JJ Cooke Mar 23

Shocker, this rocker, a lyrical Doctor.
A Golden God's voice, which makes women moist.
A comedy genius, No doubt about that.
I want to be friends with the Legend Jack Black!

JJ Cooke Mar 22

Night coming down on the land shaded red,
As cunning and quick as a fox.
I rest in a cold lonesome room and bed,
When sharply upon my door knocks;

A strange subject standing,
A freak on my landing,
The twilight refuses to show.

I stay here and wonder,
I shake from the thunder,
I fear what it is I don't know.

With a moon resting dull,
Now the night comes in full,
A horrible shriek from there calls.

With a pulsating head,
I vacate this tense bed;
Curious the way this noise falls.

Outside rain dances to thundering drums,
While lightning exposes the void.
As I creep, I peak upon toes dead numb,
The knocking is quicker deployed.

Advancing the floor I see there is more,
to this unwelcome guest received.
Slowing my pace now i reach for the door,
It opens my eyes are deceived;

Before me stands still,
In a downpours chill,
This oddly shadow cast creature.

And even as still,
The lighting is nil,
Yet I can make out main features;

Without hair skull exposed,
Lacking eyes lips and nose,
Black tongue behind finely filed spikes.

It's breath suggests death,
And the chest 'neath it's neck,
Bares broken ribs sharpened as pikes.

Behind the pointy bones,
In the gore there is shown,
My caller is lacking it's heart.

So as seemingly stoned,
I now open my home,
In hopes that this beast wont depart.

Curious to know how this thing is alive,
I've opened my doors and let it inside,
I'll ask it some questions and then maybe I,
Should cut off the head to see if it dies.

JJ Cooke Mar 18

I wake from a dream, the same dream I always have; I find myself inside an empty  space dominated by pitch black.

A scuttle behind me -no in front-
I can't tell in this darkness; my senses are fouled and my whit seemingly nil.

Something grabs, stabs, scrapes;
I feel my skin tear on the arm then the leg then the back, my sense of touch has not gone as the wounds hemorrhage.

I scream and I run not knowing what lies ahead, the noise follows to mock; from scuttle to screech to caw to- gone.

There's a light ahead, I can see it pulse as I press on; my bare bloodied feet making a steady slap and squish on the floor not there.

A whoosh above and heat driven wind forces me down; welcoming the warm kiss from below I don't resist it.

I fall continuously spiraling out of control into oblivion until I feel the ground approaching and I embrace the gory end.

I feel nothing on impact as I watch my casing burst to a bloody rain.
I wake from a dream, the same dream I always have.

JJ Cooke Mar 18

Unobstructed view
Green waves tickle blue amber
Innocence runs free

JJ Cooke Mar 18

She rests in the emptiness,
full of love, full of pain.
She spins in the light,
She shines.

Full of love, full of greed,
She cries in the darkness.
Full of love, full of hate,
She shines.

She twirls through the void,
full of love, full of love.
She suffers a birth,
She shines.

She screams to her children,
full of love, full of fear.
Her children don't listen,
She dies.

She is dead.
She is dead.
She is dead.

Her children are fading,
full of fear, full of pain.
She spins in the dark,
they die.

She rests in the emptiness,
full of love, full of pain.
She spins on forever,
She shines.

JJ Cooke Mar 18

I followed you fruitless for many a year,
But then I saw clearly you're uselessly queer.
You'd promised me everything and anything more,
But all of your words were revealed as just lore.
At the beginning it all seemed so crystal and clear,
So simply enchanted and always so near.
But time had passed on and this love it did seem,
To end up as always nothing more than a dream.

JJ Cooke Mar 18

I've found that we cannot be broken apart,
We're one of a kind we're of the same heart.
Sure there's a lot more than just you and me,
But none of that matters to us honestly.

Forever together we live on as one,
We have lots of memories filled with good fun.
As always we find nothing comes in between us,
To state it most simply I Love you my .....

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