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Time is making fun of me
she’s all
—Yeah!! Whassup girl? Yo, you feel better doncha?!? Who did that for you?!? Me!! That’s who!! Don’t believe in me?! Ya ungrateful *******!! Go on!!

and I just hang my head
 12h Jason
I forgive you darling
you only need to forgive yourself
and let lovers love
it’s true
only selves can blame selves
I love your God if it has taught you this
I am happy for your good fortune
I will still fantasize about you
though not in high heels
 12h Jason
stop freaking out
nothing is changed except everything
which is no big deal
also, I still love you and you should come
for a visit
 12h Jason
everything is wonderful with my world
and I am happy
happy happy
it’s a beautiful evening and I love my house
my street
my job
I am lucky lucky
the breeze tells me so
in the impenetrably delicate language of chaos theory
and the setting sun
is just a setting sun
no matter how many tales it spins
into electromagnetic currents around the earth
things spin
we spin
I spin
and fall down laughing
I tried to warn you the box was fragile.
But you held it and shook it,
Until it became too much to carry.

Then you dropped it.

And I heard my heart
shatter on the floor.
© 04/18/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
I am taking slow small breaths
in my square of sun
I am feeling wonderful
I am feeling shy
I am feeling naughty
When you feel a silent breeze
with a scent of roses
Know that love is in the air
Searching for you.

Shell ✨🐚
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