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  Jun 2016 Firefly
Sally A Bayan
Content........settled here
thankful........I'm no longer there
yet...glad........I'd been there...

I Am Filled With Gratitude...


Copyright June 12, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
  Feb 2016 Firefly
I built a magic time machine
I tinkered through the night
I erected it with art and skill
I knew I had it right!

Off I went on this fun flight
In my bubble made of gloss
I saw the future and the past
Then found that I was lost!

I saw the moments where I'd failed
I'd hurt my loved ones dear!
I saw the future bleak and dark
And viewed it with great fear

I tried to change the things I'd done
And found that I could not!
I practiced on the future, too
Was frozen to the spot!

I found the present compromised
Came back to my square bed
The empty place between my ears
The space inside my head

I learned a precious lesson
All that I can say
Is once you're off in time machines

You're vacant from TODAY!

(C) 1/31/2016
Inspired by Megan H

  Jan 2016 Firefly
Patterned patents of black and white,
Stripes in vertical lines, swirls encircled
One point view and paths within a maze
Weary of single sided mirrored reality?

Look through my eyes, see elongated pupil
Let me be your mirror of a surreal reality
Where birds squint and fleet, feel and squeeze
Catch the breath and inhale the beauty

See the colored landscape of the universe
Walk on the aisles lighted with magnificence
Float in intermittent dimensional zones
Touch the peace within the chaotic world

For there was a time my mind and logic raced
Crazed with fear and delusional love cages
Fade in the wonder, bounce to enlightment
Pounce to freedom, be the wave of the essence
See the beauty in all, feel the love in everything. Thats freedom and it's magnificent. It's superb for I have felt, smelt, seen and touched it's essence.
  Jan 2016 Firefly
Jude kyrie

The edge of the lake a jewel in the blue light of the late day
My feet washed by the purity of its waters
The two loons mated for life by nature’s fidelity
Cease their relentless search for food to drink in the sunset’s beauty

As the sun falls delicately to the end of the earth
A fire of reds and magenta overtake the distant horizon
Patterns of of wild geese silhouette in the magical vista
This miracle is the moment in time I have searched for

A ghost of a breeze lifts a wisp of my hair from my forehead
As gently as a mothers hand to her child
Just the incantations of nature’s sounds permeate the lake
Granting me the copious bounty of our beautiful planet
I love you Canada
your adopted son
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