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  Nov 2014 Kenedy Ell
Sarah Spang
If hers is a long and lonely climb
Atop her distant perch,
His then was a lengthy trek
Across the endless earth.
Inspired by sunshine and Nickelcreek. Always means always.
  Nov 2014 Kenedy Ell
Just Melz
She cries late
                  every night
     Turns off all the
         Sits in bed
             her eyes out
      in the dark
Cutting out pieces
      of her heart
No one can see
                          the scars
           of her sewing
back up her chest
       Soon she will be
             an empty shell
                    putting her soul to rest
If her heart
                    is no longer there
It can't get broken,
If no one can see
                          the tears
Then she never cried,
Kenedy Ell Nov 2014
You and I,
We are merely specks.
Specks of nothingness.

This world
Has two kinds of people.
People who are
Everything to Everyone.
And people who are
Nothingness and Nonexistent.
My friend,
I tell you once more,
We are the second kind.

You and I,
We are merely specks.
Specks of nonexistent
Kenedy Ell Aug 2014
Reality is not what I see
I know this.
Yet, I believe what comes before me
What my eyes scan.
I know it is merely my mind
Playing tricks
It wants to fool me
And laugh while I struggle through the images.
I know this.
Yet, I do nothing to change it.
My insanity is my escape
It is my way out of reality
Out of my repetitive excuse of life
And I feel sane in the world of the insane
I know my world is a paradox
Yet, I never want to leave it.
I anticipate that without me
It will begin to die away.
My world of insanity
Of my escape.
Kenedy Ell Aug 2014
It's described as suffering
Some people don't know what it means
To feel pain.
Its not a graze on the knee
Or a broken arm.
Pain is . . .
Well, it's much more than that.
It's when you hurt so much that it's impossible to stand.
When you can't talk without
People hearing your voice tremble
Or seeing your lips quiver.
I'm in pain.
Because I loved him.
I loved him.
I did, and now he's gone.
And I hurt,
I hurt more than I thought it was possible to hurt.
This is true pain.
Kenedy Ell Jun 2014
I see
Filling their mouths
With nuts,
And scampering to
Their tree to
Hide them,
Store them away for winter.
Deep in the
Bears begin to hibernate.
Near the river,
Beavers are putting
The finishing touches
Onto their dam.
All for the coming winter.
I have all
I need
To keep me
I have my
Cozy, warm bed.
A cup of
Hot chocolate or tea.
And last but not least,
My books.
Inspired by "Winter" by Nikki Giovanni
Kenedy Ell Jun 2014
They are said
To be
Just whitness in
The sky.
That's not how
I see them.
To me,
They are
White fluffs of
Cotton candy
That bring me
The wetness of
To me,
They are
Images that move.
That bring me
The clash of
To me,
They are
What makes looking
At the sky worthit.
'Cause without
Those cotton *****.
There is only
A ceiling of
To me,
They are
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