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Galbraith Frase Apr 2019
isn't it bittersweet?
how our parallels meet so sweet
the way we smile, when we show our teeth
it's not so tiring

never jaded by the repetitive cycle
gears are ready to the arriving battles
weapons are edgy, prepared to rumble

this proximity ain't absolute without warmth
because heat is the firing art
a touch of spice is the endearing part
it's not so tiring

every second, every minute
there comes a time when we thought about quitting
but we are each other's motivation
then we kept going and said,
"it's not exhausting"

everything seems so nice
like a perfect house of cards
but it's starting to fall apart
and it slowly breaks my heart

confuse, refuse
radiant, abuse
mistaken, rebuke
forgiveness, I choose

first, I fiddled the turmoil to see what was wrong
then I asked fervent questions to see what was wrong
third, I sought help above the clouds then hummed my song
but nothing seems so wrong, what happened?

I tried bringing stains to the discoloration
I tried serving flavor to the tasteless correlation
I tried giving hints to the dying consideration
and see if there's a resurrection to our disconnection

it's proof that too much sugar
can over sweetened you
and too much spice
can truly burn you

yes, I got tired
and I supposed you did, too
the ingredients of our love
are not as stable as it used to

we may have been unbalanced
or fell out of the missing pieces
we shouldn't forget the essence
of how we both started

it was tiring yet exhausting,
how miraculous it is that we didn't die
if 'nice' is what we yearn,
I think we should give it another try
ZT Jun 2015
That day
Was the day
You broke up with me

I was stupid to let you go
I thought you would come back

That day I was crying,
But you couldn't even see the meaning of those tears
You have changed

Those eyes that once looked at me with love
That nose that breathed of love
Those lips that once spoke of your love
Was no more

That day, what I saw was
Eyes like a dead man
Nose that breathed from a tank
Lips that dried up

But even then
I still loved you
It hurts to see the sickness take you
Little by little
It changed you

So I cried
But you couldn't see the meaning of those tears

I kissed you
To show you I still love you
That I am here with you, for you

But with those hands that once caressed me with love,
You pushed me away
The frustrations that we kept
Swept us like a storm

You keep telling me I no longer loved you
Telling me it was just pity
You said the time for our ending has come

I said I was tired
But I never wanted us to part
I never wanted us to end
Taking care of the sick you was tiring
But since it's you I can endure it

I never want us to part
I am tired, but I never want to let go
Why didn't you understand the meaning of my actions?

Even though I was tired
I held on to you,
With my remaining strength.
Don't leave me
I just want you to hold on to me.

I can feel my tears trickle down my face
I don't want our relationship to end
Please hold me
Why couldn't you understand the meaning of my tears?

But then you said
It's over
And asked for a wish
I granted it
Hoping it will make you come back to me

I was stupid to let you go
I though you would come back

If only I knew,
I should have cried my heart out then
And begged for you to stay
I should have said the words I wanted to say

But after granting your wish
I saw
The light in your eyes gone
The breathing from your nose stopped
Then I knew

The words from your lips, I will never hear them again

You ended our relationship. But I haven't said goodbye.
I couldn't even speak the words I wanted to speak.

Will I see you in my dreams?
Even if it will be a sad one I don't care.
As long as I'll see you.
And then I'll tell you the words I couldn't say to you that day.
I loved you before. I still love you now. And will always love you.
'Coz I am stupidly in love with you.
This poem is inspired by the the song Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang and Stupid in Love by Soyu ft.Mad Clown
Francie Lynch Apr 2015
Sol burns bright;
Yet burns out.
So too we,
At the risk of insulting readers, Sol is the name of our sun.
Hayley Anders Nov 2014
You cannot expect something new to grow
If you nurture what is old.

The old and new cannot flourish together
And will both fade away.

Then you will have lost both.
New things won't grow if you're busy trying to keep old things alive. You have to choose between the two or they will both be gone and forever out of your reach.

— The End —