Jan 9 Isabelle

In camouflaged stillness we live
But it always seems that things change
Defining our success by switching places
By the dreams we've yet to rearrange

But they always stay the same...

On a path of no return, we're standing
Thinking we're born so this world we could change
Such a poetic lie, a weird desire
To shift the pattern, expand the range

Oh, it's such a stupid game...

Sleepwalking in an endless Nothing
We're told we run, just to bring the change
But there's only the black around us
Silence too real, an image so strange

Without back or forward, our life without a frame...

We're always the same...


''If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change''
- Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
  Jan 9 Isabelle

Maybe we were born for our little wicked games
May the roads bring us together
& borders divide us
Maybe we were born to reward nature with names
The distance to hurt us
& our love to guide us

On a road where headlights fade
& there's no dawn
I will talk with the ghosts that await
their brides
But when Forever comes, will I be alone?
I never believed we'll end up
on different sides

On a road where stars are born,
& where they die
Embraced by the silver lights,
Buried in stone
Until lost souls pass, I will hold the sky
But it'll end someday... & I'll be gone

So, hold me when the lights are cold
Wake me in your broken sky
In your arms, I can't get old
Sing to me when sunsets cry
Break me with your hands that bleed
Rid me of this heavy load
Give me you – it's all I need
Give me life that others owed

Give me Me... a wanderer walking down Stargazer Road


''Ghosts of the twenties rising, Golden summers just holding you''
  Jan 9 Isabelle
Sean Scribbles

His heart is a furnace,
Burning ever, furiously

And in the brightness, there is no language,
To try and describe what it is he sees,
Within his eyes of steel

He laughs at life, and grits his teeth,
To bear the weight upon his chest

A road of Tankas beneath his feet,
To pave his way,
Both in and out of the wilderness

And to speak his sound, is most profound,
But it will never sound out quite the way you think

Because his word are but a memory,
A jarring song, which for some reason,
He never bothers to sing

So you can wait, and you can hope,
That steely glance you might just catch

But hold your breath beside a furnace,
Because all things good, and all things burning,
Will not forever burn nor last

Isbl - isycm - Someday we'll all be found - The Furnace
  Jan 8 Isabelle

can you hear me?
I'm screaming
can you feel me?
I'm freezing

can you touch me?
I'm drifting
can you save me?
I'm drowning

can you love me?
I'm leaving.


  Jan 6 Isabelle

Choosing sides was nothing anyone should ever be good at
Alone knowing pain itself
Stems from hurt
Often is good enough
To remind me
Of the side realism plays in life
Let alone a judgment
From only seconds
Of a persons actions
An never an entire life
I seem to be captured at most
In segments through out history
An the role ignorance plays out
In its all too educational purposes
Of what seems to be right
For everyone
Except for those
The ones they call
As if
They forgot, we all bleed-

  Jan 6 Isabelle

...There are eyes I won't look into
Words I'll never say
There are roads I'll never walk down
My journeys through the grey
There are places I'll never see
People that won't stay
But there's still a life ahead
So why throw it all away

There are songs that I'll never sing
& dreams that won't come true
There are shadows I'll never cast
In my fading ocean blue
There are lies that I'll never tell
Truths I won't speak, but they're few
Years of loss & love ahead
So why forget you?

There are fears I won't discover
& those that must stay
There are nights to avoid sadness
But I'll suffer anyway
All the worlds I'll never mark
With the wishes that I lay
But there must be something more
So why throw it all away?

There are lives I'll never touch
Tears wrapped in crystal dew
So many things I've never done
Just so much more to do
There are flowers that will arise
Those that never grew
There must be love waiting somewhere
So why forget you?


  Jan 6 Isabelle
Sanjukta Nag

Everytime you bring me back from
The shore of infinity
Dragging my soul through waves
Sprinkling foamy stardust on my eyelids.
I open them
And find your shadow more pale
Than yesterday's dream.
You carry my wings
Your shoulders under my feathers
Expand wider than western horizon.
I melt and spread
Like a field of sunny tangerine
On your patient chest.
An ocean that is sweeter than freedom
Deeper than the blues of Pacific.

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