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 Mar 2017 Jayanta
Poetic T
a device of madness  
that isn't quelled
with the stillness of
dying for a reason that
escapes them in
                            last exhales.
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
Love me.
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
Love me through all these uncertainties,
Love me all the way,
Till I find everything I loved in you,
In myself.

I'll love you, when it's inconvenient,
I'll love you when it's you I most hate,
Till the love wins over the raging hatred,
And in your embrace, I stand.

Love me like the sun does not care whom it burns,
Love me through the envious glares,
You'll find me next to you shining, not shadowed by your brilliance.

I'll love you when clouds surround you,
I'll love you through the rain,
I'll be your unwavering faith when you need it,
I'll hold you when you get tired of the weights you shoulder, all this heaviness.

Love me in all the realities,
Both yours and mine.
Love me in our ever clashing worlds,
Till you find the similarities.
Love me when all I'm is flaws and skin, tightly held together.

I have loved you beyond the scope of futilities,
I have loved you beyond the words,
I have loved you through the striking thunderstorms,
And I'll love you when it's quiet and dull.
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
there's a price
to every choice
not every payment
equates money.
Dear Readers,
I always thought that every decision we made is a free one. But now i realized that it is not the case, there will always be something of a price or a higher effort that equates every move & choices we make. Some are visible to perception and some are unseen, never noticed. It is like cause and effect, or you paid this to gain that or every choices has its own consequences either good or bad.

Thanks for reading ...

 Mar 2017 Jayanta
Poetic T
Depression falls like rain on the masses,
soaking in the discontent of fallen reflections.

Shattering in the thoughts that whisper
ever more with closed minds.

The flood gates vent a deluge of filth
saturating the skin in delusions of self.

Never again, again never pertained to
this time repeating like a B movie reject.

I look at the world were in now, and I feel
clouds over us, even though the sky has none.
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
Mike Hauser
From the start of this
To the very end
Swimming in ignorance
We'll do it all again

Sands from the hour glass
Keep on seeping
As we watch history

Under the baking sun
Nothing has ever changed
What's being done's been done
The path remains the same

As the bell loudly tolls
Time is fleeting
Watching history

Have there been lessons learned
I'm thinking not this turn
Getting what's deserved
In everything we earn

We still remain the same
In our hearts beating
As we watch history
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
Poetic T
Duality of selves motionless in existence
stagnated in their reflections. Creating false
homes to burn there memories within.

Gleefully listening to the screams of past
reminisce, relics of pain now descend in
wisps of a void now vacant of vocal scaring.

They are of disengaged from their  essence,
but attain the husks of before. They are binary
in there  motions of hearts wielded to the other.
 Mar 2017 Jayanta
The wind is in the west
straight off the Atlantic.
Sweet air to taste and
pure with salted crisp
-March, beware they
say, 'she has a sting
in her tail' storm force
hidden under her skirts
wreaking havoc on
the unwary false spring
'the celebration of poets'
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