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9.0k · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
The infectious disease that festers when there is *loneliness.
8.6k · Oct 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Oct 2014
lies are dots....
      obscures the truth     yet resembles the truth
so share     these dots
   connect   them
and see the bigger picture    known as the truth
one man's truth is another man's lie....
decide for yourself
6.8k · Nov 2014
happy birthday
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
happy birthday to you
this song i sing to you
always a song to you
never a song to me from you

happy birthday to you
this gift is from me to you
a friendship obligation towards you
but never remembered by you

happy birthday to you
here i am eating with you
smiling for the birth of you
while all i had was an online greeting from you

happy birthday to you
perhaps it never crossed you
that i have a birthday just like you
and i have yet to celebrate mine with you
enough of 'friends' who just want you to celebrate their birthdays and never make effort to celebrate your much for 'friends'..thank you for making me jealous all the lucky people out there who have friends to celebrate their birthdays while i have none..i have no friends..**** life..
6.6k · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
Cursive attempts;
  simple words
every juncture
dear readers
a web of confusion
blame not the spider
deceiving its prey.
to people with unreadable handwriting.
6.0k · Jun 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
The most effective way to poison
is to shoot straight through the heart
Cupid has been doing a fine job so far.
5.1k · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
the clouds are as heavy
as your eyes are, with tears
don't let it rain over me.
4.4k · Jun 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
Feelings are simple,
there is no need to complicate things.

People make them cryptic
in effort of conveying them
that sometimes
they themselves too get lost
in a repetition festival of superfluous words.
4.1k · Jun 2014
Black Sheep
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
I am* the black sheep
among the *high-achievers

the sociable.
We don't
the same tune.
to them.
It is the height
lack of imagination,

*Parents love cliche, right?
4.1k · Jul 2014
Modern day Cinderella
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
She would be dressed pretty in rags
slaving like there's no tomorrow
without that bit of altruism
maybe a tad kindhearted
shrouded in materialism.

Fairy godmother's name
is money
lures her
to a game of fame
keeps silent
of its rules.

Her beauty
makes her a winner
she would
be drunk

games drawn to an end
the clock strikes twelve;
Struck her
riches to rags
the magic of money
only lasts so long
Struck her
still had not find
her one true love
at the eleventh hour.

ran out in embarrassment
left only a glass slipper.

returning to rags
a druggie for fame
with much hope
a prince charming
would remember
her to find.
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2016
I don't want to drown among the lovesick poets--
They wax lyrical about love all day
Moan in pleasure in the night
Convert to a religion of romanticism--
Fuels them high on romantic idealism
till they fall back down to grounds of realism;
Turning into the brokenhearted poets I want to avoid--
They wax lyrical of their 'wounds' all day
Moan about their pain all night
as if the sky fell down;
To these poets, I'll give you a word of advice:-
Yours is not the worst on the plate;
*be prepared to suffer pain if you only want pleasure.
Yes, I lost count of how many lovesick or heartbroken poems I've seen on this site. I don't get the why most people here are only inspired by romantic love.
3.9k · Jun 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
It is not punishment
if you don't feel
if there's force
anger resounded
curses pronounced.

Punitive means
can come
in the form of simplest actions,
sometimes without intentions.
2.5k · Jun 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
In a generation of decadence
it's sad
that we cannot simply enjoy
simple civility.

Perhaps inflation
has taken a toll on our cost of living
increasing the price
we need to pay
to earn civil manners.
2.4k · Jun 2014
Finding a bad boy.
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
Girl, do you want a bad boy?
if you can't handle the heat,
get off the stove.

Know them:
Bad boys are bad
not there to put up some suave show
they do bad stuff with ill intentions
not just some petty mean stuff.

Identify them:
They may not even look like one
cue the handsome look
they may even act like angels
it's really hard
differentiating them
from their goody two shoes counterpart.
How i find one when there's no archetypal look??

Game plan and execution:
1. Do something to blend in,
   not asking you to dabble in crime.
2. Make them feel at ease with you
If you're hot, you can opt to skip to step 2. You can be rest assured you won't blend in like the normal plebeians.

     So open your eyes wide
you might strike the lottery!
  if you're (un)lucky you may score one
          real bad ***.
Good luck in your pursuit.

P.S: They are not a species near extinction.
2.2k · Jun 2014
Difference of man and God
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
man abuses
man kills
God disposes
God heals.
2.0k · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
We are both sinners;
you have stolen from me
lost my tool for survival
i became a con-artist
lying with multiple identities
i am alive and well
i killed myself.

you'll bear
the responsibility of making me
this sinner.
up to open interpretation.. thievery and disassociative identity disorder..
1.8k · Jun 2014
tears (10 w)
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
If you collect my tears,
a sea will drown you.
1st attempt
1.7k · Jun 2014
Don't say
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
Please don't say you need me
You only need food, water, shelter and clothing to survive.

Please don't say you want me
I am not food for your ****.

Please don't say you will die for me
I'll ask you to jump off the cliff right away.

Please don't say you will follow me
I don't need a stalker.

Please don't say you will protect me
Because it makes you a hypocrite.

Please don't say you love me
I am not ready for another heartbreak.
1.5k · Jun 2014
Untitled 4.0
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
The flying kite never returns.
Postal mails not replied.
Someone unkind
severed our connections.
1.3k · Jun 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
Buttery sun rays
bidding farewell to daylight
colours me shameful.
first attempt at haiku...
1.0k · Nov 2014
tick tock tick tock
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
tick tock tick tock
the sand of time disperses
i'll be an inventor
invent my fairy tale
mary sue be my name
everybody be my friend
prince be my knight in shining armor
a majestic palace will be where we call home
skies always be pretty blue
fields a grassy green
we will all live happily ever after
sand of time is almost all scattered
after all sand castles were never stable
my alarm clock attempts to wakes me up
i'll wish to never wake up again...
tick tock tick tock
life goes on again till the day my clock expires..
973 · Jun 2014
A Weighty Issue
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
We* all have weights on our shoulders
                                                       ­ so
Why *discriminate
people for their weight?
We all have fats in our body
so why single out and point at that plump person
just to have a good laugh ?
Are you so insecure of yourself?
There are only two types of people in the world;
those who are happy and those who are miserable.
So don't look at our physical weight,
look at our tired shoulders
who have been carrying our emotional weight.
i am also human. Let's all learn to be less judgmental ;)
961 · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
Dependent i am
on you
does it sicken you so much?
sticking by you.

Caste me away
you did
after chewing
all my flavours
blowing my elastic favours
to the limit.

No remorse
stepped on me
i am worse than ****
*at least you won't step on ****.
To people who were used by other people.
904 · Dec 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Dec 2014
i can tell
there's something
breeding in me
i just cannot identify
the need
to quench
the constant thirst
for muted nonsense
to fill my days
816 · Apr 2016
Dear God
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2016
Dear Father in Heaven
I have been the unsuccessful idealist
a muted convoluted mentalist.
May this open prayer
Transcend through fear--

Dear Father in Heaven
Don't take them away from me
Why did you abandon me?!
Thus this body is now an empty shell
No spirit to dwell

Dear Father in Heaven
You said let there be light
I may be blinded by your light
my soul as a whole
warped into black hole

Dear Father in Heaven
Give me reprieve
Please spare me the grief,
My wounds! They bleed tears--
Rip my heart open with shears.
An open prayer for the depressed
794 · Nov 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
You can either see
a glass half empty or half full
either way there's still something
what if there's nothing to be seen?

I am that empty glass
void of contents
no room for friends
no dreams for sympathy
incarcerated by cynics
locked by betrayal

I tried filling this empty glass with many shed tears;
yet that black hole keeps vacuuming
till all that remains
painful loneliness

I tried asking for Answers
Silence was the Answer
what sort of answer is silent?
I refuse this absurd paradox

I tried feeling this empty glass
with pathetic poetry
I got no appreciation
for each word i put every thought into.

These are the reasons
empty glass remain thus
in the midst of a noisy world

So label this glass fragile
only time will tell
this glass to break
there would be fiasco
I'll save you a front seat.
this is one of my longest..
774 · Dec 2014
lopsided smile
Jane in Jeopardy Dec 2014
His arms failed to reach around her wide lopsided smile.
Her mind played silly word games with her lisps
His feet tapped in no choreographed motion; ambiguity
Her tongue tastes wine with no knowledge
His fingers circled in absentminded anticipation
Her warmed hands circled in rubbing
His first dinner date
Her blind date
His date
just whatever random stuff...
765 · Apr 2017
April's Fool
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2017
The biggest fool of all is "I",
As in the first to begin,
but the last to finish,
After a march so long;
Used and discarded like tasteless gum.

"Ah! Why does the rain echo my tears--
does the winds my sigh?"
The sigh of a fool
The sigh that was shut out
The sigh nobody hears.
Happy April Fool.. Life is just a never ending maze of pain and unexpected sadness.
724 · Jul 2014
a gentle shower
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
a gentle shower
with love from the monsoon
splashing footsteps rang
a hasten pace
soon escalates
a thunderstorm of fury.

my heart
are the footprints
you left in my darkest hour.
708 · Jun 2014
A Child's Job
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
A child's job
is to dream;
dreams would condense
clouds of cotton candy.

shelters them
watchful sun's erratic behaviour;
if sun e'er too angry
melted clouds
can be plucked
for reminiscence.
If e'er a mass too heavy,
will pour sugary rains
of passion.

Winds have no power
to emancipate
from sheltering
the innocence of a child.
695 · Feb 2015
death of muse
Jane in Jeopardy Feb 2015
She was beautiful
rolling of silken tresses
cascading her delicate shoulders
as if Niagara falls
i drawn of her beauty from afar.

She was unkind
her feet was bitten with wanderlust
i could never fetter those feet
with letters written
from her flighty dancing and bouncing.

She was skilled
she snowballed inspiration in her hands
caused diarrhea of ideas in my head
she laughed at me
while i made a mess
over my incompetence.

She was
a past, a history
abandoned her starving soul
till she left, died
and now my hands are left paralysed
paralysed in reminiscence
of her sweet voice...
649 · Jan 2015
Jane in Jeopardy Jan 2015
Frog jumping
the moon
of floating lilies
sees peonies
bloomed in her eyes
into the mouth
of a carp
647 · Nov 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
with reluctance
became my favourite word..
i did not
carve myself
a chaotic mess of a Julia set
nor did i
a labyrinth of crosswords.

i have
one of everything you have
two of everything you have
and yet
we are no mirror of each other;
my hands are extended
when your hands are not

as if
you were such a simpleton
the easiest book to be judged by its cover
and yet
you are such a simpleton
judging me by my cover
writing me off
before you read my contents..

please don't say
i'm were just lazy
to try
to solve this problem
to you
was complex like Julia set
build upon
thousands of crossword puzzle..
i can't count the number of people who don't understand me or don't even make the effort to understand me in my life, they think they know what's best..well whatever, probably i do not understand them as well ?
640 · Jun 2015
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2015
I was seduced by your tongue.
From the menu in it's ripe pink
bequeathed with syllables
of toxic waste pronounced;
production rivaling the healthiest liver
in this materialistic marketplace.

Still it is a delicate decadence
not for the faint-heart by recommendation
can only be served in it's ****** state
never preserved with age nor maturity
for it's zest for life can never be tainted
even when cooked
it still wags on and on....
churning more poison.

I placed my order
may the best man win,
I was not a coward.
Bon appetite.
557 · Apr 2016
Her Story
Jane in Jeopardy Apr 2016
She was unique;
Her story was not.
Clutching a torn teddy
imprinting ****** footprints
while she absconds
from her assailant
she calls 'mama'
a good Samaritan replied
placed her in an institution
caged with other children
where they hate 'mama',
they beat her
till she called 'mama' no more.
551 · Oct 2018
Jane in Jeopardy Oct 2018
Yes, I am no poet
In fact, my 'pieces' are pretentious
but this is my dear diary
where i relieve my fright tonight
of the lonely awakening of tomorrow morning.

So I choose to live in the shadows of the quiet night
and dream sweet dreams in the busy daylight
where nobody is my judge
where nobody is my lord
where nobody is my god.
513 · Oct 2016
*SHOUTING* (10 w)
Jane in Jeopardy Oct 2016
511 · Jan 2015
Jane in Jeopardy Jan 2015
The largest *****
Cannot be changed
Patterns, shapes and colours
Like clothes.

Like clothes
Somehow not all people
Are shaped like talented models
We are ashamed.

We are ashamed
Of our many different colours
Not able to blend in;
Called-out like a sore thumb.

Called-out like a sore thumb
By that somebody; friend or foe
Who always sees the ugliest
Patterns telling these tales.

Patterns telling these tales
Of our lives and our destiny, maybe
Perhaps why we can never transplant;
Change our skin like clothes.
508 · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
i'm writing
without inspiration
no topic to write about
no subtle aspiration.

what do i want to achieve?

i'm writing
discovering the hollow in me
filling them up all the same.

this is my hole, my haven.
490 · Jun 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
Should i cry?
i thought i would be crying
like i once did before
in face of failures.

Should i cry?
it is human to shed tears of sadness
strangely, i don't have tears
for this sadness numbs my senses.

Should i cry?
somebody please hear me out
hear my heart drop as she loses spirit
deluding my senses from enjoyment.
I really don't know what to do but to write. The feeling of suspension between crying yet being not able to cry all this while not being able to enjoy the little pleasures in life.. :(
484 · Dec 2014
wet shirt
Jane in Jeopardy Dec 2014
Like all wet clothes;
The body bleeds tears
Worn-out sleeves wrinkled
The soul awaits
The coming of its shriveled form.

To be hung up dry
Till the storms
Wash it into another journey
Of new dimensions.
479 · Jul 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2014
Rippled in desperation,
Hunger consumed me;
that's why
i ate
and swallowed
 written on it.
Sorry for eating
to myself
what wasn't *mine.
Plagiarism and anorexia.
429 · Sep 2014
Dearest Summer
Jane in Jeopardy Sep 2014
Dearest Summer;

My dear friend,
Summer from the equator
smile beams with happiness
leaves me

Cloud did not
our loving conversation interfered
Wind did not
our amicable words interrupted

limbs of mine
turn freezing numb
hands of mine
keep growing cold.

Ti's of my heart
with an acquaintance;

It was then;
A feast for love
dearest Spring has prepared
    in desires of excesses
  got us acquainted

infected me
with undying

locked me
with rigid

please do not misunderstand;
may our friendship
continue when the season ends.
it's just sadness :'(
19th March 2017: This poem more than 2 years ago was written when I was humiliated by a teacher in a class. I really disliked the fiery lady who did that to me. She was the haughty rich woman and I am the nobody; of course she could say whatever she wants. When I wrote this poem, there was no anger. There was just sadness.  I certainly did not expect her to succumb to her illness on the 17th of March 2017.  Rest in Peace, my teacher. May the anger, pain, and sufferings of your soul be extinguished.
425 · Jan 6
Every time
Every time I hear of you--
I wonder what when wrong
that you would choose
another over me.

The cogwheels of my brain
would constantly rewind
to the very day we meet;
the nerves I had prior
and the brief good memories.

This bitter nostalgia
reminded me of
my foolish sense of hope
that I was the special one
among many others--

Only when I was told
that I was rejected
did I realise...
I was only a pitiful jester;
dancing and joking
for your fancy
on that very day.

I could not help thinking,
being rejected on a Christmas eve
is a terrible Christmas present,
and also the only Christmas present I had.

They say that it was not His will--
But they also did not know...
Perhaps it was His will
that I spend the dead morning of Christmas
soaking my pillow in tears
while nursing a overactive mind.

And yes, I saw you again on New Years Eve--
from afar, where everyone was celebrating
of their successful association with you
with delirious hopefulness and motivation...
Meanwhile, I was made to
welcome the New Year all alone
with tears in memory of your rejection.
Happy belated New Year.
So yes, I will not have ****** expectations and resolutions for 2019. I will be realistic.
416 · Jun 2014
Sometimes (10 w)
Jane in Jeopardy Jun 2014
Sometimes rain is needed for us to see the rainbow.
Special note: On the way back from a long trip, the clouds suddenly got glum and raindrops start trickling down. After a while it stopped and i saw the most beautiful rainbow i had ever seen in my life- three overlapping rainbows in the blue sky. Considering the fact that this happened after writing this piece, i found it really special.
413 · Mar 2017
Lullaby at Night (10w)
Jane in Jeopardy Mar 2017
Forever I'll be; fantasizing about other people's happy ever after.
387 · Nov 2014
i am
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
i am apathy
here i am writing for nobody to read
talking to no one to listen
speaking for nobody to hear

i am pathetic
there's nobody willing to pay attention
i wonder why i have yet to reach the hollows of depression
or am i already in beyond my realisation..?

i am sad
worthless 21 years
used and manipulated
never appreciated nor important

i am angry
all you ****** people
treat me like disposable
calling me despicable

i am self-centered
i don't want to care about you
i'll start caring for me
it'll be just me, mine and myself
from now on.....
                     'll be a lonely world but i'm still surviving...
i am..nothing..wish i was thin air..
381 · Nov 2014
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
shut myself
behind unspoken

shield myself
heard is
but a need

hide feelings
forsaken petals

seal words
into unbridled

protect me
369 · Nov 2014
night (10 w)
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
the moon is forever on a it nocturnal?
questions a curious child might ask
368 · Jul 2016
Almost A Century
Jane in Jeopardy Jul 2016
With no possible maps nor signs

Higher than the Everest pinnacle

Braving poverty damning thorns

Against tidal waves of angst youth

Congratulations, you have conquered World War II;

There is not enough time for celebration--

You are the soldier

Onto your next battle

Depreciated in value
Shunned for weakness

Scorned as a burden

All battles must end with a narrated full stop

You did your best; you fought the good fight!

Time is too short for anything-- may you read this letter in heaven.            

P. S: Congratulations, It was almost a century since.
An ode to grandmothers who are burdened with children in youth and loneliness in old age.
360 · Oct 2016
My Mirror
Jane in Jeopardy Oct 2016
Cold cannot melt ice
Heat cannot extinguish fire

We were wrong;
We thought
Each our shadows
Could shield us
from unpredictable storms.

We were wrong;
We thought
Our hands
Could support
Our crumbling soul.

We were wrong;
We were right
It is all an illusion
Wake up from confusion...

Cold cannot melt ice
Heat cannot extinguish fire

Life in black and white is but a lie
My mirror--
My dear reflection.
Friends who are so alike that they become disagreeable to each other..
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