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Stop it...
Just stop it...
I love you
You drive me INSANE
You tell me all these
Flat out stupid reasons
How it would be "Reasonable"
For me to dump you...
Do you want me to go?
If you do just say so...
Out the door I'll go
I'll leave you alone
But this constant talk about
Why and how you would understand
If I left you and found someone new
The last guy who did this to me
I dumped in a cruel way...
So shut up and tell the truth
Do you even want me to stay...
You ask me what it is,
So I tell you about it.
You frown and you question,
Until I start to doubt it.

"Why was that so hard for you to say, our dear?"

Well, because I know that it's not what you wanted to hear...

"You're right,
It's not what we wanted to hear,
But you should never fear,
Because we'll always be here,
for you."

You may be there for me,
But do you really care for me?
Can't help but hope you do,
I hope you were telling the truth.

I just need you both to love me,
No matter who I have to be.

"We love you."
Yeah, I hope you do...
I've been writing so much about my parents lately??
Aren't you getting tired
of your bitter ways?
Tired of complaining about
and never looking
the other way?

Isn't it getting old
to find yourself with no friends?
To look at your life
and think,
"What's wrong with them!?"

Is it the least bit alarming...
you love nothing you see?

The truth can be disarming,
but please consider
it from me.

There is no sense
in harming
this isn't
how you
to be.

If you want love
you have to give it,
you have to
it's far easier to love
much harder to hate.

— The End —