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Jane in Jeopardy Oct 2018
Yes, I am no poet
In fact, my 'pieces' are pretentious
but this is my dear diary
where i relieve my fright tonight
of the lonely awakening of tomorrow morning.

So I choose to live in the shadows of the quiet night
and dream sweet dreams in the busy daylight
where nobody is my judge
where nobody is my lord
where nobody is my god.
Jane in Jeopardy May 2018
Clock, you hear yourself ticking into a thrice morning cry?
Be ashamed.
Be very ashamed.
Aren't you shameless for my heartbeat mimicry?

Clock, do you see yourself in the mirror?
Be embarrassed.
Be very embarrassed.
Aren't you embarrassed at the dawn of this quarter-faced horror?

Clock, do you need to tingle my body?
Be abashed.
Be very abashed.
Aren't you abashed for keeping conscience awake in my body?

Clock, did you need to greet the morning thrice?
Be disconcerted.
Be very disconcerted.
Aren't you disconcerted to be lying not once, not twice, but thrice?

Yes, Clock. You.
Stop pointing your finger in a second
Stop depending on opinions in second
Stop and stand still
    Face where your seconds are due.
Hello, poetry.
It's been a long time since. I know I'm pathetic wishing for people to pay attention to my 3 A.M efforts which extended to a 4 A.M. If you're reading this note by chance, I just wanna say thank you for noticing my efforts- useless or otherwise. Ah well, I'm still not good at writing long pieces = (
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2017
She did not choose to place her life in jeopardy;
She was never decreed as property
She was never decreed as liability
She never gave up her liberty
She did not give up her ability...
She will sacrifice much opportunity
and perhaps*
*She will sacrifice her virginity.
This is a universal message to all men who intend to take a wife. *
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2017
This day someone lost a parent--
This is a day I often thought
This is a day I've always imagined
This day I will forever be unprepared for
This day I hope will never come for me
Hence, Dear Father in heaven...
"Please do not realise this day for me."
Someone who loved singing passed away is probably singing in heaven now
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2017
The biggest fool of all is "I",
As in the first to begin,
but the last to finish,
After a march so long;
Used and discarded like tasteless gum.

"Ah! Why does the rain echo my tears--
does the winds my sigh?"
The sigh of a fool
The sigh that was shut out
The sigh nobody hears.
Happy April Fool.. Life is just a never ending maze of pain and unexpected sadness.
Jane in Jeopardy Mar 2017
Let me leave a gift to the unknown
The present to the unknown
Let the shackles of "now" be broken;
As my feet be freed by broker--*
To step back into the past
Return to a time extinguished too fast
Let me ere live in everlasting replay
*My passé happiest display.
Discovered the term Nostalgia Depression. What I would give to relive all my happiest moments.. :')
Jane in Jeopardy Mar 2017
Forever I'll be; fantasizing about other people's happy ever after.
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