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justanotherfool Aug 2017
breathe life into me
you sell your white elephant
a pie in the sky
my first one. help me improve
justanotherfool Jun 2017
It's time I throw in the towel, I am getting way too older
Please, don't give me a second wind, I just don't want to go it alone
Oh, hear this, my Solid Rock, I don't even have a leg to stand on
In these troubled waters, I need no more words as actions speak louder

Why am I left here in this bind, with a red heart so black and blue
I was told, that I was meant to shine, was it over mine or your head
Better I leave this dead horse here, here on the other side of my bed
Now I have shrunken too much, I guess I was just meant for someone's boot
incomplete, but please give it shot, lets tear it apart
justanotherfool Apr 2017
Dear Lord, hear the cry of your child here
She can't defy, please, slay down her fear
bless her now, lord, with your mighty faith
so never shall shake, she in this wraith.

Dear Father, you are the real healer
fend for her, Abba, as you need her
Guide their hands, in her operation
Guide her spirit, in her salvation

Lord, the father of the fatherless
reckon your daughter in her distress
the miracle, it isn't from the doctors
not their will, mercy, but her father's

Let this day be her testimony
for you saved her from her agony
the cancer in her flesh, you designed
for her good, she knows, so will not mind

All in this world prays for compassion
Father, let them see her, your creation
Let them read her life, your rede to them
Abba, claim her spirit, sign with your thumb
Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you–yes, I help you–yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand!
justanotherfool Apr 2017
"Here she rests, now, here in her tiny little nest
Her never ending quest, still, no one can wrest.
You sleep for now, I will join you, that's a vow
It's true, he has a new world for us to sow"
It is sad that I have to write this. But since this is the one thing you want from me at this moment, I cannot choose not to. But again, dear, I love you. And I know that our God will do the right thing for you. And I pray and believe that your recovery itself is his will
justanotherfool Apr 2017
Oh Lord, she was born by you, she was born for you
You had a plan, she was your plan, it never came out of the blue.

Father, you know her inside, you know her outside
You had a purpose, she was your purpose, it never can be denied.

She wasn't born for a day, she was made to last forever.
Lord, You planted eternity in her heart, for her, with her, together.

This earth, nothing but an auberge, and this life, a mist
We are here only for a while, for another moment, to make it your list.

My Lord, fix her eyes, to the unseen, to the eternity
You had a purpose, for her and for all of us, it was never mortality.

Oh Lord, all she has is a troubled soul, a weak body
You still give her strength, to lift her up to be there for your glory.

Dear Father, smile on her, make her life your pleasure
Let her see that smile, feel that smile as she is your divine treasure.

Abba, the wounds in her heart, in her soul and flesh
Needs your touch, the healer of wounds,  let her spirit refresh.
This song is for my sister Neena ( I know her by that name) She is battling cancer. It is my prayer to the Lord for her healing. All I want to tell Neena is to keep your hopes up and live every moment the God has given to you. The God has a purpose for you, be there to fulfill that. SO don't you dare to quit. He has not done with you. He will serve his purpose with you through you. Look up to him.
justanotherfool Oct 2016
Every time, I thought 'Oh, it's all done'
'huh, the battle I have can never be won'
'Fine time for the last bullet in my gun'.
Hey, but still I'm here for another run.

They were raining me down with their blames.
All the devils were running in my brains.
No more could I bear the pain in my veins.
Hey, but still I'm here for another game.

I just wonder how I am still alive!
It's always like I was born to survive.
Jesus made me fall, So that I can thrive.
He made me fall, for my soul to revive.

I've faced the test 'n I've tasted the test.
Proved nothing to him, but I fed my quest,
of where to dig my roots in the tempest,
of why I survive, because I'm all blessed.
Incomplete, but guide me with your suggestions and corrections.
justanotherfool Oct 2016
A brain, with a never-ending war inside
A heart, in search of a new way to subside
A pair of eyes, looking for a new divide
It's me here, with every inch so mortified

Everything here seems so off and so wrong
Everyone is tripping toes to the euphoric songs
They want me to get along and play along
But still this solitude!, huh, and I'm not alone!

Should I wake up tomorrow? that same question,
same dilemma, that made me ask this now again
This vacuum in my soul, invention of the inception,
of the unceasing pain, struggle and suffocation.

Dear Father, I need you here, I need you near
I have all these people here, but still, I'm in fear,
fear of war, fear of purdah, fear of despair, and
of losing heart that you'd save me like yesteryear.
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