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Mar 2014
the smell of a new book
2. when jeans fit perfectly
3. trying on every perfume in the store
4. getting compliments
5. when people play with my hair
6. dancing alone in my room
7. talking to someone late into the night
8. preferring to just hear the silence of the phone over hanging up
9. listening to his heartbeat
10. when his hands touch the sensitive skin on my hips
11. cuddling
12. blue eyeliner
13. getting a text
14. coffee
15. locking the door to his room
16. the little noises he makes
17. laughing so hard you cry and can't breathe and sound like a dying walrus
18. trying on the bombshell bra because you know you'll never buy it
19. trying on prom dresses
20. wearing his hoodie
21. when he makes circles on my leg with his index finger
22. the look in his eyes before we kiss
23. wearing makeup when you're home alone all day
24. fuzzy socks
25. the way his hands hesitate at the edge of my bra
26. sleeping in
27. making someone laugh
28. watching mean girls
29. laughing with my mom
30. the shutter sound on my camera
31. wearing a tiara for the hell of it
32. wearing boots
33. riding a horse
34. when a sequel comes out
35. getting tan
36. having soft hair
37. singing in the shower
38. getting sneezed on by my dog
39. hiking by myself
40. birthdays
41. cupcakes
42. getting off a plane after 14 hours
43. coming home
44. reading the great gatsby again
45. standing in the shower without doing anything
46. jumping into the pool with clothes on
47. snow
48. writing poetry
49. getting kissed unexpectedly
50. kissing him first
51. having facebook notifications
52. walt whitman
53. falling asleep to the sound of his voice
54. spontaneous plans
55. taking the cookies out when they're golden brown
56. walking the dog
57. roasting marshmallows
58. mudfights
59. foodfights
60. friendly fights
61. finishing his sentences
62. crossing the finish line
63. talking in an accent
64. family
65. having stamps on your passport
66. green tea ice cream
67. seeing that he's online
68. pranking someone
69. ;)
70. winning
71. inside jokes
72. finally falling asleep
73. falling in love
74. ringing his doorbell
75. finishing something.
Graced Lightning
Written by
Graced Lightning  NYC//DTX
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