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 Jan 2016 gd
 Jan 2016 gd
his hair,
light against your neck, like a feather.

your lips,
parted and chapped,
haven't been touched in days.

his hands,
pressing sporadically into your skin,
almost morse code for
"i'm going to leave you tonight."

you knew
you knew
you knew,
but it didn't hurt like you thought it would.

after all,
how could you resent something
so beautiful?
how could you regret something
so real?
 Aug 2015 gd
Alex Hunter
we sat next to each other

and I ignored the tension

and laughed and teased

and felt at ease

but you grabbed my hand

and traced my palm.
your touches
slowly crawled up my arm,

your thumb massaged mine

and you pulled me closer

and raised my hand to your mouth

and kissed my fingertips with your soft, soft lips

but this incredible lust

would pass with time

and you would never truly

be mine.

so I tried to convey all of my pain
in a soft kiss on your shoulder

and as I released myself from your grasp

my eyes started to tear,

and I forced myself to realize
that it is probably best
that I will never get back the sensation

of having you at my fingertips.
 Jun 2015 gd
I exist
in stolen moments,
like spare change
in someone else's
 Apr 2015 gd
Megan Grace
 Apr 2015 gd
Megan Grace
i am willing to help you find all of
your pieces to buy you the tread
and  needle   you'll  need  once
you've gathered them     and i
promise   not to look or make
pained faces while you   put
yourself back together inthe
quiet of    y o u r  basement
bedroom   because i know
what  it means to feel like
you're missing a limb but
the ache is  coming from
somewhere          deeper
deeper                            ­
than you   ever could
have imagined your
chest could   sink it
is so scary to wake
up and not be sure
if your    lungs are
still  connected or
if you're going to
be able to get off
you've been too
sad to sleep  in
your  own bed
please    know
that i will not
h a p p y   or
give up your
past,     but i
will be here
if you decide
to do those things
I'm not scared of broken.
 Apr 2015 gd
rained-on parade
You are
an irresistible

(I drench my hands in the blues
of your gloom; we'll be long gone
by the time the train of thought
ever leaves your bedroom)
Lust, my dear, was the deadliest of the seven.

Theseus, oh boy.
 Apr 2015 gd
I don't know much,
but I can tell you what "whole" looks like.
I've seen it stumble forward
with weary eyes and tired hands.
Come close,
I will hand you a mirror
and tell you to look carefully.
Can you not hear the galaxies
beneath your skin?
They paint in whispers
that even oceans cannot grasp.
I know it took a hurricane and two floods,
but there is soil in your ribcage;
your scars told me so.
Don't mind them though,
they're just reminders
that you love harder than anyone else.
I know you might feel hollow,
but there is a reason your heart
has lofted ceilings.
Never forget how you fought
for all that space.
Look carefully.
These gray skies inside your lungs
are simply a canvas,
and you rain so beautifully.
Oh darling,
you rain so beautifully.
 Apr 2015 gd
favorite regret
 Apr 2015 gd
and perhaps some mistakes
demand to be made,
who even knows what's
the reasoning behind it all
all i know is -
no matter how wrong
you may be for me -
i'm sure that you will be
*my favorite regret
I am incapable of explaining you
to anyone
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