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 Jan 2023 JP
JM Larsen
~Oh! Delicious Death of Self~

your un-Selfing of Life
fermented sweet,

eyes opening,
filling with
| V O I D |

the substance of the
Nameless White Light's

Unblinking in its
witnessing of
The All of its
for Jodi
 Jan 2023 JP
Satsih Verma
Bare-foot I go near
tomorrow. So much more than love,
poem in a poem trembles.

Like, aspen the goddess
tree, sharing the same root quivers.
There was no storm.

Setting aside the triviality
of daily life, I drag open the funeral
mask to see the mercury planet.
 Jan 2023 JP
There are no best years,

they're different, all of them --

are most beautiful.
Für Maria Godschalk

Collection "Different times"
 Jan 2023 JP
Unpolished Ink
To be a bird
free on the breeze
taking in the charm of trees
to feel the light and taste the air
is not a gift that we can share
shackled to the ground it seems
we must content ourselves with dreams
leaving you to own the sky
while we look up and long to fly
 Aug 2019 JP
rose hopkins
 Aug 2019 JP
rose hopkins
No more
curling into
my embrace
purring your
No more
gently at the door
my attention.
No more
racing madly
through the grass
chasing shadows
and sunbeams.
Oh Minnie
I miss your presence
but still
I sense your essence.
my beautiful cat Minnie was involved in a hit and run two days ago. She didn't survive.
 Jul 2019 JP
Carl Sandburg
I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.

The field of cornflower yellow is a scarf at the neck of the copper
  sunburned woman, the mother of the year, the taker of seeds.

The northwest wind comes and the yellow is torn full of holes,
  new beautiful things come in the first spit of snow on the northwest wind,
  and the old things go, not one lasts.
 Jul 2019 JP
City Lights
 Jul 2019 JP
City lights and circus clowns.
Pretend to be up when we're down.
Round and round, we go through this town.
Run until the sun rises and we burn this town into the ground.
With the ashes, we can begin anew and leave those memories behind.
 Jul 2019 JP
Robi Banerjee
Victuals for intellectuals:
be quasi and prototypical,
not pseudo or ritual.
Feel shame and wonder.
Don’t blunder in the shallow muck,
shovel to your knees and look under.

Do not track linear paths:
Think sideways, backwards,
upside down, exist laterally.
Accept contradictory truths:
they are not just possible
they are inevitable.

If you haven’t found one
in your search, keep your
head down and eyes open.
Be new to avoid ennui, and
let no truth chip your tooth.

Be quiet, not stupid,
be rarely edible and
hoarse from spirit.
Be invisible, not loud,
be a hoax until
you are undeniable.
As seen on Apostatements (
 Jul 2019 JP
The Concrete Poet
weathered skin,
    calloused feet
       and hands.
a sage mature mind,
    a generational man

once jet black hair,
    and a physique
       all youthful
         and chiseled.
now an abundance
    of grey and
       the look of a
          wile veteran
......   so grizzled.

father time has
    been kind to me,
i accept every wrinkle
    i accept all my years
   of wisdom...
       because now i can
be compared to
          a mighty oak tree.

don't be ashamed
   of whom you are,
     don't hide your clock.
let the world see
   your natural beauty,
      don't be afraid
of that sound....
       ....tick tock.
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