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Gold Apr 2018
Endlich wieder Sonne spüren,
und das Gras unter meinen Füßen fühlen.

Endlich wieder in der Luft,
wunderbar zarter Blumenduft.

Endlich wieder bunte Farben,
heilen meine Winternarben.

Endlich wieder warme Tage,
und nur eine Frage:

Endlich wieder mit dir sein,
hier im warmen Sonnenschein?
  Apr 2016 Gold
Just Melz
There's nothing more romantic
          in my eyes
        Than holding your hand
   And talking about our lives
          Because in my mind
The only thing better than the fantasy
        Is the intimacy I feel
  When it's just you and me
Sapiosexual: Finding someone's intelligence to be their most sexually attractive feature.

For DaSH, the sexiest and smartest man I know. <3
Gold Dec 2015
Starry night, over the
hills, I am mourning my youth,
watching comets fall.
Gold Nov 2014
You are like a dream, but you are reality, even though my memory of you is fading, slowly turning you in a dream.

Your hair is as black as the night, and I want to pull it like the grass of the meadows. I swam through the seven seas, but I will always drown in your eyes. But I must not be afraid. For your eyes also hold the stars, guiding me through the dark. Your skin so pale, it reminds me of the moon. Your lips so soft, but please graze my skin with them, make me feel a small death, so I know how it feels like when I really have to go one day.
Hold me, hug me, so that the pieces of me find back together. And then fill the dainty flaws with the gold of your love

When I see shooting stars or when the clock strikes 11:11, I wish for you, and only you. Because I can change the problems of the world with my own hands, but when it comes to my own problems, I need divine help.
Why do memories fade? And why only the good ones? Let me get drunk on the good times, instead of letting me drown in the bad.
Gold Oct 2014
If I add
tons of words
just to make me seem special
will I be special in your eyes?

Model, Traveller,
and whatever.

all these words
catch your eyes,
catch your ears,
make you recognize me?

Will this
become a truth
one day?

If only
I can make
you believe in all
these pretty lies?
Gold Sep 2014
We are all made of stardust; and you are my favourite constellation.
12 is the divine number and the number of the universe, and you are mine.
  Sep 2014 Gold
Summers pass me by
Breathless your heat touches me
I found an ocean
Underneath your desert sand.
Monsoons drench me whole
Cold frozen water from space
I treasure the droplets
Dripping off you.
Winters intoxicate me
But your breath keeps me warm
You kindle in me the fire
We sweat through the rainstorm.
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