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  Jan 2016 Erin-Taylor
You see, forgetting you
is not a one time thing
it's a constant daily battle
stop thinking about him
remember the times
he stood you up
remember the times
he broke your heart
remember the things
he said in his anger
remember the way
he left you all alone
remember how
he gave no explanation
oh but remember
the roses he brought you
remember the late night conversations
remember the first time
he told you he loved you
remember the secrets
he confided in you
no, stop
remember what's good for you
remember he's not good for you
remember what you deserve
forget him every day
every morning when you wake up
and your brain wants to bring him up
remember the nights you spent
crying on your bed
remember your best friend
cursing his name
remember your mother
cursing herself for not stopping you
remember your brother
cursing himself for not protecting you
remember the days at the hospital
the pills, the drops, the shots
remember what is best for you
he is not best for you
remember that
and forget him
every year
every month
every week
every day
every second
if that's what it takes
2016 will be a better year.
Erin-Taylor Jan 2016
Sometimes I wonder and,
When it's late at night,
I get cramps in my stomach,
Thinking about what used to be

I wonder if you ever think of me,
Like I think of you.
I don't think you really know,
Just how much I loved you.

You were my first love.
My first heartbreak, my first....
And of course, no one ever forgets their first,
But will you?

Do you remember me?
Or was everything that we shared,
A year wasted on me, on us?

You erased me out of your life.
But I get it.
It's not easy to have loved and then lost,
It's easier to have loved and to forget.
I'll always remember
Erin-Taylor Nov 2015
I feel like ****.
Because .
I miss you like hell.
Go away. I should be happy
Erin-Taylor Aug 2015
I miss him...
I don't..
Maybe I just miss the memories...
I do..

Or, quite possibly, I miss the past when we were one and you were the sun...
Yes, I do..
I miss this part of my life so much. Going to start writing again.
Erin-Taylor Apr 2015
It's been a while now,
I'm not the same person from before.
I'm still alive somehow,
And I know that on the inside I'm torn.

This broken path has led me far,
Going down heavy-hearted.
My body leaves many scars,
But I'm better off from where I started.

I didn't know one could hurt so much,
Or hurt so many in the process.
If I had only knew that with just one touch,
I would ever be so thoughtless.
Erin-Taylor Sep 2014
I sit here astounded,
Amazed by how my heart pounded.

You are now everything to me,
You make up the air I breathe.

Life has become so crystal clear,
My pulse thunders when your near.

Everytime you're away I start to fall apart,
But when you return I can feel the beating of my heart.

I feel beautiful and pretty, **** and smart,
You make me so happy, I dont know where to start.

I love you to the moon and more,
And there is no one else I'd rather adore.
I love him.
Erin-Taylor Aug 2014
His eyes are like glass, but stone cold.

I feel like the one who is close to shattering. I can't be the strong one.

What's wrong with me.

I miss him.
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