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4.9k · Feb 2014
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
You might just be the most comfortable person in the world.
I leaned up against you
so that I could feel your heartbeat
and so that my head would rise and fall with your chest.
Your breath was warm on my head.
You pulled me closer
put your arm across my chest.
I could hear your heartbeat
perfectly in time with mine
And I swear
in that moment we were infinite.
4.1k · Dec 2013
The Arctic Journey
Graced Lightning Dec 2013
Frigid winds
whip across icy tundra
chunks of ice colliding
as the kayak moves slowly on
under a midnight sun
which illuminates the water
for all of the day
and all of the night
they kayak
this was inspired by a newspaper article I read a few years back about two men who kayaked across some freezing cold ocean or something. I thought they must be some pretty chill dudes so I wrote a poem in their honor. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll put their names in here specifically
Graced Lightning Feb 2015
She’ll be lovely. There will be spaces for you between her ribs. Your left lung is smaller than you right lung to make room for your heart, but there’s all kinds of room in her body. Her kidneys and liver are failing and soon enough they’ll be gone to make room for your love.

2. She won’t ever be expensive on dates because all she’ll order is a salad. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough money (for dinner at least). You’ll have to worry about emergency room bills when she passes out, but she’ll never ask for anything else. All she’ll want is ***** and sleeping pills.

3. She will always put you first. She’ll love you with all the love she should have kept for herself. She’ll make you hot chocolate and stay up until 3 AM while you’re crying over her. When she makes you cry because you just want her to see herself the way you see her, she’ll be there with cold hands and tired eyes. She’s dead, she’s exhausted, all she wants is a good night’s rest. But you can count on her to be there.

4. She will tell you that you are perfect. She’ll believe it, too. Everyone around her seems to be perfect and she’s drowning under the weight of mediocrity but it’s okay. She’s okay. She won’t understand that all of us are swimming and most of us are drowning.

5. She’ll always have scissors and pencil sharpeners on hand. The knives in her kitchen are always sharpened to perfection and if you forget your razor at home, it’s ok. She has extras in her closet.

6. She’ll ******* any time you want. As long as you don’t look at her while she’s getting undressed. She’ll be used to the sensation of knives but it’s a different kind of pain when you look at her. She will want to be beautiful for you. She’ll love you until she can’t breathe anymore. You’ll make her feel beautiful for the night but when she wakes up she’ll still think she wasn’t worth it.

7. Date a girl who hates herself because she’ll love you.
2.7k · Nov 2013
a haiku on pancakes
Graced Lightning Nov 2013
The pancake sizzles
on the extremely hot pan
sticky sweet syrup
2.5k · Apr 2014
The Good Shepherd
Graced Lightning Apr 2014
The sermon at church this morning was called "I am Jesus, the Good Shepherd" and it got me thinking. In this world of 7 billion people and drugs and alcohol and guns, how am I supposed to find God?
That was a rhetorical question, by the way.
Because I think I've already found him.
With God, you're supposed to feel safe. And pure. And loved. You're supposed to find true happiness and not go astray. You're supposed to be a good little sheep and stay with the flock, where your shepherd is. Your shepherd will feed you and keep you warm and safe.
I feel safe in your arms. Even though I'm far from innocent, I feel pure. I feel loved. I'm happy with you. I haven't gone astray, I've stayed with you. You hold my hand through the valleys of darkness that I must walk through. You will feed me and keep me warm and safe on nights where I just can't sleep and the cold invades my bones and the hollow space between my ribs where my heart should be beating. You'd die for me.
That's how I know that I've found God in you. You're not perfect. You're deeply flawed and above it all, you're still just a teenage boy. But to be completely honest, I think God sent you here just for me. We're meant to love each other, among all the wars and drugs and guns and out of all the 7 billion people out there, we were meant to find each other.
I'm so glad we did.
2.4k · Feb 2014
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
I'd like to believe that soulmates are forever.
That you can fall in love with someone
who is meant perfectly for you.
Someone whose body fits next to yours
like two pieces of a puzzle.
Who curves in all the right places
to fit in to the gaps between your heartstrings.

A soulmate isn't forever.

there is a kind of intimacy that comes with being a soulmate
and it's so much more than just ***
or skin on skin
with clothes on the floor
and the lights turned way down low
and tangled sheets and secret smiles.
It's an intimacy that comes with knowing
their hopes and dreams and secrets
having a deep connection that can't be replaced.

Soulmates aren't forever.
But oh, how I wish they were.
I'd really like feedback on this. I wrote this after reading many poems dealing with the idea of a soulmate and I don't really even know what a soulmate is or how to find one.
2.2k · Jan 2015
one sentence story
Graced Lightning Jan 2015
I thought that maybe I'd have something to write about now but I guess not because here I am with black eyeliner and hickeys that look like snakebites still wondering what to say
2.0k · Feb 2015
How to fall out of love
Graced Lightning Feb 2015
Text her. Send her messages that she won't know how to respond to. she'll read them and put her phone down. Stare at the read receipt for hours until you realize she's not picking the phone back up, she doesn't have anything to say to you.

Eat lots of chocolate. It has serotonin in it, the happy chemical. When you cuddle with her, your brain releases oxytocin. As long as you eat enough chocolate (and throw it up) you won't miss the oxytocin one bit.

Bleed. When she tells you that she cuts herself, cut deeper. This is guerrilla warfare now, and for every shot fired you must fire back.

Read your messages. Laugh at the nicknames she used. "Princess". "Baby". "Darlin". You were never her princess, never her baby. She was the child and you were merely her plaything.

Make art. Write dumb poetry about falling in and out of love, take photographs of your ****** thighs, paint a picture using only shades of red. Let her figure out what all these things mean.

Drink. Green tea, *****, over-priced lattes. Stay up all night crying. Wear stilettos. Sit in art museums all alone and wonder if being a starving artist is as much fun as it sounds. Take long showers and harmonize with your favorite songs through your tears. Use heavier, blacker eyeliner. Spend time on yourself. Adopt a cat. But most of all, remember this:

You can only love one person. Choose yourself
Graced Lightning Feb 2015
She’ll be lovely. You’ll be able to count the spaces in between her ribs. She’ll have thin skin and it’ll be so easy to drive her crazy with just a single touch. It’ll be easy to make your mark on her, too. She’ll bruise easy and love it. She’ll think it’s beautiful.

2. She won’t ever be expensive on dates because all she’ll order is a salad. You’ll never have to worry about her ordering an expensive steak. You might have to worry about emergency room bills when she passes out, but she’ll never ask for anything else. All she’ll want is ***** and sleeping pills.

3. She will always put you first. Your needs always come before hers because she was raised “God first, others second, I am third”. She’ll make you hot chocolate and drive to your house at 3 AM with pizza she won’t eat, even though she’s dead tired and all she wants is a good night’s rest. You can count on her to be there.

4. She will tell you that you are perfect. She’ll believe it, too. Everyone around her seems to be perfect and she’s drowning under the weight of mediocrity but it’s ok as long as you know how perfect you are.

5. She’ll always have scissors and pencil sharpeners on hand. The knives in her kitchen are always sharpened to perfection and if you forget your razor at home, it’s ok. She has extras in her closet.

6. She’ll ******* anytime you want. As long as you don’t look at her while she’s getting undressed, she’ll love you until she can’t breathe anymore. She’ll smile as you kiss her thighs because you’re the only one that makes her feel beautiful.

7. Date a girl who hates herself because she’ll love you.
1.9k · Mar 2014
Graced Lightning Mar 2014
Even when I no longer exist,
when I am nothing but stardust,
I will still love you
1.9k · Feb 2014
Thigh Gap
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
If I stand with my feet
shoulder-width apart
light shines through the crack
between my thighs.
having a thigh gap
never seemed like a bad thing.
until now.
1.8k · Feb 2014
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
It's just a bite, what harm could it do?
It triggers a domino effect, because one bite invariably turns into two, and three, and four and all of a sudden you're eating.
But you can't do that, because being skinny will make everything better.
You look in the mirror, hoping to see ribs and spine and hip-bones. You stretch your skin farther over your bones, and watch the fat melt away. You are skinny, and you are indestructible.
Nothing fits.
You shop for new clothes
but they sag in all the wrong places.
Nothing pulls over your chest the way it used to, instead it hangs there limply.
There are inches of extra fabric behind your thighs.
Your hips used to be graceful and womanly, but now you look like a pre-pubescent child.
Being skinny just isn't fun anymore.
But you can't go back, because you remember times when you'd stand in front of dressing room mirrors and clothes would s t r e t c h over your stomach and hips and thighs and *******. Everything would be too tight in all the wrong places.
It is either skinny or fat, never an in-between. You can never be "healthy" because that's fat too.
And the food is still on your plate while all of this runs through your mind and it almost kills you, because it's JUST A BITE.
but it isn't 'just' anything. it's a big deal.
So you leave the bite behind and your stomach begs you for something, anything. And then you see the candy.
The chips.
The diet sodas.
The protein bars.
The brownies.
The ice cream.
The milkshakes.
And suddenly you are out of control, eating it all at once and you can't stop. It goes in but it HAS TO COME OUT.
So you lock yourself in the stall.
You tickle the back of your throat with your pointer finger and it comes back.
Unnatural colors that come from processed foods.
And you are empty again,
crying on the bathroom floor
with no one to save you.
1.6k · Jan 2014
Graced Lightning Jan 2014
Her voice echoes through the empty hallways. She is loud but alone. The tears that you see are only a fraction of all the tears she actually cries. Her hair is long and blonde, but she despises it. She wants to shave it all off, to tattoo her skull to show that caring is superficial and WRONG. She lines her blue eyes with a liner called "denim". She throws on jeans that hug her body and a t-shirt stained with hot chocolate. She covers the brown stain with a scarf. She puts on chapstick because who knows? Maybe someone will think she's important enough to kiss her. Her brand-new bangs cover her forehead and eyes. They cover the hoop earrings that feel too girly, too pretty. Everything about her today just feels WRONG. The boy she likes is just one table over, and he doesn't glance at her once the entire hour. She hurries out of the room , not looking back. She bursts into spanish class, out of breath and ready for the boredom that will be the next hour. And then it is back to study hall. It is all too repetitive for her. It is her first day back and already she looks out the door, ready to go home. It isn't like she's got any friends there either, she's an only child and her dad works overseas. The rest of the day is a blur. It passes and she doesn't notice or care. And that boy still hasn't noticed her. No one has. She is but an empty shadow of a heart in a hollow shell of a body that wants to be warmed by another.
But it isn't meant to be...
just a random excercise about describing myself from another point of view :)
1.5k · Nov 2013
Graced Lightning Nov 2013
Most people have scars that run in
hopelessly crooked
I hated myself too much
to be that careful

I hacked at the paper-white skin
that was my wrist
and drew
that didn't seem to know
where they were going
or even where they wanted to go

when I touch them
the pain is still
­                        so
I can almost feel the tears
rushing down my face
and onto my arms,
mixing with the blood
trying in vain to heal me

When my arms were open
I didn't see blood
I saw
                               ­      fear
The pain is hidden
underneath the layers of skin
that rushed to cover the ones
that I had pierced through
but sometimes
I think
                        ­              there
all the horrific details of my cutting...may be triggering
Graced Lightning Oct 2014
if i knew where to get drugs, i'd be a ******
2. sure, my ribs are visible, but what of it?
3. i lose myself in dreams at night and during algebra ii
4. i'm in lust with a girl with a boyfriend
5. or maybe i'm just paranoid
6. i'm lonely in these cinderblock walls
7. i find myself again under stage lights
8. i'm homeless (although not in the traditional sense)
9. i know i'm loved but
10. when my friends laugh with their other friends, it's about me
11. or maybe i'm just paranoid
12.if i lose it, who will visit me in the hell known as 'psychiatric ward'?
13. i can't hold my own in a fight because i cry into my wounds
14. besides, i don't write anymore
15. what is there to write about besides love and insanity anyway?
16. my demons visit this safe haven and desecrate it
17.their names are sarah kate and victoria
18. or maybe i'm just paranoid
19. but i swear i didn't name the voices inside my head
20. i make endless lists of things that don't matter
21. to do, to buy, to cry about, to write about
22. so i close my eyes when i sing
23.or maybe i'm just paranoid
24. and you hated this poem but
25. maybe i'm just paranoid
1.5k · Dec 2014
Attachment- a 17 word story
Graced Lightning Dec 2014
I fall in love with places
the way that some people fall in love with human beings.
1.4k · Dec 2014
Words (a slam poem)
Graced Lightning Dec 2014
I have always had a hunger for words
seven years old, I was reading at a college level. I was amazing. A little freak of nature. They said, "Grace, you're so smart" "Grace, you're a genius" "Grace, you're going places in life" but now i'm not so sure because
I was extraordinary then but
this is high school now and everybody reads at a college level and all of a sudden I don't feel so special anymore.
10 years old I was required to write 13 poems for the "Bluebonnet Young Poet awards"
I submitted them but
I'm still waiting for the letter that tells me I've won.
And so I wrote poetry all through the sixth grade
I was threatened and
pushed around. but no one could know because if anyone knew
they would hurt me worse and so I took the liberty of
doing that for them.
but there was a boy. isn't there ALWAYS a boy?
and I tried to write about him but (shhhhhh) he was a secret and all of the things he did to me were (shhhhhh) (shut up) (be quiet) (don't make a sound)
once I was free from him the words poured out of me like a bird released from its cage finally finally finally I could SING.
but there was a boy. isn't there always a boy?
he let the words come and come and they were about him, always about him. they were beautiful. every day there seemed to be more words about him, for him, to him. it stopped being about my words and always about his but his words were empty so he stopped saying them. I wrote for him and hoped he would see it but I guess he never did because sometimes I still write for him and wonder what he's doing.
sometimes people like to tell me that my poetry isn't "appropriate" that it's "too emotional" "too adult" and I shouldn't be writing things like that, am I depressed?  who are they, who are any of you, to tell me what I can and cannot feel?
who am I, to be standing here, telling you what I feel?
I have always had a need for words.
it's about time I started treating them right.
1.4k · Dec 2013
Graced Lightning Dec 2013
I wish
for a
and a
I wish
for friends
good grades
and a pony
I wrote this in first grade, thought I'd post it for funsies :)
Graced Lightning May 2015
A faint buzzing sound and our out-of-sync breathing is all that can be heard.
Every few moments the buzzing stops, only to be replaced by a quiet tap
Buzz. tap. Inhale .buzz. exhale. Tap .inhale. inhale. buzz
“he thinks it’s the moon” she says
the mysterious bug continues to fling himself at the dim lamp. Tap
“he’s going to burn his wings off and die” I murmur.
Buzz.  Inhale. Tap. Inhale. Buzz. Exhale. Exhale. Tap.
“but if bugs could think, his last thought would be
‘I reached the moon’”
she looks at me. Back at the bug.
I’ve named him Oscar,
Buzz. Inhale. Tap. Exhale. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Exhale.
Loving her is a lot like flinging myself at
a fluorescent light. Everyone around me sees my
stupidity but all I can see is the moon and the
endless ocean tide it brings
buzz tap inhale inhale exhale
all I can see are the galaxies in her eyes and thunderstorms on her tongue.
Buzz. Tap. Inhale exhale buzz exhale tap
My wings are burning off but ******* is the moon beautiful.
Inhale buzz inhale tap exhale exhale inhale silence.
“I think he’s gone” she’s staring at the lightbulb
“yeah” I whisper. I’m staring at the moon.
She looks beautiful tonight, all messy-haired and barefoot.
Inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale inhale exhale silence.
We did it, Oscar. We reached the moon.
1.3k · Jan 2014
Cussing in front of a girl
Graced Lightning Jan 2014
I mean, honestly.
He says fucknuggets around me.
Who says fucknuggets around a girl
if she isn't just one of the guys?
and shitfudge.
That's a new one.
I don't think he even knows
how I feel about him
and he couldn't.
I can't find the courage to tell him
but I'm such a hypocrite.
I once told him
"feelings are like puke, better out than in"
but just this once,
I think I'll hold back.
1.2k · Dec 2013
Graced Lightning Dec 2013
She nuzzles me as I reach for the curry comb
I gently brush her soft coat as I prepare to tack her up
she whinnies as I tighten the girth
I say.
I'm not trying to hurt you

I lead her out into the arena and I step into the stirrup
I hoist myself up
onto her gently curving back
I pat her neck and grab the reins

I gently squeeze her belly and off we go.
We are flying
I move with her
the gentle rhythm
1,2 1,2 1,2
pounding in my ears
and we approach the fence

As I lift myself out of the saddle
I give her a kick
and we leap
high above the ground
focused on the next flower box
and we leap over that, too

I could just keep soaring forever
but she is tired.
So I swing out of the saddle
and lead her back home
1.2k · Nov 2014
Graced Lightning Nov 2014
I spent my childhood in
Club Quarters hotels and 747s.
We were members of every hotel chain in existence.
I know my way around cities you've never seen before.
Cities you've never heard of before.
The Dallas/Fort Worth airport was my second home.
but I can
give you directions to anywhere in
New York City,
Redlands, California.
Marshall, Texas.
London, UK.
Yangon, Burma.

I am perpetually packing and
unpacking my trusty
I should have given it a name by now.

It's unsettling, spending weekends in the same place
that I spent my week.
Never running errands,
never rushing through airports,
never finding books to read on car rides.

**never moving, never home
Graced Lightning Sep 2014
When men leered at me and boys glanced down my shirt and when I was invited into a bedroom or down an alleyway I always said no because I had a boyfriend. But now that I don't, what's my excuse for not wanting someone to want me?
1.2k · Sep 2015
fixer upper
Graced Lightning Sep 2015
I was always the kind of kid who liked to fix things
I bought myself a pink hammer when I was 8 years old
and I liked to “fix” things with it.
turns out I wasn’t all that good at fixing and I
mostly just broke things.
nobody really had a problem with it until
I broke myself and then
fix yourself!
they scream
go! nail yourself back together!
but all I really feel like doing is sawing myself in half.
I could see myself failing to fix anything,
watching helplessly with my pink hammer while they
screamed loudly, endlessly
fix yourself fix yourself fix yourself fixyourselffixyourselffixyourselffixyourself
they tried everything.
they took pliers and pried open my brain they
measured and remeasured my sanity with tape and pills
that looked suspiciously like
the bubble in those bars you use to make sure something is even
my mother and father wore safety glasses as i took an axe
to my sense of self and buried it with
a shovel bigger than the three of us
“she’s a bit of a fixer-upper” they say
as if they’re selling a house
they try to fix me up, gorilla glue me together but
it’s too little, too late
I sawed myself in half and there’s
no fixing this one.
1.2k · Apr 2014
Where you'll find me
Graced Lightning Apr 2014
You can find me dancing on the wind,
walking on graves,
creeping in the shadows.
You might find me tossing rocks at his window
with a pen in my hand
or between my teeth.
Sometimes you'll find me trying on dresses,
drawing finger mustaches,
laughing about nothing.
But you'll always find me in his heart.
Graced Lightning Mar 2014
My lips are almost chapped even though I use chapstick more often than I eat. They are in limbo, halfway between being soft and kissable and being dry and raw. I don't kiss you as often as I'd like, even though I kiss you several times every day. Kissing you feels so good, because your mouth is warm and soft and moves perfectly with mine. The touch of your lips is tender and sweet, except when it's not. Except when it's deeper and more urgent and your body tenses up and presses itself against me and your arms pull me closer. Except when I can tell you want more, more, MORE. Except when I want that too.
            2. My chest is small and pale and I might be allergic to something because I've got a rash. My chest is always covered by some brightly-colored piece of fabric. It's only bare when I'm in the shower and to be honest that's where I think about you the most. With the water running through my hair and across my skin I think about your eyes and your shy smile and your hands and your laugh. My chest is what you'd call 'petite' but I love it because it lets me pretend I'm a size XS.
            3. My arms are skinny but strong. They're pure muscle and when I move them around, miracle of miracles, they don't jiggle. They're pale too, but that's ok. I'll get tan this summer. It'll probably be a farmer's tan. My arms have about a million nerve endings and I never knew that up until a few weeks ago when you decided to discover what drives me insane. And guess what? You found it. I love it when you move your hands around because your touch makes me light up but the light dies down after a while if you don't keep reminding me that you're there.
             4. My back is the only part of me that got tan. I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit all of last summer and there was a hole in the back. My spine has a 17% curve and I have a few blackheads here and there because I work out so often. I can feel your arm slipping around my waist before it gets to where it wants to stay and that makes me crazy. It makes me want to lie on my back someplace where we can be alone and let your hands go other places (like to the zipper of your jeans or the scar on my ear)
               5. My stomach is the most important part of me. I like to keep it pink and clean and empty. I'd like it to be pure muscle and curves because skinny is good but I don't know if I have the strength to make that happen. Whenever you touch my waist (or anywhere, everywhere), something stirs deep inside of me. I wonder if you feel it too, if you feel it in your stomach or somewhere else or everywhere else.
                6. My inner thighs are probably the only part of me I haven't let you explore yet. Don't worry baby, I promise I won't hold back forever. It's just that my thighs are covered in stretch marks and memories of scars and I don't want you seeing that because I don't want to hurt you. But sometimes it feels like you're holding back too because you don't want to hurt me. I'll let you in on a little secret though- nothing can hurt me. I have armor made of titanium and nothing can pierce it except for words meant only for me and little touches that no one else can see. But here's another secret - there's a pretty little gap between my thighs that measures almost an inch if I lean forward a little bit. When I stand normally it measures only half an inch but that doesn't matter because I promise that I'll make room for you when the time comes, whether it's tomorrow or next week or next year. I promise there's room for you between my thighs.
                  7. My calves are muscled and look hot when I wear high heels. They are strong and that's really helpful when I kiss you because you're kind of tall and sometimes I have to stand on tip-toe. Sometimes one of my legs accidentally goes between yours and then you have to hold me up and I give up and melt into your embrace.
                  8. My feet are always cold. I don't like people seeing them because my toes are weird and so I always wear socks. Except when I don't, but that's only when it's summer and I'm too classy to wear socks with sandals. I wear cute socks though. Flamingos and whales and polka-dots and owls and squirrels. I paint my toes with colorful polish. Right now they're teal, like my eyes.
                  9. My eyes are ever-changing, but always beautiful. They're almost translucent sometimes in the sunlight. Sometimes they're angry and cold and emotionless, and that's when I scare people. Occasionally they're the color of jade, a light green that you could lose yourself in. Sometimes they're dark green, the color of moss and the top of the forest. Sometimes they're light blue, reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day. And once in a blue moon, they're stony gray and I use them to pierce through the facade. Sometimes they're dark blue, the color of the ocean and I let the boys drown in them. But not you, baby. I'll keep you afloat.
                 10. My body was never a temple. But you can worship me if you want.
if you read all of this, thanks :)
1.1k · Feb 2014
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
It is 9:23 AM and I'm not doing my homework.
Instead I'm writing poetry, wearing your sweatshirt.
You just washed it, so it shouldn't smell like you but it does.
It doesn't smell like dryer sheets, it smells like mint. It smells vaguely earthy, like tea and coffee and nutmeg and all the other smells that I've come to associate with you.

It is 9:04 AM and two teachers come walking through the door. You hold out your hand, and I take it. I could kiss you, but instead we are cuddling with my head on your shoulder and your head on my head and our right hands clasped in a grip of love and your left hand in my hair and your lips against my head whispering 'i love you, grace' and I whisper it back, my lips barely moving because it doesn't take much effort to love you, so why should it take effort to tell you? Our hearts beat as one and we breathe together and it's so much more intimate than anything I've ever experienced. I gave up my purity years ago, and it wasn't even close to the intimacy of sitting here with you.

It is 8:50 AM and you tell me to lean on your shoulder. At first you're tense and unsure, but then you let yourself relax into me.

It is 8:45 and I walk towards you in the hallway. You turn me right around and whisper that we should go to the couch in the corner, where no one will find us.

It is 9:30 and I'm still wearing your sweatshirt and I could've gotten things done but I'm so lovestruck that all I can do is write run-on sentences that refuse to turn into prose.

It is 9:31 and I'm really bad at endings, so let's just never say goodbye.
I'd really like feedback on this.
1.1k · Apr 2014
Graced Lightning Apr 2014
he wishes he could collect girls
like butterflies
pin them to the wall,
show them off,
but I am the only one
who ever flew into the net
Graced Lightning Apr 2014
I was here.
A declaration of past, present and future
so simple,
but yet
so important
it must be important,
if people choose to carve it
into tables
and paint it
on walls
and post it
on forums that
no one will ever
visit again.
and I guess they have a point
what are we,
if we never declare
that we were here
we were important
that we mattered.
1.0k · Mar 2014
75 simple pleasures
Graced Lightning Mar 2014
the smell of a new book
2. when jeans fit perfectly
3. trying on every perfume in the store
4. getting compliments
5. when people play with my hair
6. dancing alone in my room
7. talking to someone late into the night
8. preferring to just hear the silence of the phone over hanging up
9. listening to his heartbeat
10. when his hands touch the sensitive skin on my hips
11. cuddling
12. blue eyeliner
13. getting a text
14. coffee
15. locking the door to his room
16. the little noises he makes
17. laughing so hard you cry and can't breathe and sound like a dying walrus
18. trying on the bombshell bra because you know you'll never buy it
19. trying on prom dresses
20. wearing his hoodie
21. when he makes circles on my leg with his index finger
22. the look in his eyes before we kiss
23. wearing makeup when you're home alone all day
24. fuzzy socks
25. the way his hands hesitate at the edge of my bra
26. sleeping in
27. making someone laugh
28. watching mean girls
29. laughing with my mom
30. the shutter sound on my camera
31. wearing a tiara for the hell of it
32. wearing boots
33. riding a horse
34. when a sequel comes out
35. getting tan
36. having soft hair
37. singing in the shower
38. getting sneezed on by my dog
39. hiking by myself
40. birthdays
41. cupcakes
42. getting off a plane after 14 hours
43. coming home
44. reading the great gatsby again
45. standing in the shower without doing anything
46. jumping into the pool with clothes on
47. snow
48. writing poetry
49. getting kissed unexpectedly
50. kissing him first
51. having facebook notifications
52. walt whitman
53. falling asleep to the sound of his voice
54. spontaneous plans
55. taking the cookies out when they're golden brown
56. walking the dog
57. roasting marshmallows
58. mudfights
59. foodfights
60. friendly fights
61. finishing his sentences
62. crossing the finish line
63. talking in an accent
64. family
65. having stamps on your passport
66. green tea ice cream
67. seeing that he's online
68. pranking someone
69. ;)
70. winning
71. inside jokes
72. finally falling asleep
73. falling in love
74. ringing his doorbell
75. finishing something.
1.0k · Mar 2014
10 words on perfection
Graced Lightning Mar 2014
you may not be perfect, but you're perfect for me
Graced Lightning May 2015
You realized before I did that we would never fit, only collide. We weren't meant for forever.
We were meant for disaster, always.
Somewhere in my bones I knew that we clashed but I couldn't explain why and now I know.
You were red, burning with passion and I was yellow, too optimistic for our own good.
Red and yellow don't match.
they only mix to form orange,
the universal sign for danger
You were a stop sign, the truck that put out the fire in my heart, the low battery light.
I was sunny, Van Gogh's paint, the midway point between go and stop. I was SLOW DOWN I was YIELD I was a sunflower that you somehow managed to crush.
Your flames grew taller than my blooms and when there was nothing left of me to burn, you moved on to a new field of flowers.
Roses this time, pink and young and innocent.
I hope she burns as poetically as I did
943 · Feb 2014
Point of view
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
Where I see hip-bones and ribs, you see my
fragile heart calling for you. I see three numbers
on the scale- 1, 2 and 6. You see the graceful body of
a free spirit that only you can bring back to earth.
You see unused spoons and forks and unopened
packages of macaroni and cheese, but I only see my
reflection in the silverware and how much thinner my
face is since seeing a 4 on the scale this morning.
I see dark circles under my eyes, nothing that
can't be fixed, but you see a girl waking up
at 3 in the morning and wanting nothing
more than to have you in bed with her.

You picked the wrong girl, babe. You're so right for me
but I want more than you can give
but who knows? Maybe you can give me
everything I need and more.
You promised to love me forever and someday
we'll run away together. We'll get on a bus or a train
with a little money and each other. You'll be wearing
jeans because I love the way they look on you
and I'll be wearing jeans because they're baggy
and you can't see how thin I've gotten.

I see us on our own, a little apartment just for us.
A sanctuary. Where we can run away from it all and
we won't buy a scale because
I won't care anymore. I'll look into your eyes
and finally see myself as you see me.
Because where I see a girl that needs to be saved you see a girl who could be strong enough to save herself
926 · Sep 2014
A letter to myself
Graced Lightning Sep 2014
Dear you,
I hope you know that no boy is ever worth saying yes when you really mean no. If he really loves you, he'll understand. You don't need validation from anyone. You're beautiful on your own, in your own way. You may not be perfect, but to someone you are. You'll just have to find him. He's out there somewhere. I hope you've already met him, but it's ok if you haven't. There's no need to rush into anything. Except for change. Rush into change because you're afraid of it but it's happening right in front of you and there's nothing you can do about it. So face your fears head-on and embrace the changes in your life. Embrace your sexuality. Embrace your ever-changing moods. Embrace the present, because you'll never get it back. But most of all, embrace yourself. Don't forget to care for yourself, because someday at the end that's all you'll have left. Don't forget it.
Love, you
880 · Jan 2016
public service announcement
Graced Lightning Jan 2016
I'm sure you've all noticed I'm not here very often.
It's because I don't write anymore.
The girl I used to write about stopped breaking my heart.
I fell in love with someone else. Not violently, not poetry worthy.
The way I feel with her doesn't make me feel the need to use poetry as an escape.
So I'm signing off.
my tumblr is if you'd like to continue to keep up with me.
if not, it's been cool.
peace out, my friends

867 · Dec 2013
A Day in Snow
Graced Lightning Dec 2013
I warm up
from frozen sleep
and watch
from my cereal
as the snow falls

layering on top of ice
from what seemed like
eons ago
it was really only yesterday
all bundled up
like a marshmallow
I waddle out
and clear a patch of snow
so I can ice-skate
I build walls of snow
in case I fall
I know
I will
840 · Dec 2013
Me and my window
Graced Lightning Dec 2013
A tree
rushes past
a bush
a flower
I focus on the blurred lines
outside my window
The flower waves
"goodbye! We'll miss you!"
As I raise my hand
to wave back
it passes.
And I realize
with some sadness
that I
humble human
am the only one moving.
Me and my window,
and foggy to the touch.
I whisper to a long-gone flower
Graced Lightning Jan 2015
I tried to write poetry about pushing her until she couldn’t breathe
about the way her soft lips opened against me and how
she bit my neck even when I begged her to stop
I tried to find the words for all of those things but
I realized that she had written the poetry for me
she wrote it on my neck in shades of purple
and on my back in little streaks
she wrote poetry with the wrinkles in my sheets and
the knots in my hair and the
taste of her in my mouth.
Sometimes poetry isn’t always on paper
Sometimes it’s on people.
Graced Lightning Oct 2013
a blood red tourniquet for your beating heart
as the rain pours
and lightning illuminates the sky
the wind screams in your face
but still you carry on

all you can feel is yourself
and one other
and the rain
gliding gently down your face

a blood-red kiss in the storm
comprised of only blood-red passion
still, you carry on
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
If he thinks I am
beautiful he doesn't tell
me very often
Graced Lightning Apr 2015
this is
this is 3:17 AM, awakened by dreams of smoking illegal things with you
this is hushed whispers, bated breath, this is
waiting this is
the moment after a slap across the cheek.
this is
this is the pacific ocean, hiding skeletons of sailors and pirates who
maybe never wanted to condemn anyone to this dark, damp death they
just wanted a little money for their baby girl at home this is
conversations with a cactus at midnight this is
trying to catch my breath after running to your open arms
this is
feeling for your hands but catching your neck instead this is
“this place is ******* haunted, Grace”
this is holding me at the waist this is
European cathedrals on rainy afternoons this is
5’1” and 5’3” this is
tea at 7:34 AM this is
out of tune pianos everywhere I look and
lying on the floor, battered and bruised as you part your lips
ever so slightly, this is
a memorized dance, a harmony
under scrutinizing stage lights.
this is rehearsed, this is
directed, this is choreographed, this is
not a performance anymore.
Graced Lightning Jul 2014
in some other dimension,
your lips crave the hollows of my throat
and the sugary taste of my tongue.

my darling,
I am no longer your Alice
and this is no longer Wonderland.
775 · Jan 2015
The skinniest angel
Graced Lightning Jan 2015
I haven't done dishes in weeks because I haven't needed them yet.
I refuse to say it's my tummy grumbling because tummy sounds cute but mine isn't so my stomach is grumbling and it's loud but not louder than black coffee and cigarettes
(that's what skinny girls are made of, didn't you know?)
my room-mate is worried and my best friend can smell it and I am fat.
please excuse me if my voice cracks. I've got something in my throat but it isn't ***** and it isn't food
it's my heart. There's no room for it in my ribcage anymore so it jumped into my vocal cords and maybe that's why I told her she was exceptional last night
(she isn't)
I don't weigh myself because I don't have batteries for the scale and maybe that's a good thing because Ana won't stop whispering in my ear until I look lovely
(no matter how close to 100 I am she's not happy)
so won't you please excuse me while I look for my ribcage?
you'll find me in a churchyard next time we meet
and I hope I'm the skinniest angel.
Graced Lightning Jul 2014
If a shooting star
were to cross the sky tonight
I'd wish to have you back
742 · Nov 2015
a visitor named Autumn
Graced Lightning Nov 2015
Summer clung to September with popsicle-sticky hands,
blew her misty breezes through
the cool mornings that wanted so desperately to
be crisp.
the leaves finally fall from the willowy branches,
still soft, still green.
“love us” they cry
“we are just like you”
they are.
we are all clinging to something that has
moved far beyond us.

Autumn paid us a visit,
without any regard for anyone who
might have missed her or
wanted her to stay awhile.
she drove by, honking her horn
“hello, my loves!
as she pressed the gas pedal fiercely,
leaving us with smog in our already rattling throats.

Our brief visitor will be greatly missed,
reminisced upon.
hot cocoa and mittens don’t belong here,
November is not the owner of these
specific ideas.

A melancholy feeling that you
can’t quite place,
don’t quite know where it’s coming from.
it is Winter, this feeling,
lonely hearts and shivering hands
wishing desperately for Autumn
to return once more.
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
short, secret kisses
smelling of mint and coffee
blush and turn away
715 · Apr 2014
Graced Lightning Apr 2014
I grasp the mug with both hands
and inhale the sweet aroma
of my morning coffee.
I can almost smell the energy.
I bring it to my lips.
As it runs down my throat,
leaving a sweet taste on my tongue,
the warmth fills my whole body.
And as I hold the mug in my hands
it almost feels like he's there.
700 · May 2014
Graced Lightning May 2014
I used to be a caterpillar
lonely and drab
and then I made my cocoon,
expecting to be beautiful.
I finally broke out of my shell
and all I have to say is
I sure am an ugly butterfly.
Graced Lightning Dec 2014
My hands have always been weak.
When I was seven years old, they decided
that I needed to go to physical therapy
because I couldn’t hold a pencil.
I couldn’t hold the reins tight enough.
I kept dropping things. I couldn’t do
anything right.

I have always been inherently sad.
When I was nine years old, they decided
that I needed to go to therapy
because I couldn’t control myself.
I couldn’t appreciate what I had.
I never slept. I couldn’t do

I punched walls and kicked doors.
I ripped posters off of my
fourth-grade classroom walls.
Ten years old, I walked through the hallways,
All eyes on me because I was
Toilet Girl
I just couldn’t seem to
get it right.

When I am twelve, I’ll start
to write ****** poetry instead
of destroying things because
both are art forms but
my parents have to pay when I
destroy things.

When I am thirteen, I’ll realize
that it’s not just material objects
I have trouble holding on to.
I have trouble holding on to people, too.

I am fourteen, and I have just
been told that I’m not
doing anything right.
I haven’t hit a wall in years but
I guess old habits die hard because
I’m fifteen with
new scars on my knuckles

I am inherently sad and my hands are weak.
I write poems on my computer because
I still can’t hold a pencil.
But for someone with such
weak hands
I have a lot of scars on my knuckles.
Graced Lightning Apr 2014
Our love is sometimes difficult
I am a poet,
a lover of words.
and you,
you're shy
and quiet
and occasionally
But I must give you credit-
the words that you speak
are not poetry,
but they warm my heart
almost as well
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