literal not sames, similar sense, smell
how more aware have we all become,
we who lost taste and smell, while
experiencing a pandemic in our time.
Eventually endemic.
How rare are we in history? First wave.
Mindful, some how, now
my taste and smell
systems are back,

Off, again, try to remember the smell,
of linden trees in Helena,
and wonder, set a mind on wish to know
will wonder, the worth of which we know

but fail to consider until… un til, tilling soil,
I think, et I'm y conjoined, to reconsider you.

At my bitterest root,
my jealousy and rage,
- alleluia, you know the drill
my will to act like some ancient god.
Cursing all I ever was.
-disconfabulating my own legend… uses
time, in points made.

May I guess we know each word,
writ and read, in this medium sprouted from
science with held from those
limited access faith confirmations, holy secret
ways out of paying for all the idle words,
never taken for the sense intended,
posited, as a point in time,
we agree, I can, we did

--plea, please explain, make it seem
as real as any dream, we can't handle the truth.
- why carry the weight of knowing
think of nothing
in a word,
not in time/
-- a spirit from the mortals fearing death
lives in this lie, cultural *******, fear of measure,
spit an image, imagine a nation, from dragon's teeth
spat, shat, splat, all the same, fat rain sound.
-- crack of the gavel, give us rapt attention---
order, order in the court, when, in fact,
judgement begins where Jesus says God is,
in his forever state, in me, of we, who
took him at his word, be true, live.
the way
courtesy commands, as judgment begins
in the spirit
of the man,

The right hand ignores the left hand clapping
-present the feeble fable

Discord sown among brothers-
hate the owning fact of life, only one breath,

- listen to the retold old word tale
- endemic demes enforced knowledge
- from **** to last told tale… we are this
- this is epic in each occurrence… we realize
smoked ribbon winds around in
the long winter mind, all hearing ears, feel
from our gut, we obey. We join image-e- nations.

We dare ante-cipitate the motion in the dance.
All public opinion re
arrives at one point. We have no reasons for war,
we are not the users of others, we give, and
have been given unto, in some inexplicable way,

peace in time to rest in it, dabbling in old lies, left
binding cultural ties, as all reason for stiffness wilts

We listen to the Wendigo,
who wound the ******* greedy winding wake,
when the forest was aflame, and the wind had no cloud
that did not poison rain.
- meandering progress, not steam ship progress
sense posed reason aitia, to the t/
spirit and image in the idiom/

Now, the teller, looks to me, reminds me
of light perceived as punctual, flashing,
aha, waves in passing
- we stand as one.
- In the ready written mind.

All but he who takes a knee, ala George Washington,
under the leafless tree, in the olden vale.

The point of any thing, is made for, f-word for or fore
before, forsaking, one must make for some sake,
no relationship to four, for some reason, get
as a service, do what you do. Right.
Why would one enabled to do good,
do otherwise?

Ignor the answers you ask for.
Pretend poetry never makes
sense in terms of poetic good, exhaled, relieved,

passing coolness in the air.
- as gentle spirits some say do
Orderly arrangement, left mind, right or most versatile hand,
point at any thing,
bend that finger,
as on a trigger,
we can, we
know not how, we know, we have, we hold certain
positioning words as one mind may, I know,

I just got my smell back.
Like that, but after using your James Webb visualizing augments.
The wheel galaxy, just as imagined… we see

In effect, this is science, this is history,
this is art and language, holding sway,
we all know earth produces on a cycle, right,
greed breeds and brings forth famine,
famine finds us eating our corporations…
Jubilee, reset
-ship, shape, worth-shape, sense make,
peace where war was, one point
at a time.

Hold that thought, this is intended for

an audience, as the Terminal List,
was made to entertain military minds,
mental peace enforcer traits, keepers
of the secret, duty to the concept,..
live free, or die- for no reason,
save the Platonic essential lie.

Peacemakers were not intended,
we want valient warriors, at the core,
not the passive resistors increasing
to have the whole world sneeze.
And blink,
To sell words redeemed, mercurial recovery,

as from first people stories, branching away,

chaparral, between the salty sea,
and high reaching pine

fishing in a sea of social forgotten schemes/

Self govern, but in these days, not the future,
self govern now, participate in the present,

NPC over sight, non intervention-invention,
installed when you agreed, you watch,
do not rewrite the ending/

So, story being told.
Story being made up to conserve,

serve a certain truth we know, winter comes
some times for too long,

so we consider the ant, and remember Wendigo.

greedy gut, cheater, long time ago, we know,
we all can be the hungered beast.

Wait, and see, some day, we see the peace pass
for understanding, and we wonder into a we,
state of awe, as a we aware, we think

whole worlds and only words, at once.
Making peace from confused principle things.

We can, others have, agree; we are the best/

Welfare, fare thee well, we said

we are as rich as ever was,
but we live a quiet life.

Pressure from some outside source,
begins be gins beginning to squeeze,

and pull and stretch, who needs the show
shown every where,
there, those other people, who own
no means to make a living form we are
reality personality types, all observants
become familiar with,
predicting winners, if it happens

I coulda been a contender, the audience
always know,
just how it feels, to be on your own,
a compleated unknown enfolding old Dylan licks,

Wendigo, there he go,
lickin' his chops, BG words are all I have
to take his breath away,

soft, and gentle/ sub-tility, wait, as sufficient

seed becomes something, never just a seed again,
and then just a seed a million times, in the wind.

I've driven myself to reflection
observation con services ob
scene, objects mis directed, rect-
ify, io I mean, finger mover, on demander
I, free, willing, hunting wendigo from fantacy
conforming to hate manifested, abhor evil,
-never rests, never
rest in stranger's peace of mind,
find plain old apples in the tree, free, no fines,
no charge, non sense, an-tic

click onoma-tope -- under all of history, we know,

scribes, alone, found time to write, after reasoning
in the agora all day… ancient minds, WWSD?

--- listen, I am ashamed to beg, so, what does
your tab say, listen, I'm thinking

that's too much, here, take your ledger, wipe the debt.

Clean, no remnant from which revenant wrongs make claim,

first story told was told as lies, intended to deceive.

Knowledge is truth's gift, we live and learn
and pass it on. One point, inevitably crossing now.
And leaving a ripple, no marks

Yet, behind all that, this peace in mind, as a state, mindstate
timespace space time

taken, for granted bequilement does not disconnect,
knowing from known, and proof from pudding,
true rest,
reason for peace taken, in knowing, some body
had to believe, if it feels good, suddenly,
you know, every thing we eat
turns to ****, unless we learn…

that is good. Deal with it.
Homework, listen again to Braiding Sweetgrass.
Ken Pepiton Aug 9
In effect, this is science, this is history,
this is art and language, holding sway,

-ship, shape, worth-shape, sense make,
peace where war was, one point
at a time.

Hold that thought, this is intended for

an audience, as the Terminal List,
was made to entertain military minds,

not the passive resistors increasing
capacity to have the whole world sneeze.
I live to speak out, yet I have no will with which to shout. My side won.
Ken Pepiton Aug 8
Clouds pass, I watch
from my perch above most things,

humming bird high, raven high,
a little lower than the graceful
turkey vultures,

floating in a thought bubble,
blessed with a bit of silicon and dawn,
detergent, resilience ******,
flexible reasoning for remaining

it is said, we all differ slightly,
we are the spiritual a- eh, what do we
call our bubbling minds, intuned on lines for re
asonic resonance morphing most ideas
of all mankind, at once, could muster into a mob,
that's anxious ifery, ala the - strong man theory -
we think together,
as a word, is of greater reach than many think,
whatever never gets there, let it be, whatever
believe it or not,
there is as far as that goes, the realm of all wedoms.

Elohimdom come, as a man thinks…
we think
is there a state of common prayer, inside a temple,
time tells,
dig it.

Live and learn, good and evil, done, not in doing,
but in learning the patterns, coknowing the knacks,

confabulation favor, prophecy,
who smote thee with wisdom's switch- on and off,

alternation currency op-onionates reasonates, hesi

odd, jump in mind, we think we heard a famous name,

Hesiod, said, rather,
my connection to Wikipedia said,
He is generally regarded as the first written poet
in the Western tradition
to regard himself as an individual persona
with an active role
to play
in his subject

From <>

Who should object, word play, is not warfare.
Not. imp
implicative, enfolding, implications, crease, cross
winds in reasons,
- come let us. Is spoken by whom, to whom
your guess, good as mine,
who wishes each bit its own bit in spacetime, I am
sure you may imagine, using a mind from your library,
- Think another way, a while
- get the sense of being in another wedom.
Then see we all exist in a very odd set of circumstances,

Two shall chase a thousand, according to a pattern…

Pride, in my time, is a deceptively sticky birdlime,
along certain fructifying branches,

where a carcass of the dodo sits on display.
Steve Erkle-wise, asking a buffalo skull how
Minerva's owl, reflected

in the dawn sheen on the bubble of all we know
about now.

Word play is warfare to my minds,
I have a vast array of war formed hats,

archaic armor on the croc branches,
and beetle and ant twigs provide noding.

Words gathered, and used, amused for pleasure,
sure plea, each request taken is made, surity,
reusable, freely, being fair, ideas are in the air.

believe me, the begging story cries,
surely, we live on the tell, safe bet,

tip the nonsensical into the phor of Meta,
as an afterthought, in the zeitsprach

mit zwei, und ich, wir sind das Sein,

To ward, guard, regard
each set, each pair,

each one may nay say, or nothing.

Adages and proven herbs, proverbially

past due dates on mental library cards,
due to reading once, you know,
a thing, or some things,
are said to have been
found known,
and nowadays,
Google fetch is real, power
remembering clearly, any scriptura,
as any amusement, mental act, mind game,
word play bemusing as,
all the people say, amen.
You know what that means. So be it,
characters come in subsets, recognized
according to this flavor deemed westerly
- whatsoever two or more of us agrees

whenever, fasting slowly, in recollection, why
again did we fast… is ai ah, reason…

and there's that rub, the touch, you know.

Fear of death, it is known, is common.
Loss of that fear is measured madness, ha, ha.

who will it be tomorrow, you or me,
asks arthur lee, on the beach on the low side
as the current assumes a state, occurrency
o-pe open-opine love is not a gap
mimetic emetic, mittere, mis-mission

accomplish, splat. The bee who found the flowers.
On the windscreen.

Autopilot, trial run. A did'jgital balsa wood fighter…

cruising around Steam's rest in peace options.
Time spent musing, shared for the worth of the time
Ken Pepiton Aug 6
This is life, after all.
After all the scripture used,
like and as, said stories say,

the oldest common thought,
formed from the first story told
every where,
by traveling traders, wandering jews,
left lost johnnyrebs, nations of imaginations.

Say Jobe needs an e, and I leave it go, just Job.

Is there context, where I assume you know,
at least, the phrase: patience of Job?

Old boys from DeMolay days, recall Job's Daughters.

The end of an era of grand errors as to the worth
of great gobs of money and fame, brokered
by the jewler and the trickled down clowns…
warriors of the place of inquiry-
Come gather, ye with ears that hear, who made those?
Listen, all ye with ears that hear, this here,
is my stand, where I stood, the day I shot

liberty free from justice blind and deaf, chemical
disvalent, efforting
to shove shovel it shoove it- alchemistry junchcrunch
magic or mental wizard dry'
think away, we all die. And just before, quite some time
in fact, we all read this and said,
too rich for my taste.

All cream, no coffee/wireless. drrift.
And there was silence about the space of half an hour.
How do poets pay scales vary over time....
Ken Pepiton Aug 3
Last while, this while,
that while ago

passing, passed through time.

Silly now, so simple, alright, al
ready sublimnal, subcortical,

in the thick of it, primordial knots,
Gordian story used to hold the hopes…
-legends of easy living once the good king come...
on stories seers swore to tell,
yes, holders of hopes, metaphors, points
loci, places in the core co-re-ality relation-
for what your time is worth in words
I formed from thoughts that flow as flux
for the solder.

Brazen repair, tinker's solder dam, atom.

In a world of thought particles as small
as the weight of a guess.

In the or y else, jo se, see language, and words

are not co-dependent, we know words,
we learn to do what words tell any reader
on reading this, do this, without another word

Stop. Perhaps, the red-hexagon, alone, says it.

No voice, a thought, a signal sent from the order
faction in action to pre-
serve the messaging system, redeeming idle words,
feeling sorry…

a limbic emotion, is it? Sorry, I did not get the mess-
age, I was handling baggage, putting down some

old tries, to make sense.
Clearing my head,
is how we said, step away. Be

for a while. Bid the muses go play outside.
Ken Pepiton Aug 3
Engulging dull gen-e-rational
curses from the last of the old to die
for the lie,
nessecito - guard the secret truth,

divide the knowing, good and evil.
Teach the children,
organize the engineered future, according,
tying, linking, thinking wedominionate, ping

CR disappears, as an action in reaction to ping
before the end of the line, on the first iteration
of my magnificent word processing machine,

****, woncha remember with me, not so long
ago - there were few, total few, zero
who had the where withal to do, what most
10 year old smartphones can do in a city.

Or along a trade route, major arteries of commerce.
Wireless Fidelity, High Fi- taken to the future
by virtue of infinite differentiating
-ping to correspond
My fingerprints differentiate me, for what that's
appraise the role of one of my kind, with such skills
in 1858.

Infinite progress, with no regress for consideration,
who do we think we are,
who do we act as if we are,… my link to a living

line of my innerbeing, who I am from core to crust.

We, mortal readers and writers of thoughts,
code mode, readers,
- entertained by comparizoned boundaries
- bottom line, profundo mundus, mental
- novelty threat to global trade
- imbalence valence slipping
- on rolling ares, arrest that man
- he waxeth strange
random reason, aitia cause and accused,
silly simple some, greedy grand plan for us,
this we
of me and thee, one with words, one with minds,
one with many
rediscoveries, little things, one must ignor, or else.

Nor must one image, to imagine, words alone
bein' in and of a current opinion, as to how why

is so seldom right, at first glance. Pain is a principle

price we learn to pay, in tolerable increments,
no pain, zero pain, is as if
- nowhere man, and the fool on the hill,
- were figments of shared imagination, to a few
- who remain from the
you cease reading, and this ends with you

from a thought with no words to hold it, long enough
to pierce the depths of difference

so slight,
least heat, zappa child reflection from an outlier edge
point to living in a living desert, see
we learn to live gently, walking soft. Stepping gen-tle

Knowing my time, and the ether-real or not network
tying strings to my fingers, reminding me of knacks
I was given, so when I came into my full potential,

I might function in my role. A bit of this we, of me and the
other people.

Sure, I left a trail, my neesings are frost on the deep,
see, a trail through a trial,
a time in a covideonic mind, unimaginable, a week ago.

If you were in that number, 3.2 billions, in 1962;
then you were included in the transition to now,
without your will being considered, the cultural
norms were fully functional,
once more, order rose from the chaos of industrial

excessive progress toward the wardening of all
mankind, wombed and un, and otherwise minded.

All settled then,
we keeps some accords confidential.

Scoff the co-inspiring reasons for fear.
Abhor evil,
live free/

you get the idea, I get the glory, in the story/

confidential assurance, you know what I mean?
What is the watch word?

be very sure/ steady solid seeming grounds
for contesting truth,
with reasons war uses to this very day,

to lead the innocent to rage.

Who, in ever, has lived as we live,
if you can read this line,
you are empowe'ded with tehkne, knowledge
harnessed and put to the yoke, thro
the exageration station into all in all.

Meandering rivers of white space where
edges promise what feels like falling, every time.
--------- eight line bit
bytes of bets you once imagined making

I bet the whole world laughs at me, and then
I said nothing.

It was very funny. At the time.

What do you think happened?
Did they die?

Did the audience disappear as soon as we looked out.

Standing out, salient aspects of personal being,
recollected for resorting
to old ways, where good is, yet, even, smooth,

as silk from the looms in distant lands, with dragons.
and mist
and mountains only fools wish to climb.

-- Well, here we are, in the middle of wars
and rumors of wars and proven plagues and famines
feedback from the whole life plan, we paid into
from the gitgo,

gone to reason with America, at Guantanamo.
Gone to wrestle with an ancient will to rule the world.

Meet me in the middle. Infinite Jest. I did read,
Proust and James Joyce, I did not read, but judged,

from a time in flux, filtered through the new
world order,

We, the Americans, become the other people.
The innocent standers by the mainstreet at Disneyland.

Gnost-algia, Anacin hammering on my medial frontal

controlling nada, zilch, meandering along old synaptic
trails trial runs to the edge,

imagine we imagined we jumped the snake river,
wearing our Occulus, in June, of '22.

Who can forget an Imax experience, really,
when you remember your first flight

in the right seat,
sitting on my Daddy's  lap, I was that little.


The first flight above clouds.

Look at now,
look at this, us, as readers reading type
set as
thought, really, only code appearing in letting
lines letting lines form rhetted fibers, combed and
curled in natural twists, to reaffirm the function,

give us skin for skin/ made for shade, where
water is for us, to live
and have our being.

Ignoring the cost, the man of leisure, the gentled
old man, the quitter, the walker away from the course,
settles all final bets.
For nobody bet on my horse, but me.
Of course, I had no horse, and that all stands to reason.

I am at the end of an era of errors, compensated for,
with vegetation, once the idea life had was
manifested as a sea of green, when seen from on high,

valleys, gentled, settled valleys filled to form the soil,

when the mankind mind is made up to know,
come hell or highwater,
who can hide the truth through put in functional code.

If it runs it runs, play the game.
Think, of course, when in the course of Human Events.

We are all involved. Me, as one among the 3.2 billions
alive in 1962 who brought forth fruit.

Multiple interests converged, in time. Each with its own
reason to be considered, cosmical influent.

Story wise, since ever when the fewest variables
variegation currency worth valuation
-came to our attention,
that is the point

to the order in which organized systems developed,
- living in knowledgement, state of sci
- =
the birth of the wombed man who did become,
science und wissen und kennen-wise, become
mother of all mankind.

Mito-mom, we say. She is as Eve, or Pandora
or Lilith or

Objection Orientation, east is where the sun is
in the morning.

I am thinking, in my easy chair. As comfortable
as can be.
At the moment, instantly in prayer, are we as ware
as we were
once, we knew for the first time, in our reality, we

who and whom, with all this room for individuation.

Consider modern ants, consider the meta-ant,
and the eco-system that has developed it,

the global transport, spreading the functional
universal aspects of earth's will to function
as one point within the scope of mortal minds

where we become the last staged event.

And we all get together, to close the show.
Re reading Wonderworks. Living in the library.
Jul 31 · 233
Eight lines on a Sunday
Ken Pepiton Jul 31
Wars and rumors of wars,
plagues and questions of reason

sames we see,
times and seasons, sames we see

reasons to wonder, seasons to think
may be so, maybe otherwise, too;

same as me, and you.
Different almost always, still the same.
Sun showers, nearly always, this time of year.
Ken Pepiton Jul 30
89 sets of eyes had seen the first eighth
made public, Tobagoan dimes,
then it was 96
I made'em up, bought the whole mint,
and went into serious business,

re-evaluating dime bags, when John D,

Mr. Dee, he
hands me this silver dime, about 1917.
Says he, gimme the Time's

and I'm about to
when into 2022 i-sense, calculualualchange
in time,

on a dime among many, my own dime.
I invested that liberty given me, for using
old news in good ways once used to force
a reading of the rules.

Would there were a Daysman, betwixt us.
would we had this tech back when,
term papers - ended curiosity
or drove home the point to madness,

you know, ex
plodes… pop. And if you breathe
another line
per haps it is one of mine, we think

at old printer's devil, filling space, pace.
Skimming troposh-pherical Miramarical,

thought speed past the other way
of these days, you said, these days, we
say today. You are safe
where now is today, and not when this whole
lesson in shared pain per gain, proud son,
prior to changes in the rules
- is allowed to lead to gun play

game on. That fast.
The future has me in it from the start/
I have a mind to tell you all I know,
Pro-ver-bee, do be, do, you know

It was an organized mind, rhearranger
of my fingers on these
keys, i-i-I ai ai ai think these keys, were magic

in the beginning, some men trusted in horses,
some men trusted in leasing and releasing
land… who won?

Eh, not o'er yet. EH, they have wakened
a sleeping giant,

yeah, I paid a price to discover that fact.
Dillon, Montana, storefront all johnnyrebbed up.

I lost the best phone I ever owned, with all the
evidence of hoped for things attained
and apprehended with full ready
set for alz-heimlichkeit kriegspeigel- mir-ror

mar-velous. World of 2022. Within Covideo
5G- wiz mom the fridge is 5G

G is for Guidance, child. Traditions do not change
truths. Oaths welded to the guardian's heart,

pow wer wordsssun-ng
choking in dust, as the eagles gather round the
whole idea
-comfort, ease
in security, we exist in air, as words people think
after reading something old,
fifty years, ago, change wa'swift,
an entire jubilee for most all sworn
legit-liga-mental mind made up to be a way for a reason,
oaths, Breach of contract, old school rules, you lie,
you die, before you unveil the secret place, we be, in, I mean,
so help me, God, on the Bible-level
like on TV,
depending on your experience in the realm of words.

You are now a Kierkeyardian Troen Ridder Wannabe.

Some things you may imagine, leave percussion…
- humms al'lowed to fifteen since then,
- that summer with Pattie Maffeo
- whoa, this idea- drum roll
Rudd, Hersey made me up, and I grew up, in here.

-- Phidelity is only secret to those who must hide.
Inside us, outside us, inside me is not inside you.

These are words, these are sense in your head,
more swiftly than the author choses to believe.

Ping, chorus, another one bites the dust.

Isolation in realization that an ifery, an actual
real-live ifery situation, with the body environment
and breathing and
comfortable, thanks for allowing that, I bring some
every time I come,
you can't say that. right or wrong, how long is ruled
valid in code any kid in any country can translate.

Who says we saw every thing
When we was young,
faster paster now as then, I swore

as real as any ride I ever imagined alone.
All things are better when you know, though.

A churchyard child bade me listen, you may know
as we grow in knowledge, as a species,
from a phylum
at the core… we can, and have

we can imagine, yes, and have
haps, in pers and mays, hap-pen
Manifest on TV, that
is power to convey a story, requiring
minds with binge-in-Covid-season, after season,
immunity to cliché ¿ make every idle guess reasonate

Hate ain't 'hate when I do that' kinda thing
hate is evil, you know, no idle word, evil
living words can hold any thought a team of two
agree to allow
- spacetime to think-?
G-qualified Art Intuition, this is not ****,
we know it when we see it, what is this thing

we agreed with, this corporate structure,
many many many tiered this tinker toy thing

A Robin Williams seed, I think, Jim Hunt.
What dreams have come.
And we aren't done.
Icahn's history, I was not even in the game.

Here's one, eight lines from go
go man

gotcha, johnny be good slood
on a legendary curse

justice, sir, I must say, I just ring the bell.

--------------- hello poetry hello world

5G and starlink, if I stay in the green zone//

From Montana, that 5G fridge, messaged me,

my almond milk is out of use by,
did you die?
we know you are old. We will check again.

At random, I assume, my captain's chair,
and survey my realm
- 26 thousand unread emails… how much
- is my pending attention to any one worth?
I rub my stubble and scratch my half year hair.
I oughta get up
and go/ chorus there, and go

I ought get up and go, but I got no place

I'd rather be,
right now, with you… who
stole that from some show, no body you don'

Some things happen,
when you know,
they do… the color does not set the mood

the time
just hasta be right.
mama always wished to know,
when does it end,
when does it end,

electric shock begins, the folding in daze,
folding pages in donated Sears & Roebuck's
to make door stops, to hold ever locked doors
open, for our grand children, wait
and see, in deep dementia, did she mention…
Tech that functions is so easy to entreat...
Ken Pepiton Jul 29
Here's one, eight lines from go
go man

gotcha, johnny be good slood
on a legendary curse

justice, sir, I must say, I just ring the bell.
In timing my therapies, I make up thinks I may forget, for future use.
Ken Pepiton Jul 29
Grow win groan… mark off/28jul2022, upgrades check…
I  said I would, if I believed I could, gain, that actual
ever interest turning every fifty years, on unpaid
Jubilees among the feeble minded,
all of the people, some of the time.
- Interesting times, since ever I was aware
- compounding mistakes as hates, oy vey
- Travail, travel, wanderer drawn away
- Covid positive
by an un-listed wind,
an anomoly
on a nano
- not that either, I lost count, yes
weight as value - {always} a war making ideas heavy,
salt thirsting from inside the wall, the system
makes the body drink so I may think, all is well
with my soul.
Weight-wise, I am alive,
worth then is measured
in might as might may prove choice of - el, yes, well
el, we all nod, we find the sound early to disting-wish

so. way say it, we are right our way, we drink
from our own wells, tanks we make, when we may.
We save on the surface the sheen, squinting eye tech
see in snow pieces of eight,

-- self assembling nano tech with a
programing language. But, I add, in my mind
but, on or off- but on, in breath
the living things are
running programs
built. Built in ifery ever, if the system forms,
the system must be activated or nothing occurs
to you to
--- I'm not clear, is right conscience or conscious, with use
of science sense signals set
to know
intentional design is a tribe ID-word.
- we designed this thing we are in, or on, or about/
- maybe
(rules against saying intelligent design rule the teacher,
not the peacemaker, being minded to know all the magi-tech,
and more, when it comes to rules
in love and war, life,
per se, ain't fair.
Pay the piper and the mind that tuned the whistle
in my denture
to this peculiar signal)

morought-othephic resonance vector infection- Þ
genome editing crisper- thorny issue
humanizing pigs, honest.
craig ventor lifemaker?
He is known
for leading the first draft sequence
of the human genome
- using a mind formed after the bomb.
- there is a mark in time, for each first time.

tools, yeast synthesis, is this a war?
Physical war being planned
against our eukariotic soul mother, brother

is this
from Wonderbread,
an antibiotic problem or mere remaining wrong ideas?
Is it like…
cancer - or Chaucer in the shade, as the lackeys towed that
barque, 'n'**'st that bale, bo andoncha know
nobody steals a $400 bale o' good Montana hay for no reason…
there was a needle in that role,
a piercing maddening cross-referrent occurrence implicated
as interference pre'ferencing prefer not all you wish,
pre-referencing the author's op-own imagined experience…
meaninglessness is hard to market.
- I already read the writing on the wall metaphor
- I know the names I'll find, I just
- can't remember those two.

---checksums all the way down if/then/else
find a way to live.
Identify the man you were, read him in.
When he's his old, he'll seal the exploit.
Cancer decides, for itself,
that's all I can make from the confusion here,

there must be some kinda way outa here

You recall, said the Joker, to The Thief
meaningful work.
Guiding to death.
Shall I solve your meaningless ness, or my own?
Or might I

find the meaning built in,
that black box with the built in
programing language that
Singularity University guy said is so important,
the built in
programing language that
is so important,
the built in
programing language that
is so important,
the built in
programing language that

… interest, drew me, what drew you?
Life. Me, too.
Divine interest in life, especially the mortal aspect,
as pertains to life and godliness and all,
that came with this acceptance
of dominion, within the bubble I am pre-pressured
with somewhere
- so excited- jumpy-ohshit-spot
- runs
between plumb and puredy **** sure.

Having entered again the as-if realm, that m on the end of real

means money maybe maybe not knot ex-acted
a door? a narrow way few see? mmmm
Follow or flee, ennui, as for me,
I believe I've heard treasure is truth.

I dare be, yond all I ever knew, to make answer-able
prayers. I be for no other reason my reasonability
allows, but to trouble the water and watch it settle
- silver screen in the thymus meme-ory device
Sno-globe meditation technique, practiced in secret since…
who knows, but crystal ***** did do something.
People can look at sno-globes for ever,
and never grow weary of the novelty.

For some, simple is good, good is simple.
God is light.
Where light is…not
nothing is.
Evil thing in my mind, you have been certified nullified.

Wind war? I inherited the wind.
I know why the broad Sargasso sea is so still, willo'mywinds
Peacemakers come from homes troubled in the making.
The fecting up of the Peacemaker, protrudes
effective peacemaking is more
Dear Rhea rumbling at more
pressure boiling for her to loose some
Cultures sharing antibodies for old evils.
Once the evils men imagine are exposed,
refreshen the air. Take another hit,
message accepted,
we can handle those
acting-as-if the losers won,

but none need lose, for life, per se,
in the realm of mega-we,
life is seen
most precious by all men.

Some men may dare to despise their own flesh,
(despise means not look at, spek means look at, in many tongues)

never shall life despise some men and look kindlish at others.
Salt, be salt, water, water, you, you
-insert Markov blankness
life has proven itself in you. Be or not is not the quest.
Go, be more alivening, is the quest.
Be a little leaven, a viral bit of peace,
just past understanding,
well within reach.

Be alive, and where you live, make peace so life may
may -be empowered to- make peace so life may
dub thee Troen Ridder
truth-be-told, teller
maker-of- peace so life may
increase abundantly good forever
for no better reason

than if you had your own way we would be friends.

Search for a video of sanctioned war in germ terms
eleven days from minimum

survivable dose MSD

to total ******* and

destruction of both sides, unless
the bubble of all they have learned can be

pressurized, from the insides,…
Thanks, yawn. stretch, sneeze

I heard about Alamogordo. Thanks for that, too.

rightnow. what does fear of not knowing a known

feel like, suffering wise, scale of 1 to 10?

How about (odd phrase, eh) we suffer, instead,
the fear of the un

Nova Sanctorem sorta stuff. Book learned
spells mispoken by orphans

sifting through the ashes of all that went before,
enchanting, if one child finds a drum,

safe from the fire in the secret place,
child strikes the drum one time


Did your home place echo?
During day, or during night?

In my desert, it is both.
- go to where stories lie at rest.
With this drum and my echos,
we may finish your migration

Walk a mile with me, let me help you
with your bag,
your thing, trip, scene

Remember then?
Enchanting times with different echoes

Ancient, old as dirt, snake clan secret
extreme mental challenge trials.

Now. What's the missing or broken
ness you all are murmuring

how about? May I?

May I understand comprehension of perceptions
in the interest of interesting times,

which, when I was told that

"may you live in interesting times", is
alleged, an Imperial curse,
which, first,
by then, I had all ready taken if-that for
granted as good will toward me.

I considered it diligently
I sought the sweet influence of Pleiades,

I did. Lucky Luciano and the Polish word Lekka

Luck is a factor if luck is originally
onto logical epi stem strateg-ic
clear light, magi-tech-wise.

There is evidence. The rocks bear my significance
-in 2022
If I can, try sign if I can, and no sir not can sir
but breathe sir
censor, sweet sense or else

the most benign of the self-righting models
to embody
the six spins in one bubble.

could stumble and fall and have no means to right,
get the signal, right itself, per se,
if wrong fail of function better next time…ping
we wer- yea, verily ver-ifity confirmed
it-ify-ing evil, first
Life in mere terms,
words live here, we know
Intentional wrong precedes right
in my experience of living while waiting for you.
but once you have a grip on evil
as a thing in your own realm,
under your dominion;

then, don't miss a wink.
sleep tight, don't dis-integrate and wake up crazy.

When Ezekiel saw the model, if he saw the model,
he'd, he 'ould have been well and truly
amazed, aclaimin', in awe, I saw

"wheels within wheels within wheels bubblin'
bib-lin' bubblin' in my soul"

banjo and fiddle, painful for an orphan
yearnin' to learn ttdrr drum that drum

My drum. The drum I found in the secret place
I knew was there, after the fire.

Ah, Christmas, the message with its own,
built in medium to grow in with no competition.

The least suspected are all infected.
That Usual Suspects, all those sick social memes, as if

the war of numbers was a game for cannon founders

Krupp and whom, Red Shield in the ghetto?
I don't think that makes
all the sense in the world.
who was Warburg…{question or mark of timing}

-- we had things between scenes, glyphs, right
let's have a gliph,if we edit- I am this-Þ, as an after thought
Þ is the th sound among certain ancient tongues,
deafness separation and blind singers grown wealth in wine.

The act has formed another wedom,
and we have joined them on fi, okeh, fi-semper
in fiduciary, and rests, in truth compressed
Trust. On the dime
flip. Truth rests.
On this page again, a different me,
indeed, as different time, I'm
certain, fluidity of space, currents

swirling up three dimensions, six ways
measured from now at the center, once,

now at the edge, stretching one point,
to a pivot,
turn around and wonder what we do,
we mortal watchers, consuming life to live…

questing questions ion-
state, condition, or action, quest
quaerere "seek, gain, ask"

From <>

Can you think slowly? I can. Several volumes back,
we, discovered Jello-timespace, blinkable
and rubbable dry bubble eyes, murine
is accessible, state conditions or act

as if I were a maker of peace,
on the grandest scale,
would I fret living
for no reason
but one I made up, from bits of others,
made up from matters cogitated to troubled
state conditional actions
made up, fantasized, built to imagine going past,

a mountain of a man, big bad Yohan,
mean, mean, mean man,

I mean it, always.

6-19-2022 2200
- not so long ago, then
Father's day, lotsa laughs,

little error allowed, the fineness,
sorting racist fear from awareness,
the culture does produce to patterns,
common genetics, tend to produce
select models of all the options,
over and over and over again,
a loss
a complete misconception of my reason
able faith, applied, no lies, only big stories,
yes, I cannot remember what was real
and what was what I would have done,

then I remember the gun, I did tell that
guy with the gun
to stop. And he did.

Then the other guy, the one with the
shot gun, he has in my face,
and I am ready,

see, I say, to me today, I am ready

if I were you, you would think nothing
p-- I am too
tired and slightly drunk to care,

of course, the course is parseltongue tested,
listen, hiss, you know, the warning,
I own this space this time,
the serpent says to me,
I laugh and stomp it,
I made that snake,
it was not real.

You know how I feel,
daring, don't give a dam
gonna do another show,

rock and roll reality, believe me,
we have the Sisyphus's, happy
engine wound up and ready,

but Sisyphus quit.
Got to the top and said, that's it
I quit.
And time stopped in that sector.

Go look.
Nothing changes and Sisyphus
is happy as Hell to have nothing to do.

I want something cooler, reader five,
blackbandit-double-ought shot
pick a sigel jelly sidgil  sign damint spel chek
you know what I mean, magic it sigil -right
I guessed that.
My son in law cringes at my cultural crassness.
I think jews come in more recognizable patterns
than cultures that abandoned the marriage restrictions.

"At least --- did not marry a ------" Oy, right, mix race,
race as a what, eh?
what we weigh is race, we do not know,
they said we know, but we don't so, no more, race
is a wrong idea,
not right.
The flavor, the leaven and spices and plagues of
cultures, idea - a we of one earth
- call Covid leaven,
- we all been co-leavened
- we all share simbionts,
- earth is our home and our calling is to be good.
- Spirit inspire expire ssssssss
that is a people, idea that shapes a people
cultures, symbiosis chimera are we, carriers
post all we all survived, we are carriers of all it took.

Quiet, the ride, holy silencio, yohan let it be son,
grow old and burn your pages/
slow skip staged events…

Okeh, from the beginning I am the auth-oth- or that
maker up, of my faith, author and glosser, shiner, finisher
on elements at work in melody and har,mmmmoney
echoes, eeeee
we agree, that is no reason to dare see it so,
we are all, by nature's god, double-minded,
doubt not is a trick of the trade,
ɤ thistledo-find a phoneme that fits kid
unify, un yonder run un if un if un if I die I knew
you know, knowing good and evil, was the plan,

nothing was a secret, once in a life time you may know.
Jul 28 · 107
8 lines in 8 billion
Ken Pepiton Jul 28
So look, if I was you,
as you know,
I am not, and when I say otherwise,
I mean

in we form,
as we agree, we be, of one mind
times fly eyes-wise blurring
Jul 26 · 334
A brief respite
Ken Pepiton Jul 26
If you remember my

last told lie, I know
what you mean,

I remember, too.
I love you, too,
you said, idle-
like any lie,
you knew not what
you did.
a timeless recollection
Ken Pepiton Jul 8
legends and legendary,
myths and mythological,

reason to be having right, habituation
just if I can, not otherwise,
within the palisade,
this side of the wall where Markov blankets
best guess
concisely divides soul and spirit,
-worth weighed and sorted impossible
from best bet. All bubbles are permeable
to a neutrino, I heard.

Legendary funding has gone into discovering
the reason we think we are more than time
in a chance arrangement of all things
-we think we may become, if it works
and the ice finishes melting in time,
plotted on a children's story gone global,
in the guise
of anthropomorphic destiny
to be in the right place at the right time.

You, as reader of this line,
are among the rarest kind of minds…
In the actual Goldilocks zone.
A thought.
Ken Pepiton Jul 7
My generational paradigm, the way I see me
generating out put from input,

slow thinking things that did happen,
as sure as one may seem,

when one puts one's foot down, and marks t
true we be,
after our writer is dead, alive,
your reading does the trick wait and see,

when I am as lost to common history
as Marvel Parsons and old Ed Childs,

who married into the Dailey family curse,
the result of a runaway father, or
incarcerated father, or crazy drunk *** father

f'given me
this bottle. Johnny Walker Red, ai, I have no clue
a horseman from the look of the company image,

like one of those liveried boys, in antebellum,
economic stability of class distribution of leisure time,
taking the rein, to hold Ma'ams horses, and stand

stiff as a little statue, to this day, see,
we were armed with far fewer words for wonders
observed but never served with hows and whys,

temperature and pressure, hot and cold,
fresh and old, as brand new carbon 14,

fresh from the end of molecule of N,
ping, tic, tack a timer on this atom,
watch it be taken down, in rain,
as carbon, with a message,
live and learn, the end
of all things is being
at once,

any given instance, being you, is so rare, run the numbers,
what good is earth? Lucky for you

I happen to know, from the first fusings refusing to nothing,
as if reaching toward, to warden, make good, the hope,
reaching around with all the e in our shared outs-per-ience
science, with meat, con carne, conscience, hey, chuy,

do you have no friend named Chuy, Oy vey, way way back,

we had a story rise from the wanderers, boys who took
the opportunity to **** for a living, very seriously,

we all wannabe Audie Murphy, led by John Wayne,
and that guy from Naked City,
certain ones, fed flour tortillas fried in golden Crisco,

experimental spit it all out, what is the secret meaning
in of for by all adaptable pre-positioning or al, posited,

Syble, possible, an allusionary stretch limn goes
to limnos and we slip in the slime of phonemic missed

concepts, with taken grip, grab and hold, catch, that
imagined as Disneyworld, to a child who never went,
but watched the concept occur on TV.

And now, we may revisit the Disney-ifity, and compare,
who imagined this future,
who imagined that.

So who is happy, having won, who is scared of death?
limn is a subtle word.
Jul 3 · 78
When her mind wanders
Ken Pepiton Jul 3
Yeah, you live until CG and greenscreening
is child's play…

you pause a while, and think you have this

good idea, and in the process, you have it,
this is having that good Idea,

where I was free to write for fun, so long
as I define my terms, it was

along the same lines, as one of those deals
at the cross road, but here
we have freeways crossing, and the deals,
don't have real sharp edges,

Ockham's razor, seen real close, at this
smaller than men imagined,
before the Marvel Universe was Disneyified,
- soft blurry edge, down among the
- electrons, in the quantum foam,
- simplest answer is first to become
on that same wish, on that blue

Blue, girl, I cannot take you with me,
but meet me when we find the time,
once more,

dementia, aitia, at the door, mind wanders,
we think this real, you read and wonder is it.
Imagining fading away
Ken Pepiton Jun 21
Dammed good facts,
today is a surely measurable day.
Set in the common course of human events
from the bottom,
where the world at this altitude,
is wintering, while
from the top we feel the sun, straight on
as Mohave at solstice,

such as I, as we, seeing we live in order
to live
in order to help

eh, hey, hear us near us say, we know

weyekin, ye ken, visionary wisdom wedom

poet singer sayer pre-sent, and representing
living in timespace at time's own pace, passing

Dark cold winter, time for inwalled-usness use,
we become the whole room,
sometimes, all eyes on I, the one, in the middle
- there
- being the connection, anhamartia-tic,
here and there, a web conforms to koinonical
image entonations, owls of common sorts,
and squeeking black lizards, settle in the shade,
to night we go,

onward, to mark the time, watching all the old
knowing proven,
as the sun rises and sets, facts
as measures confirm, solid-ifity convey, say
so it is, con-fide-used knowing, faith,
as we say.

We are the people who know this mystery,
we live in life, as bits of all that ever was,
by now, all that is weighted

significant from first landmarks set in times past.

some, not my we, some see life as a struggle, see
from a salmon's POV, the sense of efforting
is joy,- efforting rejoicing +
this is right, this is how I form the people,
offsprung from war wage slaves,
who **** us,
to hide the stars at night.

Humans in the future shall love water flowing
and starry story tellings
un seen in cities since the great white way
attracted the sharks into the tank.
Remove not the old landmarks,
find the way where good is, and walk therein, to when
you get there you know it for all it was.
Ken Pepiton Jun 20
living right
conserving reason
for the faith that is in me.
Life's trials are trials, not finals.
- oh dare me say
I know there is no hell, hubris?, nay,
personal experience has not given the lie,
survived through the common use of faith,
stretched to cover reality,
up to very recently,
when you -just occurred as next reader of this///
and I know my prayers are answered,
when I make up your mind,
hook it on an answer to find,
make up your mind
who won,
make up your mind
who won,

when Jesus, the man,
He done what he done
- or he lied, ask yourself
- if it were me, would I build a hell?
that's the chorus, c'mon sing along
when Jesus, the man, He done what he done

Hear me knock, my knock sounds true, they say
my sheep all know my voice,
and here come see I tell you true,
in the core of my house, at home
I occupy all my time.'
Ever learning is certainly better than hell.
Ever proving, by that,
ever loving curios urge to know the whole,
truth I was led to swear to tell allegiantly.

Yes, Luther was a liar, as all who claimed
Jesus invented cathedrals, to tear down in 3 days.

I know there is no hell,
and I know prayers are answered,
if you make up this mind so you know who won,

when Jesus, He done what he done

and the musing falsetto castratos
continue to humm,
He done what he done
you know
it coulda been different
and never coulda been as good as now.
it coulda been different
and never coulda been as good as now.
some how
owowowowowowo it echoes ever after,

did you ring hell's bells and laugh at the rubies,
more precious than gold,

as water in the desert,
to the sons of the pawns.
Jun 16 · 63
For the Homless Virgin
Ken Pepiton Jun 16
The act of being without a home, or place
to lay one's head,
to rest in truth
waiting… for some fool to ask how
such a life might
be tolerable, first night out.

Well, refrigerator boxes are best,
but just about any shippable cardboard
does work.

Cardboard is essential.
And a covering of some kind,
you can find really warm things
in those donation bins, at the edges of old malls.

But, stay clean, shaving is easier
than keeping a beard clean,
and never show teeth when you smile a thanks.

-How to be homeless, as done by a friend,
will you listen to me, advice from a mendicant monk,
who refused to beg.

How to be happy homeless.
you gotta know the truth,
the theory that says there must be a reason,

that is a guess, and my guess is just,
as good, at this point,
between you
and me, the
idea the poet serves as soup to the sould unredeemed.
Tough times pass as fast as any.
Ken Pepiton Jun 16
saying nothing, noting time slipping past.
doing nothing, as nothing wishes me to do.
-shoo lie, you bother me.
Ken Pepiton Jun 15
lighter, on balance or noise? I imagine
minds must be spirit first. I maximise… diffusion

or do I surmise? I promise, a maxim,
I do not know, but may
I say to my self who has the keys,
and find
qwerty guy, let us pull the thread, I said
- inner self ware SDK-ith {Writ in LISP}
- Soft-ware Deployment Kick-in-the-head
Okeh, says my eye listening to BBC 4,
from everhowlong ago,
Auden and Turing, lauded by geeks
and the per-ifery of no-repro-models, idividuating.

Laughing I hear it said, College Students
believe every thing they read, is known
you belive, for a second
all of this is true, or may, could, be maybe
to all who read things they read right.
- or do they believe the things they read? Critical point.
True story, on the trail to Admah, from Zeboiim,

-later, maybe

Change from good enough,
to best imaginable, actual
heaven ahead of schedule.

Let us literally agree, literally means:
since the 1530s,
"in a literal sense,
according to the exact meaning
of the word or words used,"

From <>

According to knowledge,
as my granddaughter, Delaney, has noticed.
Knowledge, itself, per se,
is the ultimate authority. She was seven.

To go into the garden, we must love each other or die.
The Daisy ad, played to boomer voters, reared
in public schools
with current events mandated
tested ala spelling bees, current events champs,
all aspiring Jeopardy champs, after retiring from…

That was the grey flannel mind, reset-
Total War, the 1965 one-off comic,
Musgrove ran away and joined the army.
- scattered brains far better than none
- -----------
I was away in 1968.

And when I returned,
I hid in here,
undermining reality, souldout.
- as conjecture has it I was expected
- to go into the ministry.
- It seems a deal was made,
- for my sister Peggy's unbaptized soul.
- I was sould to the Child Buyer… 1951
------ jump cut-
I escaped the historical 1970's

but for the mind virus common to cults.
--- my world furled tritest tricolor flat real.
TV Ad… in passing 1972… ALERT… no
repair called for, idle threat redeemed
in time, though, you know,
- hell, what if, Jesus is a Sadist?
idle threat, you
better believe, I am
gonna vote for good.
JBS library, and the KJV
Meldau's The Messiah,
in Both Testaments.

Phreak me out. This is that Neal Young trip.
Journey Through the Past,
Handel's Messiah, live from the Alamo Cult.
- we elected our own Mayor.
- So, sit on your bayonet
- Mr. Cahill from Rolling Stone…

and what else might I be
gonna vote for?
You can do anything with bayonets,
it is said, Napoleon said.
better believer, raises the ***,
_ there are two kinds of knowledge
------------ jump cut from the cover
of Rolling Stone. Bet me…
Genesis. Call, I raise you M-DNA.
good and evil, who told you she was naked?
-- is this poker or Go?
I thought it was truth or consequences,
from yes,
-oh, yeh, same…
They let anybody in this spirit realm.
------------- garden of LBJ's inaugural vision
Only evil knowing, no evil doing.
You never forget that.
--- the wedom I was
Divvied up to be.
Persona. We ache
at evil's constant threat, gonna
rub you raw
itchy ear, you hear,
have you never read,
-- SYTFiction formally,
some things one learns,
there comes a state… as
minds conform to standards.
-Same Yesterday Today Forever,
wake up.
face the music, pass water and cess.
Get the act together,
put the show on the air.
-Radioman remincing
-how he helped Sisyphus try once
more,  to activate the effectual
fervent mode
on purpose, roll on,
a job, from Truth, per said.
All the gangs I ever was near,
as an eligibility tech,
in the war
on poverty,
during the crack baby scare-
scare that was viral at the time.
-- those grew from wild boys,
corralled in the system,
susceptible to spiritual advisory
resulting in, yep,
the legendary wasted mind,
-time in mind, time may be deemed.
Used, not wasted…
made idle instead of being made
an idle mind's workshop,
fabricating confabulated reasons
for war, on call, pull the trigger,
ryhmes in y'mind, you know
- whatcheworth, y'little devil?

workshop… an idled mind, kick starts.
-New reality, a first whatifier glimpse.
May, I nod, may is your word in my wedom.

Look around, all these stupid
crack babies we was warning
don't you dare be born,
boy… you'd be better off dead.

-- what are we up to, wh'sgwanon?

We were born with a sense of common,
we know, without the filters emotions use,
we see through the glass at UHD and beyond

on wifi-only cellphones unupgraded years ago,
we are the world-
on the internet from McDonald's,
Persona Eretz,
we who read this line, we are attached
in context at the time, we are aware we are
in formed
ware, words in congress with progress,
pining to say, I think, Jerry Pournelle said:

Pens with motors are more powerful
than swords with motors.

Ai say, Intelligence twisted to defend oaths,
is powerless when opposing basic ethical I
Ai Go, win, causing no shame,
win by least possible point, of course,
through human events,
living history doxology. Sign off,

Three key salute.
Ken Pepiton Jun 9
Have your mind made up in time,
you see the same stories
situational reaction is predictive
free will is knowing what to do next, right
same spiritus possessing olden souls, children of daughters
of the sons of Ahdam, damnright, s'true

once, there was some of us sons of gods,
musing spirits witness this, and testify confabulation
is not lying, nor is it evil,
it is good to think whatever, whatif, it could have been,
you know,
told right, you can make mythic reconnections, using stories

retold, peacemaker-style… spaghetti western soundtrack
reheard the word of God, come upon the poet-seer-teller-feller,

He said, Imagine this,
of course, in the spirit, imagine this, a holy way,
in the course
of mortal events, life's little phases between times.

Pupa mind, expanding the enveloping  the cocoon.
old tricks
Ken Pepiton May 31
Each year, we depend on winds returning,
each year, we watch richest of hoarders lose,

every thing, to a storm. And ten years later,
do it again, as if there were a curse for stupid.

As a messenger from goodness knows where,
clowns as fox like fools, all my foxes,
come from Disney Studios, I must admit.

Though there is a curio-resemblance I have seen
fox-related news old so it is, so it is,
the Katsina embodied and festooned in regalia
its apron a half-fox, hindlegs and long fluffy tail,
same design as on the T-shapes at Gobekli-Tepi

representing an idea from the wild blue yonder,
we are passengers,
we are not in charge, and there is no place like home.

Once you land, and root, and sprout, and pierce the sky,
to feel the changes, as the earth wobbles around the sun.
Ken Pepiton May 24
An unwanted child.
Dead in a rush of shameless rage.
A never wanted child, live global exit. Boom.

A child with no hope of winning life's lottery.

Not one of the slain is now such, each is a ticket
to horrible fame and blame and shame,
and maybe more money that the slain child could have
ever earned, I know,
small towns in Texas breed unwanted babies
each Prom Night.
Unwanted babies grow
to become unwanted children,
reared by grandma who had not wanted ma,
that prior Prom Night, previous to a wasted life.
- No facts, pure manure conjecture, due to pregnant anger,

poor and weak, the master religious class enforces
rights to horrible, unlivable lives …
- bear that child or face the wrath of Texas, a breeding
that looses the lesser angels crying worthy worthy worthy,
see, makes 'em mean, ready to ****
- but you gotta enlist 'em young... get the feel of that gun...
but some fall through the cracks... good for nothing,
wash outs -- Watch OUT- some mad losers feel cheated,
thinking not fair,
I never had a chance,
but in the end, you all know I was here.

Once, see me horribly big, as a monstor of the rule,
life must be lived,
breathe and become
useful, but first survive full myelination, and
- 25 years
that takes adult super-vision, for a kid,
some how, some seem to
learn to love, without the experience, maybe
see it done on Sesame Street,
you'll get it, unless

nobody ever led you to associate yourself and Kermit/
- not easy being any thing ungood for something.
- dyslexia can ****, any shame on a child can,
if it is culturally nourished on rights to hate,
and hurt, at will.

Shame on you, America, for not caring,
with deep parental love,
for accidents of ignorant lust alluded to as common,
on TV... ****** right to ignor ovulational cycles.

-Secrets for the weddin' night, right, Grandma?

Ask the shooter's Grandma, should this child have been yours
to rear in the ways of productiveness?

An unwanted child.

Not one of the slain is now such, each is a ticket
to horrible fame and blame and shame,
and maybe more money than
the slain child could have
ever earned,
before the sudden shut down;

as unwanted babies grow to become unwanted children
reared by grandma who had not wanted ma,
-- right to whose life?
Renters, in an owned world,
poor and weak, the master religious class enforces
rights to horrible, unlivable lives …

such as loose the lesser angels crying worthy worthy worthy,
see me, see me die,
once, see me horribly big as a monstor of the rule,
life must be lived,
breathe and become
useful, but first survive full myelination, and
- yeah, at least 25 years
that takes kind minded adult super-vision, for a kid,
though sometimes that may be a teacher, it is rare,
a book can act the parent, for an early reader,
some how,
some seem to
learn to love, without the experience, maybe
reading is using science convincing me I think,
I can imagine, being loved for growing, I
see it done on Sesame Street, I think,
you'll get it, unless

nobody ever led you to associate yourself and Kermit/
- fingerprints prove you were born,
- those do not extablish value.

Shame on you, America, for not caring, with deep parental love,
for accidents of ignorant lust alluded to as common,
on TV.

Ask the shooter's Grandma, should this child have been yours
to rear in the ways of productiveness?

--  15 close range handgun kills,
I can only imagine, and hate myself/ I know, I can see --
To earn a One Shot, One **** medal
in Call of Duty: Mobile, you need
to **** an enemy with one shot in Multiplayer mode.
To complete this task easily, players can use weapons
with the highest damage rate, like snipers and shotguns.
Also, while taking the shot, make sure to aim for the enemy’s head
to give the maximum damage.
Players can earn One Shot, One **** medal as many times
as they want by completing the aforementioned task.

From <****-medal-in-call-of-duty-mobile>
Because I can, only fact I know, little kids are dead, and it seems a grandparent reared labor class child killed them, with accuracy uncanny in reality, conspire to achieve
May 23 · 57
Latestart Wednesday re
Ken Pepiton May 23
Counting blessings,
thinking this
or that is mine to enjoy, take joy
make joy, from… and then
re thinking
what if I think where does this joy
rise from, for it is in me, at the sight
of that seeming right,
the leaves shining, seen, shining green
in front of me, a bumper to absorb
reality and leave me just a bit
to see in foveal clarity for the briefest

Once, upon a time, there was a child
who read a thousand stories of heroes,
by the time he was ten, then
he became an old man, root, branch and
fruit from those sown dragon teeth and dual
whirlpools passed through,
diva sirens and mushroom clouds
from hookah handed down, with golden
crown of creation,
did we dance to another's music,
or did we all sing one song, some one
heard it first,
what a cost, wiseman saves civilization
and no man knows was he wombed or un.

Do we evolve to sit as caterpillar,
in Dodgson, artful resistor, deacon
with a daemonical twinkle to lucify

nonsense so well it fits his wordswork fine
Jabberwocky, high church, like Rupert,
the ever ringing church bell, do tell,
can we think peace is made up
one mind stretch touch at a time?

I'm apt to say certainly, and think nothing
of knowing if I am certain, I am not the quest.

And you are not the ion, so we sense
nonsense as a mass, message in the mindspace
wave-ishly lapping at the edges of life,
the pearling years of contemplation,

temple time taken as granted, by no diligence
done with more than easy entreatment
being the effect I sought in prayer,
I wished to know the truth that makes free,

no sorrow added, no **** taken,
no fame or riches earned, but accepted
as inevitable as thanos -- our cultural ethos

RIP Stan Lee, what a legacy you left.
We have convergence of all the globes mythic
resources, fitting in fiveside symmetries

too close to images of some life form
to be hidden in truth hiding liturgical ritual

walk the walk,
read the rule, know the story before
you go off half-cocked… multiplexities of
pearling for sheen, see we intend to shine,
by reason of some promises in the first ten
chapters of Solomon's collection inherited

by readers in the American Southwest,
where I was reared, near the Hualapai
and their near cousins along the river,
the dammed river, by then,
when the order of the world was being
agreed to in Geneva, I think I heard,
and fought for in Korea, and Viet Nam,

dams were being bumped by billy goats,
in a song sung by Sammy Davis,
nosense seemed saved by Ben Hur
quite the crazy time to be ten, and literate.
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