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Naked arms extended to heaven
resembling monks of infinite patience.
The scrawny trees waiting the ravens
missing the joy, enduring the silence.

The bluest blue the sky can wear
the coldest breeze of cleanest air.
Whim genius artist who painted there
the purest white the eyes can bear.

The king of stars with dimmed power
hidden behind the hills and meadows.
The queen of night rules longer hours
dresses the field on fearsome shadows.

The time will come to end your blue
your dark realm made of white silence.
The sprouts of life are coming through
beneath your blanket, thriving with patience.
Winter takes a lot of space in Canadian's lifes. It comes full of strong feelings and sensations.
I cry for you Argentina
hectic planet’s southern corner
land of passion, crazy arena
aforetime our bonds were stronger.

No longer yours, you never mine
our lives belonged together once
I used to taste your scarlet wine,
your gorgeous girls, your charming dance.

The friends from ages, forgotten stories
so much privation, my heart is sore
my aging parents, the elder brothers
your call is clear I shall wait no more.

Exultant hugs, reunion is great
my parent’s sanctuary regaining life
but there is an end, a settled date
cruel farewell that sticks its knife.

I’ve seen those humid agates before
I've heard how silence can drown the wail
hair-raising feeling on every pore
they'll stand upright, I will be frail.

Oh, childhood playground! my old-time shelter
long time impeded of children laughing
no words no tears, this way is better
my love, my kids, my home are waiting.
Leaving your childhood place leaves a mix of sweet and sour feelings. Visiting back your birth country is an emotional experience.
Whimsical reason where are you? Come back to me!
Please tell me what happened to all I always believed.
I lost my direction,  goddess of love, she is all I can see,
my muse, my addiction, my love,  my reason to be.

Despite that it hurts me this fire inside,
I’m not willing to fight it, I just want to give up.
I'm losing my mind, I shall recognize,
she happens to be the beat of my heart.

Stunned by her beauty, the moon has to hide.
Softened by her voice, cicadas shut up.
The swans on the pond come close to admire…
the hallucinatory aura she’s leaving behind.

Who am I to be fighting this divine force?
Wasn't she created to show me just how
the blessing of love is granted to those
who dare to fight their judgement with their soul?

I'm bound to accept there is  only one choice…
To let go on my pride, to be honest to me,
to surrender the keys, to accept to rejoice.
to take off all my shields and to let my love be.
Many times love is perceived as a distraction,  as something that must we must control. Human history proves that wrong. My poem is about how impossible is to resolve that feeling with reason.
What is the purpose of beauty without creatures to charm?
How can the moon awake passions without the black sky of the night?
Where would swallows be going without a winter making them fly?
Why are you afraid of the darkness if you experienced the light?

We are born in pain, because it is pain what proves us alive.
We must master the fall before we learn how to walk.
We can only accomplish success if we experienced the fail.
You are worried, I see, use this friend’s ear, let’s talk.

I hope you believe me, my friend, your worries will pass.
You will endure the pain, you will soon understand.
It can’t be always the same, it can’t be back as it was.
But your night will be over, making place to a brighter dawn.

The phoenix has risen from ashes infinite times.
The flood of punishment passed for resurgence of life.
Our ancestors strove struggles to bequeath us  some peace.
You can make the future brighter. Stand up! Do not abdicate!
Transformations can be painful, pain makes us grow, growth has a purpose. If you ever asked yourself: Why is this happening to me? Hopefully you'll get some relief understanding the metamorphosis of the caterpillars.  I used a metaphoric title to describe in one word what all of us go through at some point of our lives.

— The End —