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HelloGoodbye Mar 2017
9 years old why is it so cold when the heaters on, my family doesn't carry warmth.
12 years old I need a family more than I need an education.
Where did my family photos go?

17 I found something in a broken soul but he can't build me a world.
19 I need love from a strong man, I don't know what love is.
Where did my family photos go?

22 I want to see the world before I see myself
23 A real family doesn't exist for me, I don't have one. I can't build one.
26 It's been a while. I've been lost.
27 I met a man. He didn't promise me anything when I asked what he could give me.
Where did my family photos go?

29 He's still here.
32 He's still here. He promised me nothing but he gave me something.
87 He's not with me anymore. His last gift was something I was looking for.
My photos.
HelloGoodbye Jun 2015
I don't write poems.
I write the thoughts of the broken.
Whether it be a broken heart or a broken soul,
I will try and speak for the unspoken.
Whether it's from memories or stories, I will try my very best to do this.
HelloGoodbye Jun 2015
An optimistic 6 year old girl with the whole world in front of her.
A crying 8 year old wishing her parents would hug her.
A damaged nine-year-old hoping for a bedtime story.
A changed 11 year old learning that it'll never be okay.
A broken 13 year old looking for an exit.
An angry 15 year old with a bag packed at her side.
A bitter 16 year old lost past the point of return.
A determined 18 year old ready to fly.
A recovering 19 year old seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
A strong 21 year old seeing the whole world for the first time.
HelloGoodbye Jun 2015
Please, I beg of you, don't break my soul. Don't break my heart.
Please, don't let go of me, don't forget me.
Please, turn around, come back.
Please, you were made to protect me, why are you hurting me?
Please, put the belt down, I just wanted you to love me.
Please, I'm sorry I'm such a mistake.
Please, be the one I want, the one I need.
Please, tell me I'm your beautiful daughter.
Please, lie to me.
HelloGoodbye Jun 2015
Remember the bittersweet kisses, don't forget the one who gave you everything.
Hope for the worst, pray for the best, don't say my name when you hold her.
Remember, I'm gone.
HelloGoodbye Jun 2015
Don't call 911.
I saw the way you looked at me.
Don't call 911.
I don't remember what I drank that night.
Don't call 911.
I woke up alone and broken.
Don't call 911.
My mom will be ashamed of me.
Don't call 911.
No one will want me.
Don't call 911.
No one will love me, I can't tell anyone.
Call 911.
It's too late.

— The End —