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  Sep 2015 Anne
I was walking down the sidewalks one day
with a euphoric smile on my face.
I look up
I look down
I look left and right.


And I wondered-
Where are all the people who
reached to the stars
letting their minds loose to
the far ends of the galaxies

Where are all the people who
sang with their hearts
letting their body dance to
the songs of their inner-self

Where are all the people who
sailed the seas of life
conquering storm after storm to
get to the land of hope


Because all I see ---

Are people who
have their heads hung low
with their hands reaching
towards the ground

all I see

are people who have lost
the muchness in their eyes
their eyes open,
but not seeing.

Here they are.

not looking
not reaching
not dancing
not sailing

Not Living!

These people
Walking on the sidewalks
With their pace picking up speed

faster and faster
as if they were running.

I say,
Slow down!

Stop not seeing
Life for what it is!
full of wonders and wanderers!

Stop not looking
For hope, and for joy!
Because if we keep looking
Only then would we discover.

Stop not reaching
For greater heights!
Because there are still more stars
to hold.

Stop not dancing
for if you listen closely
you would hear the sounds of life
making music for what it is.

Stop not sailing
Because across the vast ocean of life
There maybe storms, and tsunamis
but at the end might we find the land of treasures

Stop not Living!
because there is nothing more unfortunate
than to see a man who lives life in death.
Wrote this awhile back for my fellow commuters. There is more to this than I was able to write, but I hope (Whoever is reading this) this poem will give you guys a different kind of perspective.
Anne Apr 2015
I can be vapid.  
I can pretend...
I can accomplish.
This simple- amends.
I hate that I can’t trust you.
I no longer love you...
You broke my trusting heart.
And now I'm done with you
You are too self-absorbed to see
What you now are to me.
Barely tolerated
Is even BORING
Why do I bother to make you happy?
When I --
no longer--
Anne Dec 2014
I hate it
When you really want
To write something
And all that comes out
Is garbage.
  Dec 2014 Anne
I woke up and I'm still suffocating
Oh God please give me space
Anne Dec 2014
Tossed aside
Without even a
Sidelong glance
Well *******
**** your demons
Breathe in
Breathe out
beautiful tomorrow
And every
possible future
Anne Nov 2014
They say the language you cry in
Is the one you are born with
And though I concede
This is true
You aren't worth a tear in my tongue!
So je plue
Je plue
Je n'ai pluere pas pour toi
Je n'ai pluere pas pour toi
I won't cry for you now anynore
You aren't worth the tears
You said you were leaving,
I begged you to stay
I don't know why I
Said those words anymore
I already knew the truth in my heart
That it wasn't real because I'm not falling apart
Why did I even bother to try?!
You arent worth the tears in the language I cry
Why did I even bother to try?!
You aren't worth the tears in the language I cry
The language I cry
The language I cry
You aren't worth the tears
In the language I cry
I wrote this in December of last year.  It needs some work, especially the French grammar, but the melody is solid.  Solid to the point where it gets stuck in my head when I'm sad.  It used to have a second verse and I'm endeavoring to remember it.
Anne Nov 2014
Midnights sweet caress
Is nothing compared
To the shock
Of the morning hour
Startled awake by
Bad dreams
I can't quite
Filling me
With an
Uneasy dread
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