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 May 2016 jordan
Maple Mathers
That's the REAL me.
The Weeknd

 May 2016 jordan
jane taylor
precious innocent soul
skipping rocks
on cobblestone roads
vulnerable untarnished pure
no residue of earthly soil

return me to that naiveté
unburdened by layers
of fake masks
and perfect capped teeth
in narcissistic societies

but I shan’t grasp
at ethereal edges
of nebulousness
and ephemeral

i shall endure
what I abhor
a master’s soul
cannot be forged
in paradise

wisdom’s essence
‘tis not pristine white
hints of ivory
tinge the effervescence
of the sage’s breath

So many thoughts feelings expressions emotions
locked behind deadpan eyes and a voice that's toneless.
A mountain of a person consolidated to this form.
A body unimpressive.
A face unexpressive.
The chaos upstairs requires all of my attention.

Conversing takes a back-seat which is why I seem distant.
Too many things to say only leaves me in silence.
I don't know how or where to begin.
If only I could let you inside to weather the storm
maybe you could make sense of this nonsense and bring me to port.
 Apr 2016 jordan
Sarah Tayler
Do they ever wake up
And wish they weren't where they were
That they were somewhere else
With someone else
Do they ever wish that they were back in the past
When things were simple
When life was wonderful
Back in that beat up car
Tangled hair streaming through the air
When they were young
And the world was dumb
And she was beautiful
Inspired by Beautiful: Ben Rector
 Apr 2016 jordan
next time
 Apr 2016 jordan
just a leaf left
on the pillow next to me
now, a whisper of smoke
vapor tracing your path

out the door
going back to the
limb I stole you from,
the place you must return

I rake my bed for more,
try to make
a place
for you to fall

again, next time.
 Apr 2016 jordan
Depression is not a phase

This is a point i want to raise

Sufferers, do not seek attention

As the stigma likes to mention

Its a mental condition

Just as harmful as an addiction


And take it serious

*Depression is not a phase
~ my generation have degraded depression from being a mental illness to a way of seeking attention and the seriousness of the condition seems to have been lost an them (myself being part of this group)

Id like to re establish the seriousness that it actaully holds
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