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  Sep 2019 Tea
‘Aren’t you afraid of my darkness, my dear?’ Hades asked with mischief in his eyes.
‘No.’ Persephone replied, ‘You haven’t seen mine yet.’
Do you know the story about Hades and Persephone?
  Dec 2017 Tea
there’s a
stuck inside
my chest,
it throbs in pain
every ****
time when
someone says
your name

  Dec 2017 Tea
Miss Me
I'm at a loss for words
   My emotions are in abundance
  Dec 2017 Tea
My wildest dream is this
That I would mean to you
What you have always been to me
  Dec 2017 Tea
When the sky grows dark,
and the sun falls away.
The moon rises high -
planning to stay.
The stars shine brightly,
inviting all eyes
as the darkness takes over
the city tonight

But fear not,
for soon the moon will stray,
as the sun rises again,
bringing the day;
again we’ll see
the beginning, again.
And again we’ll walk
in the light of the day.
Oof again.
  Dec 2017 Tea
when the world moves past you
in a gust of uncertainty and fear
I would prefer to stay in solitude
rather than bring anyone near

ironic it seems, against my own advice
since I’d always tell others to not keep it inside
but I refuse to share the burdens of my mind
I’ll just remain in my solitude,
because here I have nothing to hide.
I am okay with being alone.
  Dec 2017 Tea
Gaby Comprés
i was born
with a heart too big to fit
inside my chest
and a soul bigger than my body
so i have chosen
to leave pieces of my heart
in the places my feet have known
in the people i have loved
in the words i have read
in the beauty my eyes have seen
and my soul-
i have scattered it like seeds
and i have left parts of it
in songs,
in poetry,
in the laughter of children,
in the arms that have held me
and the hearts that have loved me
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