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 Nov 2019 m
Orion Lesneski
 Nov 2019 m
Orion Lesneski
Razor Blades,
They take away the pain,
But they hurt the ones I love,
So that’s enough,
To keep me from slicing up.
 Nov 2019 m
a crush
 Nov 2019 m
the first time we hung out,
i couldn't stop smiling.
i'd cover my face when i smiled,
hoping you wouldn't see me blush,
but i just can't explain how you make me feel.
you are so cute,
and funny,
and all around lovely.
so how could you ever fall for someone like me?
 Nov 2019 m
 Nov 2019 m
for all of my life,
i've been told that i would be going to hell,
that i'm destroying god's creation,
that god hates me.

the same god that is supposed to be all-loving.

then you have the audacity to ask,
'why aren't you a christian?'

it's not that i hate religion,
i just can't support one that has dehumanized queer people
for hundreds of years.
 Jan 2019 m
Ryan Riviere
You have survived the worst yet by conceiving the worst yet.
 Oct 2018 m
i know we are not close
we are pretty far apart
but that doesn't mean we can't fall in love
i know you already told me your answer
and i understand completely
but if you are so sincere about wishing you were here
then could you maybe just take a chance on me?
because one day we might be close
 Oct 2018 m
so am i just nothing to you now?
is that what is happening?
 Oct 2018 m
every little thing is scaring me
shadows of darkness
lurking around every corner
deafening sounds ring in my ears
i jump because of every noise i hear
i'm scared
i told him i was afraid of the dark
he holds me close and whispers
"i'll protect you from the monsters"
i didn't know he was talking about the ones in my head
this never happened but i still like to dream
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