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Anon 6d
It's all I can do,
To drink so fast.
Quickly! Forget the love I thought would last.

She pined as I,
Though the miles lay far,
The torturing distance; left us both so apart.

"When will you come?",
Left answerless by me.
Everything working to part us endlessly.

Both left in tears,
And time took its toll,
Our hearts were left, with bleeding, soft holes.

"I'll come back!",
My vow,
"But when -- and how!?"

And to her,
I had no assurance,
Only a test of her endurance.

And her heart grew impatient,
And it built its thick wall,
At once when I came, it couldn't hear my call.

Now I shudder,
And now I quake,
For my delay was a final
Anon Mar 2017
To the girl with blue eyes so deep,
the whisper on my lips, the phantom in my sleep.

I long for your dreams, sign of Nod's favor,
your scent, your touch, all I may savor.

Arriving in dark, by dream you alight,
but it's as close as I can be to you this night.

The dreams to prolong, and lengthen our time,
Each time that they end, seems such a crime.

To be drawn, pulled away,
by the light of another day.

The unending chase, untenable tease,
for another dream, I pray on my knees.

To be with you one day,
beyond these close-eyed trysts,
and until that day comes,
you're constantly missed.

To join you, awake,
my eternal sleep, I'd forsake.
To R.
Anon Jan 2017
We live a life,
of a path unknown.
We take a hand,
a trusting lead - the way they'll show.

But sometimes the hand,
we trustingly take,
teaches a lesson
that one, one to shake.

Some are kind,
and beautiful souls.
Some are blind,
taking untenable tolls.

If you find one,
of angelic form,
Give it devotion,
and always keep warm.
Anon Apr 2016
Regrets, I have so many.

I wish I'd told you how I really felt,
shared the feelings, and how deeply they dwellt.

In my heart, how much it burned,
to look into those eyes, oh how it yearned.

The quick, girlish, laugh, always so quick,
stung by its innocence, to my heart did it stick.

But seemingly now, all those things are gone,
the beautiful moments are all that live on.

I'll never forget Chicago, my dear,
never to find another - my deep, darkest fear.

For everyone, there's another one, it's said,
But the loss of my one - gives me lasting dread.

I must go on alone, without that sweet girl,
leaving everything gray, in such a muted lonely world.

On the shores of Lake Michigan, where you're found now,
Like the waves rolling inward, I'll find a way...Somehow.
Due to a particular patch of retrospection about the sweetest girl. The spots are true, the feelings are real.
I hope my catharsis doesn't trouble you much. Thank you for reading.
Anon Jun 2015
Somewhere, for that girl,
the one with sparkling eyes
and blushing cheeks,

the one who showed so much tenderness
and compassion,

the one who wrote those beautiful short notes,
the one who once cared so much,
and said she was falling for him

there is a man,
who cares as much,
and misses her, and her notes.

And still protects a pinpoint flame,
all that's left of that which was,
once a burning heart.

While the smoke curls upward,
and the fire's strength fallen
he still checks that flame
from time to time,
and realizes it will never extinguish.

While the girl who lit a fire,
who never knows,
and walks forever,
in her dark.
Anon Aug 2014
The things I've felt
Have now left me cold
The love, now pain
Runs as an icy vein

The caring, the empathy
The sharing, and the intimacy
Raged, but smolder no more
Leaving chills, cooling to the core

The feelings were intense
Every word spoken was true
Distance ruined it all
Loneliness casts its pall

Perhaps one day
Together we can be
'til then the cold will be chased
by each warm tear trace.
Anon Jul 2014
The girl that I love,
the mind so sweet,
her eyes so bright,
a woman, complete.

Creativity for days,
and empathy for miles,
she's the girl that I want,
the one with an ice-melting smile.

The one who see my faults,
but accepts them the same,
as impatient as I,
the one girl whose heart I would claim.

One day this girl,
and I will be one,
By days we grow closer,
until our distance is none.
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