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kylie Dec 2016
"to love is
to hurt,"
you whisper,
eyes red and
bones hollow;

whispers a
*but to hurt is
to be alive
kylie Dec 2016
how do you expect
a plant to grow if you
do not water it?

[believe in
kylie Dec 2016
i am always

"dance with me,"
you beg,
"you loved this

******* and your
past tense.

do not look at me like
a ticking time bomb;
do not speak to me like
i am already dead
yikes — morbid
kylie Nov 2016
your nightmares sound
like beethoven and your
demons smell like daisies;

even your darkest parts
are beautiful
kylie Nov 2016
you let him in;
peeled back the layers
of your skin and
showed him your bones

you thought this would
be easy, but he is not

he takes your ribs and
breaks them apart as he
builds a home inside your

[he is no longer the breath
you exhale; he never leaves
your lungs]

he keeps you up at night;
you pray and he does not
answer and you realize that
you are so tired of all of

“how do you **** your god?”
you ask

[you get off your
a rewrite
kylie Nov 2016
soliloquies drip from your lips like daydreams.
sing me to sleep.
kylie Sep 2016
i breathe you in and
my lungs start to burn

you are a cancer
so quiet but
so malignant

you killed me
before i even
saw you coming
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