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Guided by starlight,
I timidly step
On the shadows
That lurk my heart
Feeling alive,
I suddenly ebb
All the doubts.

Crushing the waves
Of uncertain and fear,
Opening graves
Of sorrows and screams,
Just to ignore them
As  they have
No more power
Over me
You see?!
I might have lost my wings
No one knows
What future brings
It might be dark ahead
Just look up instead
And see the twinkling stars,

Guided by starlight...
I'm drawn to you,
Like a wasp to a nest,
as words of love trickle
From your velvet lips like honey.
when i was younger
i used to toss paper planes
into the air
now when i toss myself into the air
i see myself as a paper plane
once caged,now free.
Of all the gifts on Scotland's hills
The primrose is most fair
It stops the hiker in their tracks
And keeps them there to stare

At its kind form and beauty soft
I love it I confide
As deep among the heather blooms
It almost seems to hide

Like a young maid who may not know
That beauty's come her way
While others see her prettiness
And long with her to stay

So if you see that yellow bloom
When summer comes around
You'll know it is a precious thing
On Scotland's hills you've found.

— The End —