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KarmaRich Shima Oct 2015
There's no happiness in anything, until happiness in self
An honest and beautiful soul is greater than any amount of wealth
Look within you and you'll find the key to your contentment
Don't let your path to money be futile and relentless
KarmaRich Shima Sep 2015
My views on society are,"people without meaning"
One day I strolled the block, seen a girl, tears streaming
Out her eyes, people mocked as she began to cry
And as sister would view it, I viewed it as unright
As the crowd cleared, I steered my way into her own
And as I enclosed her zone, it appeared that she had shown
Gratitude, it was as if she never had a friend before.
At last, he began to tell me what she sniveled for
"I get called a *****, *****, ****, on a daily basis.
I can't even face myself sometimes, at this rate
I want to end it all, don't even have no one to call a mother
Caused she died, that's right. Checked out in front of my eyes
***** still tragic, I guess that's what happens when you live deadly
I ain't clean, I drink heavily
Hennessy and **** is all I need
Basically, I'm a huge embarrassment
It ain't hard to tell I'm not doing that well.
Highway to hell and I'll gladly be there.
The same fate as my mother, it's a very fitting fare."
I should just mind to myself next time.
KarmaRich Shima Sep 2015
You're phenomenal life is passing you by
Numerous days have passed and you don't even try
To live, life is an sensational experience
Listen to your heart, and enjoy your existence.
KarmaRich Shima Jun 2015
"It never stops hurting, does it?"
"Giving someone the best of you and watching them choose someone else. I deserve someone who actually cares about me because I've spent my life making other people happy when all they did was leave. I'm always comforting people with the words I want to hear. I'm always getting attached to temporary people. If I'm with you, I want to grow with me, and not treat me like some temporary thing, I see potential in everybody, giving them the best of my abilities. All I want is somebody to stay, someone to stay and be there, always"
******* Andrea
  Jun 2015 KarmaRich Shima
Cave Man
I sit here
Watching the dark filled

A cup of *** in one hand
In the other a pencil

Listening to The Doors
Roar through the air
Jim Morrison Yelling.

"This is the strangest life I've liven"

The sound of the waves fill my head with wonder,
What's out there?
Is there something out there waiting for me?
I wonder

Oh how I wonder.

KarmaRich Shima Jun 2015
Life, so great and captivating of a journey
Expect for it's inhabitants, for they are so phony
They idolize and emulate fake lips and fake butts
Not knowing that true beauty is within us

— The End —