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It has recently occurred to me,
that you're fast becoming all I see,
and when I close my eyes at night,
it's your smiling face, that fills my sight.
I hear your voice even when you're gone,
still feel your touch, when your hands move on,
and I would love for you to be,
just lying here right next to me.
I want you more than words can say,
for you I'd wait forever and a day.
Sitting in the cornfield
Staring, watching life pass me by
The South's glory has a million stories
As civil blood paint's the sky's.
 Apr 2016 Kaila George
I will board my ship of delusion
and sail slowly, deliberately
toward the port of conclusion
where, I assume
there'll be a place to land
between the restless waves of regret
and my carefree castle in the sand
 Apr 2016 Kaila George
All my friends go out at night
Drinking beer
Getting in fights
I like to stay in
Watch TV
Do they think this is weird of me?
I don't do drugs
I don't drink beer
And I haven't in about a year
I don't like to party
I don't like to rage
Am I trapping myself up in a cage?
I get left out
Because I'm edge
But I don't want to be 20 and dead
I love my body
I love my soul
I don't want to damage that
With alcohol
Every Tuesday night
From January to April
The highlight of my night
Was a chocolate croissant.

I would sit and listen
To theories and methods,
Literature and research,
And on break I would have one.

I would order it each night
With salivating anticipation.  
As I handed over my money
They put it in the oven.  

And each night
They would call out
"Chocolate croissant?"
And I would grab the bag.

I would devour that morsel
With joy and elation,
And as I felt it go down
My chest would warm -

Not only from
The warm croissant,
But also from the joy
Warming my heart.

It was the best part
Of those horrible evenings
Of literature and research
Theory and methods.

If I was feeling spicy,
I would get two -
One on each break...

And sometimes
On Thursdays
I would get two more
For History and PR.

Those chocolate croissants
Got me through
My last semester of college.

When I was feeling stressed,
Or feeling down
From the subject matter,
I would eat one,

And I would feel better.
And I bet
As you are reading this
You want one.

Do yourself a favor,
Go buy yourself
A chocolate croissant -
And enjoy it.  

Let it help you escape
From your worries
And your cares
For about 90 seconds

As you devour that
Delicious pastry.
And let it warm your chest
With chocolate and joy.
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