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Jasmina Feb 2017

I don't want to write it down.
I don't want to give those thoughts life form
cause once you put them down on that soft pillow of memory….
Once you do that,
It becomes truth!
The one that haunts you....
The one that comes in your dreams
The truth that never knew lie-if.

You become its slave,
You share your lunch with it.
You just dream about that moment trapped on paper
that moment you decided
to give your thoughts wings to eternity.

Your words -
your destiny,
yet even sworn enemy.
Hidden agendas behind poetry. Sometimes hiding behind metaphors helps to avoid slap of reality.
Jasmina Jan 2017
If we could write a motion memento
Just a couple of sentences long.

Just long enough for people to stop and live
the moment along.

If we could stop and tell the world the point of it all,
many eyes of disguise would laugh as they think they already know.

How could we forget and loose our point along the way,
And keep on walking breathlessly, as if the secret has never been told away.

We share our memories and our tears
We live in an irrational emotional fears.

If we could write a motion memento
Just a couple of sentences long

just long enough to catch attention
in this fast living world.

Just long enough to remind you
that all you have is NOW.
Jasmina Jan 2017

Time on my hands -
like blood at a ****** scene.

My face muscles frozen as I kneel before
the last form of belief that shall ever exist.

But a time traveler that has but witnessed extinctions and destruction.
The last human shadow abandoned by moral values.
A forgotten and abandoned generosity at the cemetery of Existance.

I can barely remember how I got here,
As never have I imagined the world this place to be.

Never have I thought that wrinkles on the heart can tell such sad stories,
Nor did I imagine how hard it would be to keep the waterfall of words
from running over the cliff of the lips.
For, some eyes in this world have witnessed greater pain
than it can ever be fairly monumentalized.

But grotesque images
And some predecessors' stories.
Nothing do I see but what world of agony wants me to see.

The energy of sorrow and despair
outbalanced the warm and bright rays of circle of birth.

But soulless and narcissistic
yet self-abandoned creatures,
that criticize and worship
random crumbs and pieces of good deeds.
As for the better seldom does anyone know.
But our true forgotten existence -
Mystery of humanity, that surprises as a sudden shock of electricity -
That is nothing but a last sign of natural instincts that existed in
someone else's stories of what we had used to be.

Nothing to remember -
But melodramatic elegies
Of wars and losses,
Self-Abundance and social negligence
celebrated at the Inferno of wasted souls.

What do we love?
What have we become?
Jasmina Jun 2015
Long long time ago,
When this very moment,
is a chain of past,
I will ask you  - my darling,
If tomorrow
will last.
In memory of The Moment.
Jasmina Sep 2014
Look at the sky, let your dreams fall on your eyelids,
just like summer rain would, if you had ever let it.

Touch your hair, with eyes still wide shut,
Oh, hear that honey-like silk craving to live again.
Stamp your foot.


Now is the moment when you grab yourself, when you cry of happiness.
Now is when you realize that nothing but yourself is worth enough to touch the life for the first time.

Be the baby ready to live,
Spread your palms and touch your smiley cheeks.

I was yet to be born,
I am born (again).

Not when others tell you to be,
but when your inner self becomes ready.
Jasmina Dec 2013
Old shine of a lantern pride.
Wise though, and bright enough,
Holds the secrets that never have shone.

Old shine of a lantern shy.
For jealous souls to cry at dawn,
As brightness of wise is not to expose.

"Shy or pride,
Dusk or dawn,
Envy or lust,
all was once based on trust."

Another shine from the old lantern pride,
That left us all,
with a warming thought.
Jasmina Dec 2013
Pain in life, sure it is,
through the pillow of reality,
comes easy like sensuality.

Did you dream of surreality?
Did you fail for reality?
...Or you just came across banality?
Lines created together with my dear friend Mirza Dindić, and overshadowing piano sounds slipping into the beer...
"Did you..." is not a question, but a confession.
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