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Ezel Apr 2021
Why does everyone want to read
          all these sad love poems?
Makes me sad to think
          I’ve never been in love.
A poet, I will never be
          because my heartbreak
happened without love
          there in the first place.
Ezel Apr 2021
You can tell yourself
   my eyes are green
      my hair is blonde
but that won’t make it true.

My eyes are blue
   with yellow rings.
It’s just an illusion,
like how my hair hasn’t seen the sun in ages,
and the blonde has faded into dusty brown.

Do you really see me?
   or do you like the magic trick
      that makes me easier to love?
Ezel Apr 2021
She stopped to look at the flower
so that we would stop
to look at her
looking at the flower.
Ezel Apr 2021
You know John Locke thought that it was human nature
     to do what is in our own best interest.

I don’t think he was right,
   but I think
          he was right
                   about you.

— The End —