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1.8k · Oct 2014
Missing You All
Kaila George Oct 2014
I sit at your graveside
with tears in my eyes
my heavy heart will be broken
knowing you will not be here
This is for all who have gone before me
I miss you all.....KG
1.6k · Jan 2015
She Said Yes
Kaila George Jan 2015
It was a magical moment
As my niece's boyfriend
Approached her the day after
Her birthday

We were all sitting around
Just talking about the night before
When he came into my view
With a bunch of roses in one hand
And small gifted bag in the other

The surprised look on her face was priceless
Her family knew before her aunties of course
She was clueless to this unexpected surprise

It brought tears to my eyes as I watched
Her young men bend, on bended knees
And proposed to her in front of her family

It was the look on her face that was so priceless
First surprise, then a glow just radiated from her soul
She looked so beautiful to mine eyes
She said yes to this special young man

I had not noticed that his brother was sitting next to him
All I could see was the glow that was there in my nieces face
What a beautiful sight to see

I bare witness to first true love
I felt so honored to be a part of this special event
And so proud of my niece as she said yes for ever more

then not more than 5 minutes later my brother
called...what a wonderful way to find out
his niece was now engaged...she was gushing
surprised and overwhelmed...shes so happy now

I smile and nod my head

yes he is a special young man that captured my nieces heart

Congratulations My Dear

Love always Aunty Kaila
1.5k · Oct 2014
Lost Sister
Kaila George Oct 2014
I have lost a best friend
A partner in crime from when we were young
We had our ups and downs
And as sisters thats to be expected
But to not have her around hurts me to the core
We were just getting things right between her and I
I miss her so.....Rest In Peace dear Sister....always KG
1.2k · Jan 2015
Kaila George Jan 2015
Is sitting
Relaxed in the sun
Reading a good book
Poking at family
In the jest of fun

Is watching
A girly movie
With tissue
And pop corn
Ready to laugh and cry
At movies we love to watch

Is sitting on a beach
Listening to the tide
As it ripples roll back and forth
In the morning and evening tide

Bliss is
Watching a waterfall
Cascade in droplets of light
That reflects off a rainbow
In its dewy wake

Is watching your child
Breathing in their sleep
Then singing a lullaby
Late into the night
Then tucking them to sleep
Your precious little soul

Ahh Bliss what a wonderful life
1.1k · Jan 2015
Summer Breeze
Kaila George Jan 2015
The sweltering sun shone down upon me
As I stood under the shade of the sycamore tree
Its branches stretching out as I felt the cool breeze
That gently touched my cheeks

In this on slaughter of summer heat
The crispy cool breeze that hinted
Its delicate coolness just made me
Yearn to go for a long summer swim

Ah to be strolling along a beach
Watching the waves lap against the shore
As I stroll and kick the waves aside with glee
Then running free and wild into the deep blue ocean
That beckons to me

Then floating in its pureness of cool waters
As I drift along with its surging tides
And feel the heat of the sun shine down on me
Oh I am in heaven to be able to just to relax
In this oasis of bliss

Then as I waken to the sounds of cars passing by
I glance to my left and think…hmm to be at the beach
This fine and wonderful day
Now that would be pure bliss
1.0k · Oct 2016
PI (Pacific Islanders)
Kaila George Oct 2016
Vibrant are our colours
We wear upon our sleeves
Loud and proud thats who we are islanders from the south seas... we know who we are and
where we come from
Our parents taught us well

I'm proud to say I'm
PI decent as I wear
Flowers in my hear
Hope all is well
I'm so glad to met you

just being me
Kaila George Sep 2014
If you cut me with a knife
I bleed red blood don’t you?
So tell me something then
What colour is the blood
Under the colour of your skin

I fight for what I believe
Yet all races and creeds cry out…
All I feel is hate
All I see is profanity
All I see is violence
All I know is pain
All I know is anger
Poverty teaches us to endure
Ridicule teaches us to fight
And people say
Ignorance is bless

Odd isn’t it
No matter what colour skin you are
We all bleed the same colour blood
People judge you on your appearance
Or how you speak
Or just the way you are
We all may have our differences
In our cultures, in our Backgrounds
But under the colour of our skin
We all bleed and breathe the same

And if that’s the case…

**Why are there so many ****** WARS?
868 · Oct 2014
Haunted Memories
Kaila George Oct 2014
Gawd at times it's pretty rough
I get these flashes from the past
The pain, the anger, the sadness
Just creeps up on me, unexpectedly

To recall deeds that has been dealt
The memory like a cutting knife
You think that's all in the past
You think you can heal and move on

But something always comes back to haunt me
Memory lost now recalled
Gawd I need to get these thought out of my mind
But they still haunt my life
845 · Sep 2014
How Does A Victim Feel
Kaila George Sep 2014
I see no evil
Because we hide the pain
I hear no evil
Because you’re too scared to say
I speak no evil
Because I never could tell anyone
About what was hidden deep inside?
Sad because this is how a victim feels
811 · Sep 2016
Meaning of Words
Kaila George Sep 2016
Words are my imagination
As it fills the book of life
They are the history
Of humanity as we tell  
The story of life

It breathes life into a future of yesteryear and gives us the meaning of how to build our dreams on the parchment of life

As we hold it now and forever in our hearts to defend it from the pergatory of our past
791 · Sep 2016
The Day After
Kaila George Sep 2016
Christmas as come and gone
Recovering from all that
Lovely food and wine
And every year
The board game comes out
Love those board games
Dont you just love Christmas

I MAY NOT know
Anyone here
But I do wish you
Christmas cheer
And a wonderful New Year
Written last year
Kaila George Sep 2014
I was told I was being mean
For writing what I do not understand
I understand more than you think
Hmmm If I have offended you in anyway
I do apologies
But yeah
I was beyond caring what anyone thought at one stage
How many times did I try to **** myself?
**** is one thing a person wants to forget
Don’t care how
You just want to get rid of all the memories
Then putting myself in stupid situations where I opened myself up to more....rapes
Getting drunk...waking up in strange rooms...gang goes on
Not knowing where I was or what happened
Then remembering everything
Forever being a victim
I got sick of it
I was doing it to myself simple because I wanted to forget won’t help you forget it’s just there
You have to live with it
I’m a 50 year old mother with an 18 year old boy
Because of what happened to me
I was protective of my boy
Even his father was *****
So its possible males can get ***** too
When I looked in to my boy’s eyes as he was growing up
They were innocent
As a victim you can see the signs
Thank God he didn’t have any signs of being *****
You don’t see that innocence in a victim’s eye
A lot of my poems are about ****
From the victims point of view
Yeah I am being mean
I suppose in way
But then if I am
It’s because many times in my life yes I have wanted to die
I have wanted to take my life
But I suppose I was too chicken too
I’d rather live and be alive
Even though I still remember every single detail of being
*****...humiliated....degradation…kicked around and beaten
So if that’s not knowing anything, then I don’t know what is
Once again I would like to apologies to you if I have offended you in anyway
It was not my intention
But I stand by what I say
You get past all of that...pain.... anger.... hatred
Feeling like no one cares
Or ever will
But you can never forget the horror of what did happened to you
It lives with you forever...
It becomes a part of your life..
Still get flash’s
That’s the worst part of all this
Remembering what happened.
And one more thing....
If I refer to anyone as a fool when in pain
Then I must be the biggest fool in the world

©Kaila George 2013
I had written a comment on another site about cutting, people seam to do that alot, I dont understand why, I never have.....just because I have had a bad life dose not mean I will...she wrote a poem about how much she wanted to cut...I don't and still to this day do not understand why...she verbally wrote a poem about it...I responded with this...can't remember the who's or whys....Just feel this needs to be said. It was written a while back...hope this helps others....just a touchy subject I guess...sorry in advance if I have offended anyone.
786 · Jan 2015
My Happy Poem ^.^
Kaila George Jan 2015
Fluffy bunnies how sweet is that

Hoppity hop in sweet candy land

Butterflies dancing in the breeze

Bluejays singing as happy as can be

Oh my gosh ders dat nasty man

Hunting wabbits oh let me be

Then out of no where..pop...boom...bang

An anvil and hammer bops nasty bad man

Sniffing and eating....the grass merrily

I watch carefully at dat nasty bad man

Looks likes he is out for the rest of the day

As I hop on merrily on my way to play

In our fairy wonderful candy land
684 · Apr 2016
Corner Of My Heart
Kaila George Apr 2016
There will always be
A reserved part of
My heart beating
Quietly in the dark
I protect it with
Love and care because
Its for those whom
Have passed on

Memories unfold
Within my heart,
Mind and soul
And ever single heart
Since gone as touched
And healed my soul

Laughter and life
Are memories
That I recall
Because with out
Their guiding light
I would not be
Who I am today

Ever now and then
I recall lost loved
Ones from the past
So from me to you
To all those gone
I love you and thank you
Straight from my heart

Copyright: Kaila George 2016
669 · Sep 2014
Indigenous and Free
Kaila George Sep 2014
My tears will stain Mother Earth
As the blood stain from our
Ancestors and forefathers
Bleed upon the ground

We fight for with our lives
As the shackles of shame are placed
Around our neck, wrists and ankles
As we mourn the loss of our land and
Our belief’s of who we are

We are told we are savage
Heathens to be saved
And yet we still wear....
The shackles of shame
You say we need to change...why?
So we can be your slaves
You say we need to believe in your God
Why just to lose who we are

We have been lead to believe
We need religion to be free
Yet we still wear these
Shackles of shame...

My tears fall into a pool of pain
As I cry for those who have...

Humiliation and

Just because of the colour of their skin
Just because of their beliefs and culture
Just because of whom they are
Aborigines’.....Indigenous and free

Kaila George
Until the mid-60s, the Aborigines came under the Flora and Fauna Act, which classified them as animals, not human beings. This also meant that killing an Aborigine meant you weren’t killing a human being, but an animal.

I was very upset when I first read this....An article about was a very sad artical hence this poem.
648 · Jul 2015
Book of Life
Kaila George Jul 2015
I see between each page
a story to be told
memories are written
some good
some bad
some old

Each chapter a story
and Friend's

All caught in between
the pages of time
as they flash before our eyes

We remember those gone
before and left those of
us behind.....we smile
and think to ourselves
we hold you all
close to our heart's

A smile
A tear
A hug

Brings back memories
of love .........always know
with love and utmost respect
we keep our loved ones
Always close to our hearts
Kaila George Oct 2014
He is cute as a button
A pain in the *** when he wants to play
Yet he is always there for me

IN rain or shine regardless the time of the day
When I cry he try's to comfort me
When I laugh...he keeps me company
When I take him for walks....he runs around enjoying the moment

Oddly enough he doesn't belong to me
He belongs to my nephew that is more busy with work now a days

He use to sleep on the end of his he sleeps on mine
When he first came home I had decided not to be involved
Now its like he is a part of my world...smiles
579 · Oct 2014
Children Are Our Future
Kaila George Oct 2014
We often hope and pray
That our children find the right way

How they think
How they act
How they handle things in life

Like adults they have two paths to chose
The one for good the other for bad

All we can do
Is give them love
And support

All we can do
Is make sure they know
How much we care

How they chose their paths
Would be their own choice

How they behave
Would be their own choice

Should they try drugs?
We can only ever be there
To pick up the pieces

Should they get hurt?
We can only ever comfort them
When they are in need

As Whitney us to say

I believe the children
Are our Future
Teach them well and
Let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty
They posses inside
Let the children's laughter
Remind us how we use to be

Food for thought don't you think!
576 · Sep 2014
The Daughter I Never Had
Kaila George Sep 2014
If I had a daughter….

I would love her every day
I would protect her as a mother should
I would teach her all I know….
What a daughter should know

I would give her my unconditional love
I would tell her all the wonders that she is
As a beautiful, wonderful, human being

I will tell her she needs never be afraid
Of what other people say
Just always know that she is someone special
And I will love her ever day
Kaila George Aug 2016
"Catch a falling star
And put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away"

A well known verse we all know so well...yet you wonder why would I quote those famous words....hmmmm

I've been part of 3 major poet sites that has to this day affected the way I think and feel....the sites are still very much alive yet of the three two have had some major upheavals
My point in using these well known words is simple....

Each poet that has influenced my certain way of writing has touched me profoundly with their own unique way of writing

Yet there is always one person that always trys to control the trend or poem of the day

For me each poet and poetess
Are stars in my book...and each of them I have kept always in my heart where they will never fade away

And its thanks to my poet friends I now write the way I do...even if they know it or not their stars will forever shine in my heart
535 · Sep 2016
Damn Confused....sigh
Kaila George Sep 2016
I'm ******* with whats happened

I want to scream I want to shout

I have lost my parents but to lose one of my siblings

Its to close for thing we will be thinking...whos next...gah

Her and I have this love hate all siblings do....smiles

We yell and scream at each other....but we always sit and talking things out

She is the one that I have always had difficulty talking to

perhapes thats why I write....smiles

I just dont know what to think right head is in a whirl...its confusing...why her...sigh

Dear God...

I ask you to watch over her
Protect her...make sure she is ok
bring her back home...if not then...sigh
Gawd hate to think like this but its possiable
Guide her to my parents arms...sigh!!!!!!


Night all.
I wrote this when my sister was in hospital she passed away over two years
501 · Jul 2015
Kaila George Jul 2015
It's a timeless story
boy meets girl
eyes met across the dance floor
he approaches her
for a waltz
and they dance
the rest of the night
they have no eyes
for no one else
and gaze upon
true loves face

This is how my father
always told me
how he met my mother
and every time he shared
my mum would just nod
and smile at dad

What a beautiful way to love
Kaila George Sep 2014
He sat on the stoop just outside the old house

Shrouded in smoke as he puffed on his pipe

In his worn out old dungaree's and checkered shirt

With his crust laden old leather boots taping to the beat

As he listened to an old static phonograph

As it played his favourite song over and over again

He listened and smiled as memories danced across his mind

His eyes grew soft as he recalled that day as

He meet his beautiful wife, he just knew in his heart

That one day she would be his wife

That particular night the stars shone bright as old blue eyes sang 'Love is here to stay'

That one dance as they waltzed across floor

Seamed like eternity their first dance their first embrace their first taste in romance

Ah that dance so long ago lingered on forever in his heart and in his dreams

He smiled and gave a knowing nod as he whispered more to himself

I will be with you soon my dear departed wife... soon

As he said these his final words just before he crumpled to the ground

The phonograph continued to play as old blue eyes sang softly 'LOVE IS HERE TO STAY'

©Kaila George 2013
490 · Nov 2014
Unsure About.....
Kaila George Nov 2014
My heart is heavy as I sit alone
pondering and wondering
what will my future hold

My mind vacant from all there is
my hands idle from these pages
Where I weld my words

Unsure about what lays ahead
I take the next few steps
with a weary look in my eyes

I'm out of my comfort zone
I'm not where I want to be

Its odd, it all seams brand new
but when you look at it all
its just the same old same old
only in a different place

But the faces are new
The idea of having to share
my personal zone with others

I have not done that in so long
I feel out of my comfort zone

Its a challenge I suppose
and time to move on
from what use to be
to what may yet be

Interesting to see
how it turns out to be

Hello world...welcome to my comfort zone
473 · Oct 2014
The 3 C's
Kaila George Oct 2014

Looking at what needs to be done

How to do it....and just do it

Making sure its the right thing to do

Never take up on what you cant do


Taking the time

To sought things out with family and friends

Showing them just how much you care

Making it possible to happen then and now

not ten years down the line


Accomplishing the task given

Being so happy that

Its a job well done

Giving blessings for it being a wonderful day

And bless those that help made it possible

Just a thought = }
473 · Jul 2015
Kaila George Jul 2015
Winter chills
as  I feel the breeze
against my cheeks
walking through
the mist I feel
so alone
then a splash of
sunshine dashs
across my mind
as I recall
midsummer dreams
what a beautiful dream
469 · Sep 2014
Warriors Chant
Kaila George Sep 2014
The young warriors
Danced around the flames
As they celebrated life
While the elders
Sat in a circle
Discussing the old and the new
Of the politics of
The tribe

One of the chiefs spoke
With pride as he
Watched them dance and sing
'We have won the battle my friends'
As he looked around
The circle of chief's
That bares the battles of war

The young warriors
Upon hearing this
Chanted with pride
In loud deep
Resounding voices
'We have won the battle
For our tribe, for our elders
For our women and children
For our Ancestors
We celebrate LIFE'

The chief in his wisdom
And knowledge, nodded
An acknowledgement to
Each of the chief's then
He spoke in his melodic
Yet strong voice

'My fellow chief's and warriors
We must pay homage to our God's
For their guidance, in the battle we fought
Not so long ago, we must also bow
Our head's for those whose lives
Were taken'….silence fell upon the group

Then as his voice raised
Loud for all to hear
'We give praise to our God's
For the right of way that lead
To our victory this day, and for
Those who passed before us
We honor our Ancestors and give
Homage to their departed souls'

Voices were raised as they
Sang in harmony as one by
One the elders, chiefs and warriors
Sang a song of respect and love
For those gone….

'We raise our voice
For those whom gave'

'There life and soul
To protect us all'

'We honor thee…
In all thine grace'…

'We honor your memory
With this song of praise'

'Hear us sing from
This day forth…the
Story…the legend
Of the battle fought'

The chants continued
On into the night
As they celebrated
Their tribe and new life
This was inspired by a poem that I read from a collection of Maori Poems, they often used chants to convey their storys and back before europeans came to New Zealand. Maori tribes use to pass down from generation to generation ****** their storys and their legends.
450 · Oct 2014
A Single Long Stemmed Rose
Kaila George Oct 2014
The soft petals of a rose
Its hue’s of colours it grows
Each one unique
In its splendor of galore

But favorite by far
A single long stemmed rose
Red, blue, white or gold

You give her a rose
She sighs with delight
Her heart beats fast
At a beautiful sight
To savoir the moment
In between the pages of time
She incases its beauty
With love divine

Years goes pass
She looks back
At the past
At the beauty of giving
From her lover sublime

Years again pass once more
She feels life ebb
Into astral form
But still she holds
Clasped in her hands
The single red rose
Her lover’s gift of old

Slowly she crumbles
And falls to the floor
The long stemmed rose
Clasped close to her heart
The petals they fall
And drift in the wind
And float to the heavens
A memory no more
447 · Sep 2016
LOST Siblings
Kaila George Sep 2016
This poem was written when my sisters passed away one year apart sigh. REPOSTING

I cant think
I cant breath
I cry at night
Were no one can see
I feel like a part of me is no more I look around and I cant see you're smiling faces
Were is that....


Were is the one who
Spoke from the heart

RIP dear sister's

NB: Tai was always able to write from her heart that brigtened our lives will miss you both my dear sisters

Rei was my other sister name.
438 · Jan 2015
I Look At My Wrists
Kaila George Jan 2015
And wonder
What is it like to cut?
Why would anyone
Want to cut them self’s
I can understand the pain
I can understand the anguish
Quite a few times I wanted to end my life
But why for the life of me I cannot understand
Why why…would you want to cut yourself

This is a requiring question that seems to be ongoing
Just baffles me why you would want to even cut yourself with a knife
Sigh…I look at my wrists in dismay…it would be horrible to be disfigured
I would regret for the rest of my life what I have done out of remorse
I just don’t understand…really I don’t…shot me if you must…what ever you want
Just please I ask you from one human being to another stop your cuttings
It just kills your living soul

I have memories that I would like to gouge out of my soul
But I have to live with them for the rest of my life
So don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about
It’s an ongoing battle and **** it I’m still here
I will always be a part of me, pain…misery…fear
But hell at least I ****** faced it, accepted it, it’s just there
Sad to say it’s a part of fucken life…sigh

**Sorry excuse my profanity just then
Just so passionate about being human
And wanting to live my life
417 · Nov 2014
It Made My Day.....(sigh)
Kaila George Nov 2014
I woke to the sound of my son
snoring in the lounge
I had fallen asleep watching t.v
he had made himself comfortable
on the other coach
it was a joy to see him home
just for the night
then like all mothers do
I snuck closer to see how he was
he was fast grown up is my son
I lay my hand on his forehead...smiled as he slept
then proceeded to do what I do best
Slobbered him a motherly kiss...sigh
just like I use to when he was a kid
then attack....the cuddler attacks...GRINS
all I can hear is a muffled voice say...
Awww mum....he smiles...I love you mum
I smile back...I love you too son....can't stop smiling
it made my day to see him again....yes indeed
best start to any day....sigh
414 · Oct 2014
I Write With My Heart
Kaila George Oct 2014
I write with my heart
My heart on my sleeve

I'm open and honest
At lest I try to be

I never question
If you're wrong

I never think
You're a mistake

To me you're just human
Just like me

I am who I say
I am whom I write

My life story is here
With each stanza I write

People they ask
Am I really for real

Yes I say with pride
Read the story of my life
Kaila George Dec 2014
Its Christmas time .... full of cheer... sharing
but this Christmas seems so void of cheer
as I walk the family house from one end to other
alone...remembering Christmas past

Home was were everyone gathered because my parents were alive
it changed after became a tradition to be at others house
So every Christmas ever since I've woken up to a empty house
once or twice perhaps... I was lucky to share with others
that came home for that one particular year

I remember when mum and dad was alive
every year we would be preparing for Christmas day
me and mum in the kitchen preparing food dad
sharing his story's with his beers
then by 12 mid day everyone would be home
and the Christmas tree by then was full of presents

I was the hostess with the mostess....smiles
everyone kept me busy....I thrived on the cheer
seeing people smile with joy as they opened presents
it brought tears to my parents eyes to see so much love
what wonderful times....sigh

I still have half a day with my family
but its no longer the same
as I sit here alone on Christmas morn
looking at the house that once use to be so alive

I then look at all my friends whom I share my Joys and woe's
and I'm grateful to be able to share my heart my soul my world
to all whom I respect, and love with all that I am

Merry Christmas one and all have a beautiful Christmas Day
412 · Oct 2016
Kaila George Oct 2016
My muse was gone
lost in my thoughts
not sure how or why
it just wasn't there

Now it's back
making its way
struggling with
thoughts to
display on this page

Hope you all have
a nice day
Kaila George Oct 2014
Mum why is there war?
Because men believe in what they say
So they fight for what is right

Mum why does the rain fall?
Because people believe
They are the tears of God
Each time a baby dies

Mum why does the sun shine?
Because it warms the earth
To make new life each and every day

Mum why is the sky blue?
Because they believe
God painted it that way

Mum why are there stars?
Because people believe
It's a birth of a newborn child

Mum will you and dad get back together
I look at him with sad eyes

Alas no my son...we have grown apart
Was never your fault we just grew apart

Mum why do you cry?
Because I am so happy
God gave you in my life

I love you mum
I love you son

You're the apple of my eye

© copy write Kaila George
As a child my boy always asked me questions these are but a few.
394 · Apr 2016
Neglected My Heart
Kaila George Apr 2016
Surrounded by a wall of silence
I sit in the evening shade
And ponder on
The meaning of life
I've  collected a few stains
Upon this beating heart
But life breaths its wonder
As I step out of the dark
I have neglected my heart
But now it beats with love
Because of one special man
You know who you are
You hold the key
To my heart
390 · Nov 2014
Comfort Zones
Kaila George Nov 2014
I miss my comfort zone
working and just doing
pretty much what I want
But this course

Its just so different
I'm a student again
sheesh...gotta get pass that

Im not the teacher
so weird this concept
of being a student again

Its different I suppose
but I know my passion
writing my poetry
and Teaching....its
what I want to do in my life

smiles life if so unpredictable
We all have them...our comfort zones were we don't want to move on, we prefer to stay where we feel safe...then that safety net is taken away....and you are left hanging on to possibilities of something that may take you down a different path....sigh.
388 · Oct 2014
Kaila George Oct 2014
Silence speaks in volumes

The birds no longer sing

The lions no longer roar

The bee’s no longer hum

The animals no longer speak

Unto each other in their own tongues

Motions no longer move

The animals no longer run

The birds no longer fly

The fish no longer swim

Humans no longer live or breathe

Nature no longer paints its

Brush of life on mother earth

The rain no longer falls

The grass no longer grows

Flowers and trees

No longer bloom

Children will never see

A sunrise or set

Children will never see

The four seasons come and go

Our children will never

See animals of this earth

Living breathing and roaming this earth

We have stripped this planet

Earth to be barren and cold

I stand alone

On a desolate

Dying hill of death

I no longer feel the sunrays

I no longer feel the wind

The sun, moon and stars

No longer shine

Their guiding light

I stand alone

Tears fall on barren ground

I weep for my child

I weep for his children yet to be

I weep for all living things

Are we too late?

To save our planet earth


©Kaila George 2013
382 · Aug 2016
The Bouquet
Kaila George Aug 2016
The sweet fragrance
That assaulted my senses
Reminded me of
The morning dew

The taste of nectar
Decadent in nature's
Beauty that breaths
In a bouquet of rainbow colors
That was only meant for you

With my heart in my hand
I collected each flower
With the intent to be your boo
So I shower you with
All that I have
With love a bouquet
Of flowers just for you
381 · Sep 2016
Key To My Heart
Kaila George Sep 2016
I have this key
That I wear around my neck

It means the world to me
Because he gave it to me

Telling me with love
That it was the key to his heart

Attached to the key
Is a small shaped heart

It brings back memories
Memories of love

He passed away so long ago
But still I hold the key to his heart

I smile, I cry, I remember
And lovingly hold the chain

That’s attached to the key
That opens his heart
371 · Jul 2015
In a Bubble
Kaila George Jul 2015
Trying to make sense of what happened
when my sister died last year
kinda lost when she died

Been a whole year since her death
really has it been that long
feels like I've been in a bubble
Where I would not let anyone in

Breathing because I feel unworthy
why was she taken and not me
Living and not really seeing
why am I feeling so guilty
I have done nothing wrong

Other than being two years older
it should of been me
not her...she had a whole lot more to give

I miss her so.....

I dont know if I can move on
how can one do so after a sibling as passed on....
I mean parents your expected....right
but siblings....thats a whole new ball game.....
how can I can I breath

then I'm told in her memory
I must can you do so
if you just want to be with her too....
its time for me to let go......

Taking the first step feeling so alone
I know I am not the only one feeling this pain
but it feels like I am alone......

A tear trickles down my cheek as I remember...
I smile knowing it will take a while
but I am trying....
writing helps me to deal with the pain....

Its time to move you dearly sister
always in my heart....I love you so....bye...
Kaila George Oct 2016
Where are all the flowers gone
those whom petals drifted
in the wind where did they go
I'm referring to the poet's
I knew so well .... where
have you all gone ....
each one of them brought
To this site a florish of life
in there own words
in their own ways
I have yet to read the new
poets I see posting
look forward to doing so
with delight. ... smiles
This site started it all for me
feels good to be home
till the next post ... smiles
A poem about Poetfreak poets it closes in December....a repost
Kaila George Oct 2014
The grain of time sifts through the days

As each magical moment tumbles through my mind

I recall the days when my father was alive

His story's so sorely missed during Christmas time

He would recall what happened during the time he was alive

During the times our family was alive

Births, Deaths, Marriages...he remembers them all

Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, cousins

He remembered them so well...smiles...he had story's for them all

He was the soul of the family that kept memory's

Pressed between the pages of our minds

I do the best I can...I hope I carry on his legacy

As the storyteller that perhaps is wise...smiles

I try my best
Kaila George Feb 2015
She sat on the beach
Staring out at the crashing waves
Her eyes misted over as she recalls his sweet kiss

As their lips touch, a cascade of feelings and dreams
Ran across her mind as she remembers a life time of love

She looks to the right, as she envisions a time
Where they both held hands in the rippling sands

And like a couple in love they run and frolic
With laughter and joy, as they splash and run in the sun

She now stares into the sunset as she watches
The pastel colours of light reflect off the ocean waves

And remembers how at this very spot they held each other tight
And as the evening shade caressed their warm cool skin

They sank to the sand in passion and ecstasy
Forever lost in dreams

She sits upon the shore
Recalling her memories of sweet tender love

He gasps….she turns with tears in her eyes
As she walks straight through the man she loves

Was it the trick of the morning light?
Or did he see her once again

Hands shaking he blinks then rubs his eyes
It was just the morning light

He looks to the left
He looks to the right

There is no one in sight
Laden with a broken heart

He wanders back down the deserted beach
As he remembers a time before she was lost
341 · Aug 2016
She Remembered...
Kaila George Aug 2016
She sat upon her rocking chair
That had a good view of the
Coming and goings of life just outside her porch

She smiled as she remembered
Meeting and greeting people
Over the years ahh yes.....

She remembered her own
Grandfather sitting in this very chair rocking back and forth
And telling her storys
Of his childhood....she smiled

She could hear his voice
As he told her of how back in his day they had to work the land...they had none of these fandangled siree
She smiled

She remembered the day she brought her boo to met her father for the very first time he had looked at him sternly and asked with that soft spoken voice of what are your intention young man...she smiled

She remembered presenting to both her mother and father her small bundle of joy and the pure joy as they held him for the first time the glow on their faces....words could not discribe...she smiled

She remembered so much that happened on this very porch
She smiled the wind blew softly as she rocked for the last time

And that's how they found her...rocking still in her chair

As she smiled

By Kaila George
341 · Sep 2014
Ghost of a Memory
Kaila George Sep 2014
Early Morning hours I could hear the birds start to chirp
Outside my open window, pondering
Conclusion, life has new meaning when you face
Past history's of mistakes
You know in your heart that there was nothing anyone could do
So now it's just a ghost of a memory
That's best left in the past
Eye's start to drop
You sleep in blissful peace
340 · Sep 2014
I Really Don't Know?
Kaila George Sep 2014
My life has been on hold
I was not feeling too great
My sister passing on
Kind of got to know

I mean a sibling passing on
That’s different right.....
Your parents you expect that
But your siblings it’s just another level
Of grief that pulls at your heart and soul

You start to think...whose next...
It scares you to death
Really it does...makes you wonder
What reason was I put here
Why must I endure all this pain?
And heartache.... Why...tell me why

I really don’t know....I’m just bleeding from my soul
I have deleted my old account from here starting afresh...I have all my poems on Poemhunter...have a good day or night
338 · Sep 2014
Nature's Delights
Kaila George Sep 2014
I was walking along the footpath
Leading to the local park

The sun was shining down
The grass green and birds
Flying around…I could see the ducks
Swimming in the pond as my dog
Ran around my legs then shot off
To see what that rustle in the distance as
The warmth of the rays made me smile
My dog barking in the distance
At something that tried to run away

The birds singing to each other like a sweet
Musical rhythm to life…oh what a beautiful sight
It’s wonderful to just get away

**And embrace nature’s wonderful delights
Kaila George Sep 2014
A Shadow at the door (Additonal Stanza were added to this one)**

He stood there for so long
It was like an eternity went by

Just as he had appeared
He quickly vanished from sight

Leaving me to think
I was safe, every things alright

Then in slumber I fell
Sweet dreams of a child

When WHAM! ! !
There he was again my nightmare began

Blinking in the stale night
Breathing his stench

I screamed my loudest
I kicked with all my might

Sweaty hands clamped down
On my mouth
Terror was all that I could feel

An odor of beer that lingered in the air
Sweaty palms and body made me
Tremble in fear

The minutes ticked by I felt tainted
And dead and blacked out in horror
At this nightmarish dread

The flashback ended just there
As the tears started trickle down my cheeks
I had made my way to the window
And looked blankly at the darkness
That enveloped the world outside

Behind I could hear the soft snoring
Of my misbegotten night of degradation
From the night before
I was only 19 years old
I believed I was a ******
Ha what a joke

I had not found any blood
I was never a ****** as I use to believe
I was nothing but wasted space

All those nightmares I had
As a child those cold nights of terror
They were in fact real
They happened to me in real

I blink at the flicking light outside
As what’s his face stirs in his sleep
My anger was dim at first
But then it just grew
Blinding rage at the realization
Of my haunted dreams
Were in fact real and not just a bad dream

I looked up at the waning and paling moon
And made a promise there and then
I will hate all men
Forgive me for being that way
I now know not all men were like HIM

Tangled Weaves of Life

Oh the tangle weaves of life
Make us as human beings
So unworthy in our lives
To others who think
It’s just all a bad dream
We stand upon the edge
Of life’s calculated risks
Wondering can we be
What others can see
All they ever see
Is the shell that hides your soul?
They poke, **** and question
What kind of life you lead
You hide from them your soul
The journeys of life’s mystery
They think they know you best
But in reality all they see
Is a shell of a being?
That holds your soul to be
One that hides the ghost of pain
That is dormant in your heart
One that’s learnt to live and breathe
Behind a painted door
They often knock to see
If you are still here in reality
Little do they know?
Of your secret life of woe
Only once in while
You let them in your life
Then firmly close the door
That hides your secret life


Wasted upon the Ground of life

The streets of life are real
For those of us who learn
What it’s really like
To be wasted and alone
In the mire of mud
You watch as life goes by
You wonder who they are
Those that pass by
Your earthly remains
You try to gain control
Of the normality in life
Only to drown
In your burdens of old
The shadows of life
Pound upon your soul
You duck, you fight
What you think is right
Only to learn
It’s just an imaginary foe
And then you start to laugh
At the audacity of life
How dare they all ignore you?
Wasted upon the ground of life


What’s Left of her Soul

She sits upon the chair
And see’s the ties
That bound her still
She lets out a scream
Only to learn
That she cannot be heard
She looks around in fear
At the dark and ***** room
Only to see the hands
That rips away at her soul
She struggle’s she fights
The bonds that hold her still
She hears laughter and insults
As they tear away at her clothes
As she struggle’s in her seat
Then she learns to be void
Of feeling and voice
And watches them strip
Her humanity no more
She feels as if she’s a drift
As she floats above the carnage
And feels sorry for the child
That sits all alone
Not realizing that
It’s her body of old
Then sudden awareness
Wakes her to reality
And then tears trickle quietly
As she fights with dignity
At what’s left of her soul



A word we all regard
With decorum
But for me it was one
That I lived and grew with
As the passing years
Of recollection
Encumbered my soul

I hated all men
Thought they were dogs of the earth
I had never meet a decent man yet
No…not yet

If they could damage my soul
I could use this hate like a knife

The only men I ever have trusted in my life
Were my brothers and my father and now my son

Others were just objects to be held at length
To be hated for what they represented in my life

Even those that were decent I could not fathom them as human
All I saw was one face on ever man that ever wanted to be in my life

If I call you brother that’s the highest regards I can pay
If I call you my friend and you’re a man
Then that is something I rarely give out to any man

Just know that I no longer regard men with all that hate
If anything I have to forgive those that I have hurt

On this site…in a strange way…I have met decent men
This is why I am in awe of those of you that show respect

I am learning there are decent human beings in this world
If you attack me verbally I will reply with dignity
If you attack my family I will kick your ***

Smiles but violence is not the answer forgiveness is
Be strong it will eventually be ok in the end

Smiles simple as that
No questions asked

Kaila George

Submitted: Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Edited: Tuesday, August 06, 2013
I submitted this collection on another site, J.A.M is a very good poet here, I find his work refreshing , but he challagned us to write  a raw poem, I had quite  a few by the time this challeged was placed, and these are those poems. I hope they help.
334 · Oct 2014
Painted Eyes and Ears
Kaila George Oct 2014
All my life I walked around
with painted eyes and ears
Never really seeing what was right before my eyes
never really hearing, the shouts, the screams, the cries
the pain and anger and humiliation
was too much to bare
so I buried it deep down inside
what I saw and heard in fear

I walked around for all those years
ignoring my pain and fears
and closed my heart to all who cared
cause the guilt was too much to bare
then one day I saw a light
that made me think again
of when I was a little girl
before the shame and pain

along the way I was helped by many
who cared for me in vain
cause I still lived in fear
and hid away my shame
and then the lord appeared to me
and came into my heart
and then my family one by one
help stomp out the dark

so now I say to those I love
I thank you from the heart
for taking all my fears away
giving back to me my heart
My first a long way since then, beliefs has changed, still believe in God just not man's doctrines.....but yes my first poem...back in  2006 of March on the 26 remember that day so well as if it was just yesterday....sheesh.
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